Thursday, 1 December 2011

How could I resist?

What temptations there were at the Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market. Little Bun brought home a bag of sparkly reindeer food. Alfie Blue had other ideas about any reindeers eating it, so he had a go at it yesterday when we were out. What a treat to have an oaty, glittery house to come home to yesterday after a lovely day out with the Buns on strike day.

I can't wait to hang the wooden sign I bought from Gabriella. She said she'd only made the one, so I was glad I managed to get it for us. We don't christmas sparkle the house until the 14th or so, plenty of time then to decide where to hang it.

Although I have a minty green lovebird brooch from Daniella of Acorn and Will, I couldn't resist this eggy yellow pair once I'd seen a couple of friends wearing theirs. I'm a complete sucker for colourful plastic stuff.

After buying something of Daniella's from Ruth I somehow found myself wandering over to Acorn and Will's webshop and pressing the yes please button a few times.

Just a few of the happy making badges I had to have, along with some vintage inspired wrapping paper. As I know Daniella from the early Pick 'n' Mix she very kindly popped in a packet of Reggie deer to cheer up a cake or mincepie. She sells fabulous fun things for incredibly reasonable prices. If you've not visited Acorn and Will before then I highly reccomend a trip over there.

Once I spied this delightful Mabel Lucie Atwell hanky on Faded Splendour's stall I quickly grabbed it. I knew Little Bun would adore it. I've had an idea since that it might look good surrounded by patchy squares to become a cushion cover for her bed.

I did manage to get the tin from the Emporium too. A friend of mine told me it was still there in the morning so I sent my mum and the Bun's up there to make sure it came home with me. It comes with it's very own whiffy vintage cake smell and old cake paper inside. Lots of soaking before my mince pies will be hiding in there I thinks.

One other tin came home as a gift from Penny and has already been filled with pencils and crafty bits lying around.

Before I go there's a few things I must say. First off thankyou Kathryn (cheeky cherry wearer) for your lovely message, it was very much appreciated, glad you had fun. Second, hello to new followers who have jumped on board, good to have you along. Lastly my poor old hands are recovering from what I hope was just too much knitting and hooking. I daren't try and make anything yet as I was in agony with my hands and couldn't bend them out of a claw shape for hours on Saturday. I've so much I want to make for my lovely ones so here's hoping they heal properly soon. At least I haven't got sausage fingers anymore.


  1. Oh I wish I could have got to the market.. sadly I was miles away and now seeing all the photos it looks like I missed a treat...never mind..maybe next year. I love your vintage tins.. and that Atwell Hankie is so sweet :)x

  2. You did some great purchases, wow!...and i see Your vintage Santa tin!...yeah, you've got it!

    Oh my, hope your crafty hands will be better soon, it sounds painfull to me reading avout it.

    Enjoy you weekend, xx

  3. The brooch is lovely...I wish we had markets like the ones you have there.Love your posts,always so colourful!
    Hope your hands recover soon,sounds like you've been overdoing it.Have a lovely relaxing weekend. :0)

  4. I like that strange old smell in vintage tins...but then I guess I am a bit strange too :)
    keep wiggling those fingers!
    x x x x x x x

  5. Lovely giftiys x how exciting- the colours really make my eyes sing ;0)
    vintage tins are just wonderful...lovely creations and gifts, must have been a super day xx

  6. p.s my dad bought me reindeer poo (choco drops) as a christmas gifty last year- we did all giggle...My twinny had sea gull droppings also choco's! x

  7. I'm sorry your poor hands are being bothersome still. How frustrating when we are in the height of the making season, you'll have to read lots of craft books and magazines while you are resting them. I'm glad the tin came in handy, it fits in so well alongside your other vintage bits and bobs.
    Love the idea of making that hanky into a cushion.
    Get well soon, Lisa,
    love Penny xxx
    (Planet Penny)

  8. What wonderful purchases, think I'll have to visit Acorn and Will's site.
    Hope your hands soon heal,. We are silly aren't we? I went mad with my crochet a while ago and ended up with an RSI elbow! Now it is recovered I'm trying to be sensible, doing less and swapping between crafts.
    Have a good weekend.
    Carol xx

  9. Oh Wow that bird and rose brooch is truely beautiful and i will have to pop over there. I am loving your green frosted 50's sugar bowl and complete with spoon ;-) Im very jealous you have the spoon. I have a green one to but my spoon is missing its really nice to see yours complete ;-)) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  10. oh my goodness i popped over and i have just spent £22.00 ;-)) What a beautiful shop thank you so much for putting the link up. dee x

  11. Gorgeous items. Thanks for telling us about Acorn & Will - I hadn't heard of them before but now I will be making a few purchases from them xx


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