Friday, 30 December 2011

Last bit of Razzle

Little Bun had fun making me a sticky and gorgeous gummy bear trifle for birthday tea. Eldest Bun made the tastiest chocolate birthday cake (all munched). Mr Bun's a great cook, but all food becomes inedible if he tries to make anything cakey or puddingy so he's banned from trying.

We had planned to go to our favourite Italian restaurant in the evening, but they're back home in Italy. Then we thought we'd try the new Veggie restaurant, but they're shut until the New Year. The 29th's not a great date if you're in Norfolk as all the shut signs go up.

We drove up to the North Norfolk coast in the morning as I fancied going on the Mince Pie steam train ride along the coast to Holt. The traffic was beyond rubbish and so we missed it. I sulked for a bit and then we went for a bracing sea walk followed with soup and cakes in a tea shop. We also found a lovely shop and I treated myself to a couple of things. Promise to show you another day.

Today is a lovely chill out day - well until 3ish when we're going for after christmas drinks and then off to see the film Hugo in our big 3d specs. The cold I had before christmas turned into enormous loud sneezes on christmas day. Now I've got a swollen throat and the back of my tongue feels all huge and sore. Mr Bun can't stop laughing when I speak as I sound special apparently.

So I'm being quiet and having a rifle through some of the lovely books I've been bought. Last night I snuggled in bed with the Strictly annual that Eldest bought for me.

I'm taking time to enjoy all the bits and bobs around the place. Like the jolly new deer that Mr Bun found for me. 

I'm dreaming up plans of new makes, even though I still have two toys, a sock, a cushion and probably something else to finish first.

Having time means I can really enjoy all the bits and bobs we add to the tree each year. Ever since the Bun's were born I've bought them a decoration each for the tree. This year Little Bun got a drummer girl.

Eldest got a small crocheted monkey. Johnny her monkey has been her best cuddly friend ever since we spied him in a charity shop when she was one. He's no longer fluffy and bears all the signs of worn true love. There have a been a few long drives back to places she's left him, our hearts pounding all the way hoping that he would still be there.

Then we have the old friends that made up Mr Bun's christmas childhood.

Now it seems it's time to start thinking ahead. I've started on the slouchy hat that Eldest has chosen from Jane Brockett's knit book. I'm using Debbie Bliss aran tweed which is a bit itchy, but has the most wonderful colour flecks running through it.

Once they all go back to school and work I've one day free to try and finish painting the stairs. I started them just before the holidays as I'm getting sick of them not being finished.

After that fun I've planning to do writing up three schemes of work. Two for completely new courses I'll be running and the other that largely depends on the individual learning needs of the students I'll get so it has to be vaguish and flexible if you know what I mean.

Let's try to keep the real world at bay for a few more days though shall we, keep munching the roses and daydreaming?


  1. This stage of the year is a bit diverse isn't it? Part of me disappointed that Christmas is over, and the decorations have to come down so soon... but another part of me is excited for all the new beginnings that the new year seems to bring...good luck with all your new projects, and hope you have a very Happy New Year! :)x

  2. Isn't it great when they get old enough to make stuff you actually want to eat! My eldest has started making 'proper food' in DT lessons and it's so lovely when she brings home a meal.
    That River Cottage book looks interesting. I hadn't realised he'd done a veggie thing until a friend mentioned it and it had all finished. That'll teach me not to watch telly. Think I might have to take a wander to the bookshop later...

  3. I'm with you on keeping the Christmas thing going. Plenty of time for full on action and stress in the new year. Right now I'm still chilling out and saying to myself and anyone who is listening "it's still Christmas you know"! There are still munchies around here and as long as there are, it is still Christmas and I can keep the world at bay. I'm having a nice hazy, dozy and relaxing time. I'm reading gentle books, reading blogs, knitting, planning makes and just enjoying it all.

    Your trifle looks delicious, well done Little Bun! I think your wool looks really nice too. I have some yarn to start a much needed hat but I was a bit disappointed in it when it arrived (internet purchase). Not sure why but fabric always seems to be exactly what I was expecting but wool less so. I like your yarn more. I love the colour and the little flecks.

    Hope you manage to squeeze out as much peaceful you time as you can, before it all starts up again. Happy Birthday too. Forty something is a good time of life. I think you said you were just 40? And apparently it gets better and better.

  4. What lovely decorations, sweet little deer Mr. Bun managed to find you and I love the drummer girl.
    Enjoy this special time with your family before the rest of the world intrudes.
    Carol xx

  5. Gummi Bear Trifle, I shall contain my disappointment that not one of my four kids ever made one for me and eye yours up greedily!

    Enjoy the rest of this peaceful time before 2012 intrudes x

  6. We have loads in common. It's funny, my wee one (11) has this little monkey who has been with us for about 7/8 yrs. He was bought in a charity shop and has on many occasions had to be rescued from shop floors, shelves and restaurants.
    We celebrated my birthday yesterday, even though it is was a few days before. I'm in my early 40s and I've recently been knitting hats :o)

  7. oohh that trifle looked so cute i made one this year but it was very much an adult one ;-) Enjoy the rest of the holidays while you can, happy new year. dee x

  8. There is a Strictly annual!!! I have total book envy! Don't think about work yet - my head is firmly in the sand about it. Much nicer to think about making and all things nice...Happy New Year x

  9. I love those ornaments! Especially the little drummer boy as I have one on my tree for Tim, who was a boy soldier, and a little drummer boy to boot! I've just got to the 'chill' bit of Christmas as everyone has gone home, and I'm out of the kitchen, and catching up on the Christmas telly with some knitting...bliss.
    Happy New Year to you all xxx

  10. Happy Birthday wishes Lisa, sorry I'm a bit late. What a shame evcerythign was shut, bet that beach walk was lovley though.

    Sorry to hear you're laid up too, there's been plenty of it around this Christmas hasn't there. Hopefully it'll clear off in time for the New year. Looking forward to your new makes.

    Lots of warm wishes to you and the rest of the Buns for a happy 2012.
    Lots of love

  11. hope you had a lovely birthday- christmas time in your home looks so festively fun and colourful- wonderful!!!!! heres to a healthy happy new year 2012 xxxx

  12. Have a fantastic 2012, all the best for you and your family. Wish I had some of that trifle to tuck into this evening!! xxx

  13. Happy happy New Year to you Lisa! I hope the next twelve months are wonderful ones xxxx

  14. lovely catch up Lisa - looking forward to seeing your creations in 2012!
    Happy new year to you all
    fee x

  15. So much to love about this post, from the luscious trifle to the yummy books, the birthday cake that I'm sure was scrumptious to the adorable new deer.

    What I'd love to have, if it's available, is the pattern for those sweet sweets - the crocheted (?) candies on the white dish in photo #4.

    And I send you healing vibes, hoping you're feeling *much* better by now. No fun starting the year being sick, even if it does amuse dear Mr. Bun. Happiest New Year to all the Buns!!!

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