Saturday, 11 February 2012


I'm squeezing in a minute here before lunch to get a thought or two down. After that it's off to a swimming party for the Bun's and then I can go and get the lovely 1940's bookcase I put a deposit on last week. Post party they'll be home primping and preening to get ready for the party we're all invited to tonight. I'll probably be allowed a nano second in front of the mirror to slap on some powder and paint.

The light is gorgeous here today. It's still freezing, but we're all toasty inside and it's the start of half-term so all very good. I've been fiddling around catching up on dull jobs this morning so I don't have to do so much next week. I've got to go in to work one day next week to catch up with some students so not a full week off, but hey better than nothing.

At the moment I'm finding it really hard to get going with any of the ideas I have. My job is really draining as I'm trying to inspire 16-18 year olds who in the main have been let down by parents and school for their whole lives. The day can start with regular moans of this is boring and thumping each other to full on energy, and enthusiasm with constant distractions. My LSA and I act like full on oddball nutters for the most part to keep their attention and make them laugh. All in all, it's draining and I've realised just saps my creativity. So I'm still searching for that much needed balance. I need to teach to pay the bills and I need to create to keep me sane. Somehow I've got to make the two go together.

I decided tidying up my endless baskets of started and now just hanging around projects might help me out. At the bottom of one basket I came across a pile of scraps from Sally of Sal's Snippets. I just love the black floral cottons and can picture a divine dress made just from them.

There was also a pile of the softest feedsack fabrics, all to small to do anything much with, but so gorgeous they needed to be used and loved again. I cut a pile of small squares to see how big a piece of patchwork I might end up with and I think it might just stretch to make the front of a bag. Like everything else though, it'll have to wait for another day - ho hum.


  1. you are really good at brighten up my
    day, those pretty scraps on the picture below make me smile...


  2. those fabric prints are really pretty!
    love your curtains too :)
    have a great weekend~

  3. Its so hard trying to juggle everything and working with children is fun but draining. Your fabrics are so pretty i hope you manage to get some you time next week. Look forward to seeing your bookshelf to its exciting when you buy something you really want ;-) dee x

  4. Loving your scrap collection. this project is going to looks awesome!

  5. Happy half term to you Lisa - I hope you find more then a minute or two next week and a little sanity.

    Take care,

    Nina xxxx

  6. Sounds like half term will be busy...but a fun time for all of you.
    Loving your pretty curtains and the patches! :0)

  7. Lovely scraps, bright and cheerful on a cold winter's day.
    Hope you can find some time in your busy life to keep crafting.
    Carol xx

  8. Those feed sack squares look so smoochy.

    I'm going to make a public promise here. When I win the lottery I'll pay off your mortgage and give you some buffer money. Promise. Just remind me I said that. I do think i will win one day. I won a car once....


  9. the feedsack looks amazing. Such beautiful prints. It sounds like you are doing a really important job with people who need the attention. Good on you. I hope you find that balance soon. Bec x

  10. I love the look of your pretty feed sack squares, so vintage.
    Please tell me is that a mag or pattern book featuring that photo of the girl with the plaits? I'd love to know so I could try to source the publication in Australia.

  11. I can so understand your situation, and I do hope that by hook or by crook you will find a way to get the balance right.....maybe cuckoos promise may pay off! In fact I think I may see if I can get added to her list!

    Your posts are an inspiration, you obviously use your time well!

  12. Hope you have a peaceful and rejuvenating week with the Buns, big and small. Love your scraps, it's like walking round a flower garden!
    love Penny x

  13. i love the fabrics and the view from your blissful window...hope you find a happy medium and manage to get the crafts you love going...x

    enjoy the half term lovely buns x

  14. what pretty scraps!

    Love your kitchen window too so pretty.

    Hope you can get the balance between home and work life soon. Its a tricky thing.

    Ooo bookshelf now that sounds interesting. (says the bookworm!)

    MBB x

  15. Dearest Lisa
    I can hear my thoughts really resonating with yours in he post about work-creativity and oh yes of course sanity balance! I too have been feeling edgy but I think we will both adapt an find our groove!
    I am desperate for some feedsack, yours looks too beautiful and very nostalgic indeed. I hope you and the buns have a fab time together this week, eating cake, having fun and being creative. take special care xox Penelope

  16. Hi~ I'm a new reader (popped over via Molly Flanders) and I just have to say you've hit the nail ont he head! I had no idea why I have been unable to find a quilt/work balance since I started teaching this semester (6 classes up from 3 last term). You're totally right-- I spend 6+ hours jumping up and down like a mad woman, over exerting myself, trying to make English grammar seem interesting, fun, and god forbid-- useful! no wonder I can't seem to pull on my inner creativity to quilt when I get home. I'm zapped. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone..
    (looking forward to the end of the term..)
    Jess in New York

  17. sublime all of it thank you from hesta


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