Monday, 30 January 2012

Plastic Fantastic

A strange thing this to be stopping by so early in the week. I managed a quick half hour at home before the sun went to bed and so I took a photo or two. 

Thankyou for all your understanding comments about the need for balance in our lives. Earning just enough in my day job to keep us safe and happy suits me just fine. In celebration of the extra making time I'll be freeing up I've booked a pitch at two markets today. One a new one in Norwich and the other my favourite of all for Little Vintage Lover in Heydon.

I did manage a quick rummage at Judy's Vintage Fair yesterday, but I wasn't that impressed to be honest. I brought home a few knick knacks that screamed out to me though. A rattly dolly and tin pram which make me very happy every time I look at them.

There were a couple of bunnies for the Bun's. The glowing cottage was found in a new shop we discovered on Saturday full of daft things I'll be going back for.

Then there's the mixture of pretty and nasty. The drunken old man masks look brilliant on, creepy definately, but happy making aswell. My parents came to eat with us later on Sunday and my dad gave the mask a whirl. The evening ended in a game of rummy which the Bun's have just learnt and munching the last of the christmas chocs. The end of a perfect weekend.

We managed to find the right sort of cosiness tonight too as it's suddenly gone arctic here. We've recently re-discovered the joys of squirty cream. The Bun's think it's the best thing ever at the moment. 

After school we snuggled by the woodburner playing cards yet again and tucking into joyful mugs of hot chocolate. A good start to the week I think.


  1. Oh those cups of Hot Chocolate look divine! ox

  2. Such a lovely surprise to have two posts to read when our Internet behaved at last. I am sure you have made the right decision over work - balance is very hard to achieve especially I think in creative people's lives. Too many things get in the way of making. Hope you have a lovely week keeping warm. Karen X

  3. That sounds like a positively perfect start to the week :)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful start to the week. The little dolly and pram are gorgeous.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I love squirty cream, (it's my guilty pleasure) along with cheap pink fizzy wine and angel delight :) Happy week to you Lisa x x x x x x

  6. That really does sound so very cosy and the drinks look very tempting indeed!
    Jess xx

  7. Looks like your new routines are paying off already. And how lovely to see you early in the week.

    You have been busy hunting out some cute little bargins. That little pram really is a coulorful delight. Have to say though the mask is a little bit scary, but can imagine the fun you all have been having taking turns putting it on.

    Hope the rest of your week goes a well and as deliously as your weekend.

    MBB x

    Oh yes squirty cream is a hit in our house too... Particularly if you mention hot chocolate!

  8. lovely bright and cheery post just what needed ;0)x love the colours...mixed in with nostalgic toys...myself and sophia sayt on the sofa with hot choco's and squirting re-fills to our drinks with cream! yummers! even better with marsh mellows and chocs ;0)x enjoy!!!!

  9. That looks like epic hot chocolate to me.

  10. Good luck with the fairs. That hot chocolate looks yummy ;-)) I love marsh mellows. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  11. Yum yum, all those gorgeous sprinkles on the hot chocolates. I notice the Circus saucer - that is gorgeous!! I like the mask, I want an animal one from my local fancy dress shop to put up on the dining room wall - I like strange things like that.

    Sam x

  12. I've missed something (not complaining, but v busy!) so off for a good read.
    Cards, hot chocolate and squirty cream you say? as good as it gets i reckon...fee x

  13. Wow!, how fantastic is that plastic?
    And those mugs full of delicious chocolate-and-more looks mmmmm!!


  14. Love the little tin pram,a lovely find.My daughter bought me the exact same glowing cottage for Christmas ~ I love it! Those mugs of hot choccie look yummy,My two love squirty cream and marshmallows in theres too.hugs juliex

  15. I love Heydon too. It is a village that time forgot I think.

  16. I love that little pram - what an unusual but FABULOUS little thingy to find!!!
    That cups-of-hot-chocolate photo has inspired me to bring squirty cream back into MY life!!! ;-)

  17. All so lovely! Also eyeing up your cute little dear, ive a total soft spot for them :o) Scarlett x


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