Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Something Gentle for the Head

Whilst I was beavering away the week before christmas trying to finish all the gifty makes, Eldest Bun announced "I'd like a new hat, rose pink I think." Little Bun joined in too, asking "can I have a nice soft shrug for christmas?". Shrug problem was solved by cheating and buying one and as for the hat, well I had just the pattern in The Gentle Art of Knitting. I bought a couple of balls of yarn and waited for the lazy bits after christmas to get on with the making.

I clicked away in every spare moment and finally finished the slouchy beehive hat on Monday. By the way Eldest Bun wants a new name on here, something a bit more just so for an eleven year old. So Miss R it'll be from now on I think. Little Bun likes her name on here by the way.

I loved knitting this as the yarn is gorgeous, there are flecks of yellow, white, red and blue running all the way through it. It's Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran if you fancy getting some.

Miss R had a grand time acting the model and was pretty patient while I put her head just where I wanted it and yelled "don't move".

Her little sister found it all pretty funny. You take a snap only looking at what you're focusing on and then see a cheeky face grinning up at you.

Then you see another one who keeps making wonderful goofy faces inbetween times. They've got a cracking sense of humour this pair and thankfully want me to keep on making them stuff.


  1. What a fab hat and so quickly made - Miss R looks lovely wearing it too:0)

  2. Gorgeous hat! I want one! lol I wish I could follow a knitting pattern. I am saying this a lot at the moment. Can crochet and follow a reasonably easy pattern but knitting ones dont know where to start. Would love to be able to knit jumpers and hats and the like for my two Boos.

    It funny how children get involved with blogs. I am always being asked questions about mine by my eldest. She seems ok with moniker on my blog at the mo but she is only just coming up to 8 I am sure it will change in time.

    And I think Miss R looks lovely modeling your fab work too!

    MBB x

    p.s I love a cheeky face in the background. One of life's good things.

  3. I love that Miss.R and little bun still love your makes, this gives me hope, I thought my girls might shun me by the time they are 10+ and opt for a more commercial look. yay for the bun girls, that has made my day!!!
    I made this hat too for my big bumblebee in a blue, and she loves it.....I love that book.

    Nattie x

  4. The hat is gorgeous style and colour. Miss R. is a beautiful young lady.
    Anne xx

  5. I love the hat and the colour is gorgeous. It really suits Miss R. She makes a lovely model.

    Oh, BTW mine's milk, no sugar

  6. your girls are adorable- love the knitted hat!!... ;0)x

  7. It looks gorgeous! She's a good model isn't she? I've just finished making a lovely soft scarf, I felt the need for 'gentle' after all the christmas mayhem! I hope to put it on my blog soon. :)
    Jess x

  8. That hat is too adorable! Likewise, Miss R. and littlest Bun!

  9. aahhh bless them so adorable and so is the hat ;-)) well done you. dee xx

  10. So perfectly beautiful, I love this pattern and style, isn't Jane Brocket the bees knees with her pretty ideas! I have used the green and purplein the DB donegal tweed and adore it to say the least. My green cowl is just the warmest thing ever. Little Miss R looks picture peachy perfect modelling her new winter make by mummy. It's just the best when they will wear something home-made and see the beauty in the making. I'm just about to start my DPN socks so here's crossing fingers. Little miss bun is too sweet for words. You can't go wrong in life with a good sense of humour :0)

  11. Such pretty girls. They have beautiful skin. I've thought this before, their skin looks so luminous and soft.

    Coo-el hat, way cool.

    I was thinking about how my childrens blog names will be out grown at some point. I should have called them Master B, Master T and Master W. Oh well, it's not too late.


  12. I would love to be able to knit or crochet , have tried both and given up in frustration !x

  13. It is simply scrumptious, and the colour is edible. Well done :)

  14. Super hat. Love to be able to knit for my girls. Miss R is looking very grown up indeed!

  15. Brilliant hat, no wonder they want you 'to keep on making things for them'.
    Carol xx

  16. Genius.Both Ms R and the hat are lovely. x Gabs

  17. I've looking at that pattern for ages as it's just the sort of hat my Aimee wears, I'm persuaded I neeed to make it now! Miss is a natural model, I love the last shot. I hope you enjoy your Twelfth Night supper, it's a lovely family tradition.
    love Penny x

  18. Hi

    just seen you lovely comment on my blog. If you want you are more than welcome to e-mail me. I have my e-mail address on a seperate page at the top marked contact.

    Mind you I have no real tips on gardening other than experiment! lol It is a learning curve and I find I am best off being hands on learning rather than reading volumes of stuff that will in truth confuse me and put me off! lol.

    MBB x

  19. Ace hat Miss R ! Clever mum you have there :D

  20. That hat is absolutely stunning and the yarn is just my shade of pink. I really want to make one now; I have the book but, my goodness, my 'to make' list is so ambitious.

    You are right about how nice it is our children like us making things for them. I am currently knitting up a cardigan for my fifteen year old daughter whilst the other two clamour out their orders!

    Happy, peaceful and creative new year to you and your family.


  21. Lovely! And yarn looks scrumptious. In the process on knitting an infinity scarf for eldest.

    PS have I mentioned I have that teapot? lol

    All the best for 2012

    Lisa xo

  22. Well, I hope you're happy! Between you and Posy Gets Cozy, I simply couldn't take it any more. The two of you knit so many gorgeous things, and have inspired me so, that I've been forced to pick up my knitting needles after decades of neglect.

    I've knit exactly two items in my entire life: a baby sweater for my brother's firstborn when she was still in the womb (she's now 47), and a blanket for that same niece when she married at 25.

    So who knows *what's* going to come of this new venture, but I'm holding you personally responsible for any untoward yarn incidents or knitting disasters. Your daughters, too. If they didn't look so darn happy, with such mischievous looks about them, I'm sure I wouldn't have been lured back into knitting. So you're all on notice!

    P.S. Please tell Miss R. I'm crazy about her earrings. They look terrific on her. Other than that, I'm not speaking to her 'til I find out if I really can knit again. Thanks.


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