Saturday, 25 February 2012

Killing Time

I really love Friday's. Friday is my favourite day of the week, especially when it's pay day Friday. Work ends on Thursday, so it's the start of a long weekend. The Bun's have after school drama so lots of me time to play with. Sometimes I'm sociable. Mostly I just love being on my own, in my job I have to talk endlessly all day long.

After kissing Little Bun goodbye in the playground and doing a cool, grown-up goodbye to Miss Rosey I whizzed home to put my plans into action.

Yesterday I'd had a strong urge to make the floral coasters I'd seen at Yvestown a fair while back. Since the blog has been deleted and redesigned I couldn't find the pattern anywhere. That's when a quick google on Pinterest helped me out as tons of other people had saved it.

I got pretty addicted to whizzing these floral dainties up. I loved seeing how they looked in each new colour I picked up. Each one done and off I went creating another one. Not sure what I've made them for really, it was simply good to be making them.

A few hearts flew off my hook too. All just enough to give me the feeling that I'd left the week behind. It's been a rollercoaster of a couple of weeks workwise, not helped with us all feeling so ill and having no time off. Now the light at the end of the tunnel has turned up and it's Fabulous Friday to boot.

For my last making fix of the morning I stitched a couple more hexies for the floral plates that will one day, years ahead from now, become a quilt.

As I had a lunch date planned with my man I had to leave it there. It's a rare thing indeed this meeting in the middle of the day. Having his own business means he's usually hard to pin down.

Mind you he was an hour late, not that it was his fault. An hour to kill and I was in the city, alone and on payday. I sought the best kind of entertainment and spent a few pennies. In Primark I spied the exact shade of wellies for me.

Some great towels and new bedding were added to the pile in my hands and I found I still had time to fill.

There was nothing for it, but to head to the yarn shop and maybe the bookshop too.

The discount bin kindly had a few of the shades of cotton I was looking for.

I got distracted by all the new season Amy Butler prints and dilly dallied a while thinking which would be best for skirts and tops. A top for this one I think.

I had just enough time for a quick browse in the bookshop. All Sewn Up by Chloe Owens appealed to me for it's joyful style. Some books are feel good and inspire me just by having a flick through every so often.

I love the happiness of making that comes out of this book. The other thing that made me love this book is that one of my favourite illustrator's work decorates page after page. She also happens to live in Norwich. If you're a Pug person like us then have a click here to visit the talented world of Gemma Correll.

Eventually Mr Bun arrived and kindly rescued me from the world of shopping. It was bliss to have time just for us, the food was pretty good too.

Before I pop off I want to say hello to new followers and a big thankyou to everyone who stops by here to read or leave a comment. Apologies again if I've been rubbish at getting back to you to say hello as usual. Have a lovely weekend - seems the sun might be shining.


  1. Hey Lisa, lots of lovely photos full of all things beautiful.....fabric, yarn, crochet flowers and wonderful crafty books.......

    Nice to be able to catch up for lunch and enjoy your Friday. Sounds like every minute was wellspent.....enjoy the rest of the weeekend.

    Claire :}

  2. Oh my. Time to myself, a bookshop, a yarnshop then time with my sweetie. Bliss. It makes me happy knowing you had a day like that, Lisa.

    Please don't worry about getting back to us. I for one am just enchanted with your makings - the crocheted floral dainties and hearts, the hexies, and did you know you played a huge role in my picking up my knitting needles again?

    I did check out Gemma Correll's page and is she ever a hoot! Thanks for the pointer.

  3. Lovely post ,your crochet is so sweet ,im really trying hard to learn more crochet techniques ,i love your hexys to ,i to are making them for a chair throw which i hope to get finished sometime soon i hope !!!xx

  4. Those little coasters are sweet! Far too pretty to actually put anything on, or, heaven forbid, drip tea on! I love those floral rabbits, I'm off to visit Gemma Correll now. Have a lovely weekend with the Buns xx

  5. I know what you mean about Fridays its my day off to and it makes for such a lovely long weekend. Again im like you where i love my own company i had a crochet day yesterday to. But boy your stars and hearts are lovely you did them so quickly. And your hexagons are looking great that is the beauty of patchwork there really is no rush its go back to it project. Enjoy your weekend, dee x

  6. Love the coasters - and everyting you have made or are in the making x

  7. Agree with the post above ... love all your colourful makes.
    Henny x

  8. Your crochet is gorgeous! I'm going to have to swap knitting needles for a hook and see if I can remember how to do it. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Oooh what gorgeousness this post is full of!

    Are those towels and bedding from Primark too? Wow, I've got the serious wanties now! Love those wellies too.

    I used to enjoy mine and Woody's lucnhtime catch up when I was at hoem more, must organise one.

    Oh how I wish I could crochet! Those creations are ever so sweet.
    Have a smashing weekend.

    P'S Hope you got the email about the brooch I forgt to to say thanks for the lovely seed too and that ace newsppaer wrapping. You are a gem, thanks Lisa. xx

  10. It is so nice to hear that you have been pampering yourself- something I need to do more. You did so well with those delightful finds. I would love to pick up a few more craft books actually ( you've reminded me) I hope your date with your hubby went well. xxx

  11. Your crocheted pretties are so nice.
    Your patcwork is amazing.
    Lovely post.

    Dear lisa, have a nice weekend, xx

  12. Wow - sounds like a pretty full day! Love the little coasters - fab colours.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  13. oooh love all your crochet makes, they are fab! Do you have a pattern for the hearts? Not sure why I'm asking that as I'm just learning the basics at th emo but they are sooooo sweet. HOpe you're having a lovely weekend x

  14. Lovin' the coasters and thinking they'd make gorgeous bunting!

    Time to kill yarn shopping and book shopping sounds perfect. I'm hosting a booky giveaway at the moment if you'd care to pop over and have a look :D

  15. Everywhere I look there are marvellous hexy patchwork things being's no good.....I need to dig mine out. I started it ages ago when I was preggers but I'm just not sure about all the zany Amy Butler prints I chose at the time.

    So lovely that you managed a fab Friday. You did manage to pack a lot in. Thank you for blogging all about it.

    ps. Don't reply x

  16. Lovely flower coasters and hearts! Is there a link to the coasters on Pinterest? I'd love to make some!
    Great inspiration :-)

  17. I'm just learning to crochet and want to try doing a flower like yours.Would you kindly let me know on which blog you found the pattern?
    Hope you have sunshine in Norfolk today.I have the sheets on the line! :0)

  18. Hi
    Just to let you know that I love your little blog. That after 2 weeks of illness - first a severe reaction to xray dye, then a chest infection - it was lovely to read your happy Friday tale, and to know that the simple things that bring me pleasure, bring you pleasure too. Today I have sewn red bobble trim to my barkcloth lampshade, crocheted a cosy jacket for a jar and made more patchy hexagons for my 'one day it might be a quilt' project. Despite still coughing for England, these simple things have made me happy today.
    Hope you have a lovely week.

  19. Please will you put some of those flower coasters in your shop as I love the ones you have made but I can't crochet! Hope you have had a lovely weekend and the sun shone. Been lovely here on the Sussex coast. Karen XL

  20. That floral coaster pattern is back on the Yvestown blog now, and I've asked for permission to publish my altered version on Ravelry. Hopefully you will be able to get it from there soon...


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