Sunday, 4 December 2011

Why the Poo Man?

Little Bun had a winning raffle ticket at the school Christmas Fair yesterday. On the table were chocs and wine a plenty. She picked a rubbery poo shaped man and is truly delighted with him.

While I was wrapping presents for Santa's Grotto on Friday a couple of gorgeous somethings were delivered that helped make up for the lack of wine and choc.

I hinted to Mr Bun to get me this necklace for christmas. Then I decided it might get sold before he got round to it so I pressed yes please and chucked some vintage terry into my virtual basket too. Maartje (big apologies if I've read your name wrong) over at Silly Old Suitcase writes a lovely happy blog and has various delights for sale in her etsy shop to tempt.

Next package was from Penny who had turned one of her hairslides into a brooch for me. I'm liking yellow right now after declaring who the hell could want to wear yellow.

My hands are slowly practicing making things so hopefully I'll have a bit of this and that to show you next week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend won't you.


  1. Hahahaha I could definitely see one of my kids picking the same "poo man".....I adore the necklace.....Wishing you a lovely Sunday! Xoxoxo

  2. hehe, the Poo man is hilarious! Isn't he from the Pepperami adverts? I really love your silly old suitcase buys.. I've just had a good look at her blog/shop there are some lovely things in there.. Sarah x

  3. Yup 'tis a Pepperami man! This however would be the Christmas Poo,_the_Christmas_Poo

  4. hahaha, that is so typical, what appeals? The poo man obviously.
    Great buys from Silly Old Suitcase and love the brooch from Penny, she makes some beautiful items.
    Carol xx

  5. Tee hee :) I thought that was Mr Hankey too, Twiglet would have probably chosen the poo man :)
    Twiggy x

  6. haa haa haa my youngest would have probably chosen poo man too!! thanks for cheering me up :)

  7. That is so funny, Mr. Pepperoni Poo Man! You need to train littlest bun to go for the grown up treats next time! :0)
    Penny sent me one of her sweet little robins last week and I adore it, she is one super talented lady. I wish i lived closer and could take part in her workshop.
    Love your necklace choice too, good fun! Have a wonderful making week xox

    ps. thanks so much for your comment about me job, I really can't stop counting my blessings!

  8. You never know poo man might be a collectors item in years to come.

  9. Kids are just great ;-)) I love yellow it makes you feel warm lovely brooch. Enjoy your lovely things, dee x

  10. Oh dear, what is it about poo? He looks like he's making himself right at home too! Glad the brooch arrived safely, look like an excuse for an addition or two to your wardrobe!
    Penny x

  11. I love silly old suitcase's treasures, I too have got Maartjes lovely things on my christmas list :)
    poo man! love it :)
    but then I do live with boys
    x x x x x x x x

  12. Your Poo man is definitely a Pepperami...he's a bit of an animal! Lovely necklace!!

    Dawn x

  13. Two years ago my adult niece gave us all plastic dog poop as stocking stuffers. We all laughed like hyenas. I guess you either think fake poop is funny or you don't, and our family is obviously not overly sophisticated. :)

    That necklace is perfection!!

  14. how funny!! Sophia picked up 'im a bit of an animal too' from the it pepperoni? hehe...not sure...he was the ugliest thing on the fair stall i did laugh!.
    Was right up there with my dad buying us twinnys sea gull dropping choc's hehe x love the delightful necklace...your blog is full of such wonderful vintage fabrics and colour- just love it x

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  16. oh that made me larf out loud mrs B. George is obsessed with a Mr.hanky the Christmas poo..a similar type of poo shaped man thing.He has it as his avatar for one of his games (I think that's what its called!) so he is wondering round as a poo in cyberspace. weird boy.
    Pete won a raffle once which had fantastic prizes..a pamper day,soap&glory stuff..lovely girly things and what did he bring back from the table? a wire blue tit feeder costing about £2.He was not my favourite person at the time!

    Love your pretties. x

  17. oh the poo man - why do children have to do it? I know ours, though much younger, would be attracted to him too ... despair !!! Then there's Mr H going around teaching nieces and nephews about Mr Hanky the Christmas poo .... I totally despair at it all !!
    But your necklace and fabrics are oh so pretty and they are a delight to the eye :-)

  18. OOOh that is 'Mr Hankie the Christmas Poo' goodness me, that is hilarious!

  19. Well have you ever!? a Poo Man?

    I saw Poo Man's picture in the favorite bloglist in the sidebar on another blog...with 'bobobun' on top of it...i was shocked...and not because of Poo-Man, but i completely missed your post 5 days ago...i really do have problems with my readinglist...i did not know you wrote such a lovely compliment and that you showed a picture of that cute little lollipop necklace being home at the Bobobun's!

    Thank you so much, your compliments make me smile :-)

    lots of love and a big hug!xx

    ...and i know 'maartje' is a difficult name to pronounce in can call me maria...that my second name ;-)

  20. Always a great blog to visit, thanks for the great crafts!!!


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