Monday, 19 December 2011

The Shiniest Week

A week of glitter and glamour has been and gone. End of term fun with my students; the school disco for the Buns; dragging our christmas tree home in the dark to be decorated while Mr Bun partied; singing songs full of seasonal cheer at the school carol concert and visiting the man in red himself yesterday followed by rides on a glittering carousel. Mind you I wouldn't reccomend sitting on a wooden horse for too long in this weather - brrrrr.

Coming home to the shimmer of candles and chucking tons of logs in the woodburner soon warmed us up. Snuggled by the fire with a full bottle of fizzy on the go I ended up hooking a Toadstool after a bit of begging from Eldest Bun.

Now Little Bun wants one too. Hers sits waiting by the mini tree for blobs and a face to appear. Meanwhile a ton of makes need to be started and finished before next Sunday so I got a wiggle on today.

Mr Bun who has two feet has a sock for just one of them. Unless a small miracle happens with my knitting speed he'll have to choose which foot to put it on. Mind you I'm pretty impressed with myself for making something that actually looks like a sock and after rejigging the pattern so I could knit them in DK Cashmerino yarn. The pattern I used is from Purl Soho if you're interested.

All afternoon my sewing machine has whizzed and whirred starting on napkins, tunics, cushion covers and pencil cases.

Being able to make stuff and have girls who love handmade means that the list of stuff they ask for keeps getting longer and longer. A slouchy beret and a snood got added to the list yesterday. One day maybe, but not this week.

Anyways all is calm, the house is decorated and I'm sure everything else will happen while we get on with the business of enjoying ourselves. A birthday party tommorow, then Mr Bun's birthday on the 20th followed by drinks a plenty with friends.

Have a lovely week and Merry Christmas to you all if I don't manage to pop back here before the big day.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours too Lisa!!!
    Vivienne x

  2. Well, you certainly are a busy elf. Merry Christmas! Your gray fabric is fabulous.

  3. very pretty !
    lovely displays
    Merry Christmas to you !

  4. i love looking at all your shelflings full of sweet , colourful treasures ;0)...have a 'Jolly good christmas for you and the buns'...lovely tree xx

  5. I hope MrBun gets his 2nd sock - the first one looks lovely & snuggly :)

    Merry Christmas to you all xx

  6. It looks so lovely and festive Mrs B and that run up is always full on - but secretly a little enjoyable too.

    Seasons greetings and a very merry Christmas to you all too.

    Much love and big hugs

    Nina xxxxxx

  7. Merry Christmas, love all your makes. X.

  8. Sounds like the perfect festive time is being had at yours, wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and much merriment. Hope your hands are swift and super efficient whilst you get cracking with all you want to make before the big day xox

  9. Well i have to say your one sock looks amazing ;-)) Well done you. Your gifts look so pretty. Have a wonderful xmas and enjoy all your celebrations. dee xx

  10. Have a Fantastic Christmas and New Year!

  11. wishing you a very happy christmas and a brilliant new year Lisa...all the best! Jane :) x x x x

  12. And a Very Merry Christmas to you too :D

  13. What a Christmassy house! Looks like you're enjoying a very busy but cosy time Lisa.

    Thanks for the good wishes on the new job, what a relief. Hope 2012 will be much more straightforward for both of us.

    All the best with the making and wishing you and yours the happiest of Christmases and all the best for the year ahead (happy birthday to Mr Bun too)

  14. Happy Xmas to all the Buns!Its such a great time when your children are still at home.I think it is brilliant that they so love the things you make and will treasure them for evermore.Have they started making things for you and Mr Bun?

  15. LOVE your Ho,ho,ho's!
    Have a magical Christmas with your lovely family! :0)

  16. Christmas at the Bun' looks so bright and pretty!...can i come too, drink one with you and sit under the hohoho-garland?...;-)

    Your pics make always make me smile!
    (even if you place them twice so now and then...hi hi hi)

    xxx big hug from here and wish you all the best things for 2012 and a merry, peaceful Christmas...

  17. Oh, those toadstools are the *cutest* little things!! If I thought it'd do me any good, I'd be begging you to make one for me, too!!

    Looking at your photos takes me back to my childhood Christmases, and makes me feel all warm and happy inside.

    Wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas and a Joyous New Year, with a special birthday with for Mr. Bun.

  18. That's a seriously smart sock, I hope the other one gets finished in time. A couple of years ago my son ended up with one gift wrapped sock and a promise! (but I did manage to get the other one finished before we left after the Christmas holiday!) I hope all the aches and pains have well and truly gone now and that you, Mr Bun and the two little Buns have a peaceful and magical Christmas.
    lots of love Penny xxx


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