Saturday, 21 January 2012

Yearning for the Right Yarn

Friday - Oh happy day. No work, so no mad last minute rushing around feeding endless animals before we leave the house. Being able to walk into the playground with the remains of yesterdays make-up on in true slob I'm having the day off mode. Coming home to peace. A house all to myself and no talking needing to be done for a whole day.

Different colour combinations have entertained my mind this week. All saved up waiting for me to play with them today. After work last night I popped to the yarn shop to get the blue shades that I'd been thinking of. For crochet blankets and what nots I've finally found the perfect yarn for me. It's taken a lot of searching as I'm very particular about what I'm after.


I wanted a yarn that wasn't as pricey as my favourite choice of Debbie Bliss which I save for posher projects. Cheaper stuff tends to be an acyrlic mix and then it's either shiny or sticky and itchy to handle. I wanted soft and matt. I also wanted a great selection of colours as I get really annoyed when I find a yarn I like, but the choice of colours  is really limited. Ideally the yarn I was looking for wouldn't be splitty which slows my hooking up too much. 


Well, after a few years looking and trying out different yarns I finally found the one last year. So if you're as fussy as me then you'll probably like Sirdar Snuggly DK for your hooky projects too. I keep on finding more and more colours to play with which means there's a store of projects filed in my head. The Round and Round Blanket was the first thing I tried out with this yarn. I finished it this week so on to a new hooky thing for me.

Instead of pretty colours I wanted something sharper and brighter. Mainly it came from wanting to use the bright blue I'd thought about this week. I think of colour combinations a lot. It just makes me happy.

I think I might have a bit more staying power with this blanket as the colours are really working for me. I'm just decided on whether to go for all blue surrounds or to mix it up with groups of four edged in blue and red. I'll have to do a bit more and see how I feel.

After a couple of hours hooking granny squares, I ran up some zingy bright mini bunting flags too. I fancy a line of these along a cupboard somewhere.


I've been made to promise I'll make pancakes for breakfast tommorow, but after that I think I might hide with my hook for a wee while. Just to see how that colour combination is coming along.


  1. Lovely colour combinations. I enjoy working with Stylecraft Special DK, that has a good colour range too, doesn't split and is nice and soft.
    I love your patchwork cushion.
    Have a good weekend with your hook and yarn.
    Carol xx

  2. Oohh that blue is gorgeous and so strong its going to look lovely. Im pretty sure that is the wool im using it ha DK written on the side. And it to comes in such a huge range of colours. Have fun with it and enjoy your weekend. dee xx

  3. Gorgeous colours, I especially love the blue. I will have to investigate that wool as I have been using a lot of Stylecraft DK recently and I'm starting to get fed up with it! I finished a special blanket just before Xmas, a wedding gift for my sister. Lots more projects to finish so will get my hook out today too! Enjoy your weekend. xx

  4. I tend to use Stylecraft Special DK on bigger projects as it's the best Acrylic I've found to use, and very good tempered to wash. But I noticed that the Sirdar Snuggly range had some really pretty colours when I was out the other day, and I'm sure it's softer and more cuddly!
    That fabric is fab, so bright and cheerful, and looks very 'you'!
    love Penny x

  5. Thank you so much for this! I have recently taught myself to crochet but haven't mastered granny squares yet and this is the weekend armed with Rowan Crochet Workshop that I am going to. I am off to buy some Snuggly in Eastbourne. I am always inspired by your blog and I understand totally about not having to talk or be talked to for a few hours! Karen X

  6. Love the colours and will have a good look out for the Sirdar snuggly yarn,hope I find some for when I finish Mums wip,happy weekend,love the polka dot plate too,xxx

  7. And yet again I find myself wishing my crochet skills were more advanced, but I'm getting there!

    A question, why do most crocheter's seem to prefer not to use a 100% wool yarn ... is it just a cost thing, a wear thing, an easier to work with thing? I'm a knitter and we look for slightly different qualities in the final fabric I think.

  8. Oh crikey,I can totally relate to that Friday feeling! I always think it's funny that we're practically the last ones through the school gate at the end of the week whereas at the start it's me on the gate doing the smiley meet and greet bit. I like to think it reassures the parents that I struggle to get us there on time looking like I've just got out of bed!
    Have a lovely weekend

  9. Fantastic colours - love seeing them all together.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. Great colours ....... and great photos too. x

  11. I'm a Stylecraft Special fan too but am going to find some Sirdar Snuggly, having had a quick Goole the colours are lovely. Thanks for the tip!

  12. Gosh I really love that patchwork cushion, really beautiful. It's given me an idea!

  13. Vibrant and colorful. Perfect for a January pick up.

  14. Lovely Lisa, I especially love the blue! :)
    Vivienne x

  15. Oh so very pretty indeed Lisa, the blue and red borders are really ticking all my colour boxes right now. I have never used the Sirdar snuggly and tend to go for Stylecraft if I use acrylic, I will keep an eye out for this though and do a little comparison. Thanks for the tip, always good to have reviews on yarn! Beautiful pillow case by the way, you do have a real eye for colour combinations. I must get my hooks out I feel a real need to chrochet since Ihave been knitting so much lately xox

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  17. this is such a lovely post- what a wonderful patchwork cushion too x

    enjoy some yarny xx

  18. now you have made me want to go buy more yarn in those lovely colours, perfect little grannies I love them:)
    Your comment made me smile, I have been watching the Herbs and Hong kong phooey...
    have a lovely week x x x x x x

  19. I think I will have to try the Sirdar. I am partial to Rowan DK but am finding it quite expensive now. I made the hat from Jane Brocket's book and bought the Debbie Bliss Aran that you recommended and very nice it was too but again, not something that I could use for everyday projects. Our local wool shop is useless and stocks mostly acrylics and suchlike, but not stylecraft unfortunately. She stocks what she can sell apparently and people just don't want pure wool....daft! Dev x


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