Sunday, 29 January 2012

Decisions, decisions ...

Today has been a mad and wonderful day. We got up ridiculously early as Miss Rosey had a big day ahead. Once she was done we went for a lovely lunch which is a rare old thing, followed by a proper mooch around favourite shops and the fleamarket.

Then we had a dash home to get to the Observatory in our village who were hosting a Stargazing evening. We had freezing toes by the end of it, but we've seen Jupiter's four moons, checked that the moon is still there and learnt that Venus is the planet just below the moon (from here anyways). I also know now that the moon is actually black, it's just white from the light bouncing off it. So there you go in case you didn't know that either.

Apart from starting a new cardigan this week, from some aran I've had for years, I've done nothing else but work and keep life ticking over. As a good luck present for Miss Rosey I did finish up Podge on Friday night. She asked for him for christmas with exact instructions about shape and colours. A month later he was finally born and placed by her bed with a card.

Tommorow being Sunday we all have lots we want to squash into one day, but one day just isn't long enough. Being lazy, wearing jammies all day and knitting sounds good, Miss Rosey wants me to cook a veggie roast at lunch and bake cakes, Little Bun wants a long walk by the sea and then there's also a new vintage fair in town tommorow that might be worth a quick whizz round. Luckily Mr Bun will just go with whatever we choose, but I bet he'll fancy the staying in jammies option after the busy week he's had.

There are a few new things I collected this week to play with. Then there's the ton of yarny projects to hide in a corner with so I might just get up early and stretch the most I can out of tommorow.

I also need to do some searching in our garage for a frame for this lovely Eileen Soper poster. I fell in love with it when I spied it in Milly and Dottie's Emporium and knew Little Bun our sheep adorer would love it too.

Now I've been doing some more thinking and re-thinking over the last week. I decided doing this old teaching lark for four days just wasn't working with everything else. It doesn't leave me any time in my head for creative thoughts. These thoughts are the things that lead to new ideas and plans which then grow into stuff. At the moment I'm dealing with the days paperwork and then planning the next days lessons at 10 o'clock once everything else is done and dusted. No time left for thoughts and actually doing. So I acted this week, I was honest about my needs and hey presto a replacement was been found for the day I'm struggling with. It's all about balance really isn't it.


  1. Good for you about balancing work and you. We all need to do more of that. Love your blog, wish I lived in England to get to some of those vintage fairs :-).

  2. Well done you, for listening to your heart and nurturing your creative soul! Your weekend sounds lovely, too.

  3. I'm so pleased the balance of work and home life feels more comfortable for you now Lisa. I start my new job at the end of Feb and know that going back to full time employment is going to be a bit of a struggle to begin with. I am just going to have to knit/crochet in my lunch time :0)

    Sounds like you are having a lovely tome as a family this weekend.Alice has already put her requests in for baking tomorrow! I'm feeling very reassured about your various WIP's in your baskets as I have started another 2 this weekend! It's important not to get bored when one is being creative... this is what I tell myself for reassurance anyway :0) Enjoy your Sunday whatever you decide to do xox

  4. I like the idea of having a different project for every mood and always seem to have several WIPs! Glad you are managing to sort out the work/life balance, there a re never enough hours in the day, are there? Have a lovely week xx

  5. I am loving Podge, how cute is he! Its lovley being able to leave little gifts for your children at night. I have done it a few times, and a lovely thing to be woken up with a squeal of happiness by my girls. (Better than moaning that they are hungry! lol)

    Good for you on the work front. It is all too easy sometimes to sacrifice what and who we are in favour of the more practical. Which in the long run dosent work as we end up much sadder and jaded people than we once were!

    Have to say we are having a stay in relaxing weekend this weekend. Although hearing all you lovely plans I really wish we had some many lovely places to visit.

    Hope you have a fantastic day whatever you do in or out!

    MBB x

    p.s I have bitten the bullet and am attempting to knit a cardi for Boo. Wish me luck i could be sometime! lol.

  6. Well done for being brave and making the decision to drop a day at work.Getting the balance right is so important, I only wish I could make a better job of it ! I love your Eileen Soper print, it's one I have never seen before.
    Ann x

  7. Hurrah - good on you Lisa! Three is so much more civilised than four. I got two proper days off this week and it was just what I needed - making, playing, coffee with a friend and a day out with Mr Jam mooching the antique shops of Honiton. I have decided we need to do this once a term just because really.
    Hope Miss Rosey's big day was a success!

  8. Sounds like equilibrium :-)

    I'm a great fan of Eileen Soper - when we lived in Digswell nr Welwyn Garden City, we discovered her old house and garden were just along the lane! If you want to read more I can recommend this book: "Wildings: The Secret Garden of Eileen Soper" by Duff Hart-Davis.


  9. Well done,an extra day makes such a difference,enjoy!xxx

  10. We all need some time to ourselves - enjoy every minute of it, Love the print - gorgeous.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. we most certainly do need balance in our lives well done you for acting on it ;-)) Podge is so sweet he will be well loved and cuddled and im sure. Hope you have had a lovely Sunday. dee x

  12. Good for you; if you can make it work financially it's great to be able to let something go that's putting pressure on you. I did it myself some years ago and it was the best thing I ever did.
    I almost posted when you wrote about being overwhelmed with 'stuff', as , like many women who are trying to juggle family, work and personal time, I was losing at a bit and feeling swamped. You blog post rang so true with me. It really is all about balance, isn't it?

  13. Yay, well done for sorting your work days...what a relief..on a purely selfish note I was worried you were going to run out of time for blogging :) hope you had a lovely day whatever you did, (I'm betting the fair may have got a look in)
    Have a good week x x x x x x

  14. So good to hear that you were able to find the balance at work, it's a horrible feeling when you just feel that you are chasing your tail all the time and getting nowhere fast. V happy that you like the poster and it arrived safely, it is such a lovely image - Spring is on its way! have a good week
    Milly and Dottie

  15. Lisa I am so pleased you knocked that extra day on the head! x you must be relieved. This new vintage fair sounds good.. where is it and how often will it be on? (if you have time to answer) love Gabs

  16. lovely post...hope things are working out ok. your weekend sounds a blissful way to spend it. love mooching about flea markets on the hunt like magpies ;0)...we had a star gazing event in my city- sophia loved it. a real good family event and the bbc were hosting it. your photos always fill my soul with joy. happy week lovely xx

  17. Good on you for taking action! Balance is tricky indeed!

    I always love your photos! So much to look at and smile about. Thank you for sharing them.

  18. Oh, hooray for successfully navigating that tricky tightrope between multiple roles, interests and time constraints!

    Hooray for paying attention and noticing you were off balance, too! Sometimes I get the teensiest bit cranky (very rarely, I assure you) and out of sorts, or start showing up late to things and only then do I realize that it's time for me to be realigned.

    Here's hoping Miss Rosey's Podge brings her all the good luck she's wishing for.

  19. The stargazing sounded brilliant, I am mad keen on astronomy, have been since I was a child. I'm looking forward to when my Little Bird is a bit older to go to such events. We don't live too far from Jodrell Bank so there's no excuse really. Good for you on your decision. Sam x


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