Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Of Kings and Lightbulb Moments

A bit of finishing up, getting Spring type thoughts, feasting and finding the obvious solution all under my nose. That pretty well sums up my days since I last came by here.

I finally pulled my finger out and sewed a buttoned back to the Mabel cushion for Little Bun. Not a bad idea having christmas gifts through January too.

As we said goodbye to the season of sparkle and packed our decorations away on Thursday, I was already moving on to Spring in my head. Daffodils, tulips and hyancinths came back with me the next day from the Friday market.

Along with white hyancinth bulbs to put in my favourite bowl. 

Needing only a small excuse to make Friday night special, we planned a Twelth Night Feast for four. While Mr Bun cooked, the Bun's and I whipped up our crowns to wear. All in honour of the Wise Men and their Epiphany you see. There's no religion behind this for us, it's just that we are mad keen on legends, stories, history and rituals here. Oh and any excuse to make a day a bit more special.

On Saturday morning I knew we'd need lots of cake to sort us out after the big garden job we had to do. Two of our apple trees fell together and smushed the hen run when it was really windy last week. Luckily a tree surgeon man lives in our village so he did the deed with the choppers so the ladies were safe again. A huge rose grew in the trees which always looked stunning in the air, on the ground it filled up the whole top of our garden. Big bonfire time and henhouse mending with bits of string and all ok again.

On Sunday more christmas presents arrived. An elephant to race the drummer boy, a sonic screwdriver pen, books and a huge tin of Bourbons. If you look again at my collages you'll see how well liked the Bourbon is around here.

Late on Sunday night I had my own patchwork epiphany, a real lightbulb moment you know. I was stitching more badly shaped hexies and thinking I must act on your fabulous suggestions, when an idea hit me.

I suddenly realised that Patch should have a hexie template in the back I could copy and it did, in exactly the right size. Problem solved just in time to watch Sherlock do some real problem solving.


  1. Love the cushion and all the Spring flowery loveliness. This mild weather is bringing out so many flowers it makes you feel Spring is so very near.
    The chocolate cake looks scrumptious, I bet it didn't last very long.
    Carol xx

  2. I would dearly love a jug such as your Spring flowers reside ( I do keep my eye out, here and there )
    The photo of your chocolate cake is just willing me to take a bite, it looks yummy :)

  3. I ran out to get Spring flowers the minute the decorations were down too! I love the patchwork - glad you found the pattern. I'm not sure I could sew whilst watching Sherlock - I had to concentrate on every bit just to keep up! XX

  4. Seems that blogland has gone crazy for spring flowers this week - must be some unwritten rule :)

    That chocolate cake looks scrummy - I've one to ice today too - first birthday cake of 2012.

  5. beautiful sunny post Mrs BB.
    I love a lightbulb moment.
    My Mum is always horrified when I take the decorations down 'riddiculously early', and always tells me that the Kings haven't even visited yet!
    fee x

  6. That cushion is really gorgeous! Lucky little Bun.

    I know where you are coming from with making a day special any excuse! Life is for living I always think. And snap with the tulips too, I think everyone is thinking of spring because the weather certainly here in the s/w has been so mild.

    Glad you sorted out your hexi problem. It looks gorgeous! loving the colours. Ooo that chocolate cake is looking yummy too, just what you need after a busy time in the garden.

    MBB x

  7. What a gorgeous cushion! I'm sure little bun was very pleased with her present!

    My little man made a crown at nursery for Christmas lunch and is still wearing it all the time. He is very attached to his "king" hat.

    Note to self....get some spring flowers to brighten up the house!

    Ruby xx

  8. Love the cushion and the little drummer boy!

  9. love the elephant on the bike , I too as above am very guilty of taking decs down too early - i just start getting twitchy .

  10. The fabric on that cushion is just adorable!! I am also loving those hexies... again such pretty fabrics! I recieved CK's Patch book for Christmas and am itching to get going on hand stitching some have inspired :) thank u xx

    Happy new year to you my dear!


  11. We also collect little tin toys and have that elephant which we adore! I love January presents a whole lot and am a fan of getting belated surprises in the post.
    I don't know if you buy country Living mag but the January issue had CK courses in her shop based on her new Patch book. A real bargain at £16 for a 2 hour workshop Plus a copy of the book. I was fortunate enough to get a place in our Tunbridge Wells store for February this year. It was a little Christmas pressie to myself! :0) Your hexie is looking rather gorgeous to say the least xox

  12. wow i love littly buns cushion- how wonderful...look at the wonderful hexi pattern taking shape- such wonderful fabrics. you have such a way with colour xx

  13. I love your blog and all of your crafting creations. Always an explosion of color and style, have a great week, Maureen

  14. Such a lovely colourful post! I'm off to get some daffs now.
    Your cake looks stupendous! :0)

  15. Cushion love from me too. So many pretties in this post. Glad to hear your chooks are safe from smushing!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. lovely happy post, just what I needed. I'm loving little drummer boy very much and that cake x x x x x

  18. Patchwork's looking good! Great cushion. I just love vintage children's fabrics.
    Cross I couldn't skip out at lunchtime to the market to get bulbs today. Will have to wait til next week.

  19. Spring im with you the flowers are gorgeous i to bough some bulbs for inside the house infact as soon as i took my decorations down in they came. Love the cushion the fabric is adorable. Happy hexagon sewing ;-)) dee xx

  20. I love your hexagon flower! It is so beautiful....well...everything is lovely!! The flowers, the pillow the sweet!

  21. Happy New Year. Love the Mabel cushion. I should make one for my own Mabel. And what a great idea having a Twelth Night Feast. x

  22. Those winds were really scary last week and losing your trees must leave big gap in the garden. I can see why you needed that cake to help get over it!

  23. what a lot of pretty spring time pictures, thank you for sharing those.
    I do wish we could get a slice of that cake though...yum,yum,yum!


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