Sunday, 11 December 2011

Slowly realising it might be Christmas

Finally I have a quiet moment to myself to write a bit of this and that. After a week taken up with a school interview for Eldest and extra hours needing to be made up at work there's been no time for stopping by here. 

I'd been vague with Eldest's school about the time I'd be bringing her back after her interview, so we had a bit of stolen playtime. After hot chocolate and cake I used her good colour sense to help me choose yarn to knit Mr Bun some christmas socks. She went for a teal blue with silver grey, but wasn't too impressed with the mustard I chucked in.

I gave up trying to knit my first ever socks last year so this counts as my first go and it's had it's ups and downs. Mind you I've not made it easy as I changed from a 4ply in the pattern to DK Cashmerino which also meant bigger needles and therefore less stitches needed. I knitted a huge ankle first, then pulled it all out and went down by ten stitches.  That meant I had to rewrite the whole pattern and I can't believe it, it's worked and I have what looks like a sock - so far. Whether I get to wrap just one up with an IOU another sock remains to be seen.

This weekend has been the first stay at home and just chill we've had in a long time. We've had a lovely time making paperchains, toasting marshmallows and trying to find the chirstmas decorations. The Buns and I plan to get the tree after school later this week.  Mr Bun can't touch the tree or he gets all itchy so he stays well away and I have to wrestle with it and a bucket of mud.

We also found these wee crackers we made last year and started making a few more to add to the tree.

When no one was looking I grabbed a moment here and there to work on secret stuff cutting fabric patches and starting on Eldest's tunic. The list of things I want to make for them all and the amount of time left before they break up doesn't seem to be adding up. I've not even bought one present yet, hoping to get all of that done tommorow.

Somehow I feel relaxed and really not too bothered. Might be the sloe gin drunk by the fire every night that's making me feel everything is just fine.

Hope it's all dandy with you too.


  1. What a good idea, I think I could do with some of that sloe gin. ;)
    Vivienne x

  2. What??!! Are you saying that Christmas is actually on its way, and arriving rather soon?? I could've sworn Halloween was just last week. Guess that means I ought to start on my shopping, too, eh?

  3. Goodness i remember you making those crackers last year i can't belive a whole year as gone by already. Loving your fabrics and those knitted socks are going to be so lovely well done you ;-)) Loving your blue curtains by your paperchains to so pretty. Have a good week, dee x

  4. love the crackers and vintage material ;0)...yes i guess it is christmas...though my city thought it started in october hehe...
    the knitted socks look fabby ;0)
    cosy, snug and colourful- thats why i enjoy your blog soooo muchly ;0)xx

  5. I am with you with the no presents yet - and I feel the same - relaxed. I don't have a huge amount to buy and I am definately paring down this year - but not in a tight meany way if you know what I mean. I love the socks, you did a good job changing the pattern. Have you seen the book Sensational Knitted Socks it has loads of fab patterns all in different weight wools - I found it at a car boot for pennies - very exciting - yet to knit any yet though.

  6. Looks like you've got your work cut out for you this week! I too have been very laid back this year, not worrying about buying presents. I usually do all the present buying but this year my OH has suddenly sprung into action, seeing as I'm not bothering too much, and he has actually bought quite a few things. I'll have to be more laid back every year!! Hope you have an enjoyable run up to Xmas. xxx

  7. Hey Mrs B - I totally know that feeling. I've been trying hard this weekend to get into the swing of it, but even a Christmas carol concert hasn't given me that push. Hopefully when the kids break up.

    Time certainly does seem to be flying and like you I've been meaning to say 'hi' for ages, but it all seems to be rush and go at the 'mo.

    Hope you're all OK and big hugs,

    Nina xxxxxxxxxx

    ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉

  8. Well what neat little sockies those are, I do love the mustard...lucky Mr.Bun........

    I have just started working on dpn's for the first time, and think it's a wonderful way of knitting I love it!

    pweety pictures x
    Nattie x

  9. Your stylish bottle of sloe gin looks so much more civilised and acceptable than my stack of empty Peroni bottles that are building up by the sewing machine!!
    I'm with you on the Christmas shop, nothing bought yet, living wuith the illusion there's plenty of time...

  10. Ah, so that's the secret, Sloe Gin! I wasn't panicked at all, until yesterday when I realised there was just two weeks to go! Help!!

  11. Mmm sloe gin, I want, I want!
    You decorations look lovely, those paperchains are extra pretty.

    Where has Christmas come from? I'm sure it was September but a week ago.

  12. Mrs.B I love that your festive build up is smoothed out with your sloe gin...and why not I say!

    I hope you have managed to get some sewing done this last week, home making is good fun but not easy when you have to fit it in between children being around and all the other demands of the day.

    It made me smile when I saw your deco poster which i am guessing is Bexhill-on-sea where i live! It's gorgeous and I am guessing it's a poster of the de la Warr pavilion?

    Hope you have a lovely cosy and festive weekend with your buns x

  13. I love those crackers! I bet they were fun to make...

  14. Lovely pics ,loving the crackers and fabric,my sister made me sloe gin last year it was sooo nice ,very relaxing ,hoping for another bottle or 2 this year !!!x

  15. I've just stopped for a break from a mammoth paper chain making session, arrived at your blog...and discovered ...Paper chains! Haven't made them for years and years, but aren't they fun? The Sloe gin looks delicious, it does make things very laid back doesn't it? Penny x


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