Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A Sweet Treat

Mad rushing, lots of busyness, bombing here and there to get it all done in time and then suddenly it was time for the Christmas Pick 'n' Mix. A hall filled with my vision of what a truly fabulous makers market should be. Colour, joy, passion, creativity, oodles of talent, wonderful people and lots of laughter. Some supplied by the forever smiling Gabriella of Moobaacluck.

image from Planet Penny

Instructions from Roberta of Ripping Yarns to laugh in the face of our easterly winds when wearing her stunning fairisle berets.

image from Purple Podded Peas

My always happy, ever smiley gorgeous friend Ruth of Glory Days brought her joyful makes to town for the day. As the only stockist of Acorn and Will in Norwich means that even when the lovely Daniella can't make it at least she's there in spirit.

I forgot to buy Alfie a pressie and have been told off by the Bun's ever since, so I must remember over our next G & T evening to get his doggie treat bag sorted.

I've also got a phone call to make to see if the wee kitten in a basket is still needing a home from the superbly talented toymaker extraordinaire. Hint hint Sasha when you read this, could you please hold on to it for Little Bun.

Amongst all the pops of colour and noise Emma of Silverpebble found a moment to work away on a design. She's one talented lady whose design career is just flying. It's a fine balancing act between being a mummy and being the artisan she is. If you're about in the next couple of weeks then you'll be able to catch her at the Selvedge Christmas Fair on 10th December.

I was really pleased with my stall this time round. I decided to put less out and not be so cluttered this time. I sat next to the lovely Sam of Mamphii Button who was great to meet at last. Really it's like organising a party filled with a darned good selection of folks. 

Friends popped up to say hello which was really appreciated and there were many familiar faces from previous Pick 'n' Mix's who had such lovely things to say. Having such a great day and knowing a lot of people want markets like this makes all the hard work worth it.

There are far too many wonderful people to mention and show you here. I'll post over at the Pick 'n' Mix blog later this week once work and the PTA meeting is done. School's xmas fayre is this weekend and I haven't a clue what I said I'd do? So I guess that means I haven't done it yet! If you want to see more then pop on over to Planet Penny and Celia at Purple Podded Peas who've both written up lovely posts of the day.

The day after Pick 'n' Mix Mr Bun ran his first ever half marathon with a bunch of friends. It was all in aid of Macmillan which is a truly fine cause to be running for, especially when the memory of so many loved ones come with you. Somehow I don't think this will be the last long run he'll be doing.


  1. What a fabulous array of goodies at the market,how I wish Norfolk was a bit nearer to me!
    Well done to Mr Bun...such a good cause to raise money for.
    Have fun with all your Xmas
    preparations! :0)

  2. I agree with @bellaboo, i also wish
    Norfolk was nearer to me and i could visit that pretty looking
    pick 'n mix market!
    Your marketstand is looking bright and colourful, nice!

    Thumbs up for Mr. Bun :-)


  3. Thank you Lisa
    My journey from the SW corner of Suffolk was well worth it - for lovely customers (Holt definitely has the best dressed shoppers!) and a great day seeing some old friends and making new ones.

  4. There are lots of talented and clever people out there, everything looks fab!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Wow it all looks amazing what a gorgeous fair ;-) dee x

  6. What lovely goodies! Do you think that you could give me the details of the lady who does the cats being a multi cat household I know of a little someone who would love to have a permanent one on her bed!
    Many thanks.

  7. It all looks so lovely, would so love to go to such a fantastic craft fair, alas Norfolk is just a bit too far for me. Really really love the Christmas tree bunting.

  8. Looks like a fab xmas fayre! I too wish it was closer - all think I would have spent a fortune!! lol!
    Especially like the look of those soft toy gingerbread men!

  9. Oooh - all looks lovely and I wish we lived closer. I think I write that every time you do a fair. At least I'm probably saving myself a fortune...

  10. Hi Lisa,looks like the market went really well, everyone looks so happy :) and all your hard work paid off (hope your hands have recovered)
    and well done of course to your Mr...brilliant !! :)
    x x x x x x x

  11. Oh, how I wish I could've been there!! Unfortunately my passport's expired and I'm really just way too busy right now. :( It all looks sooo wonderful, and I'm a sucker for events like this.

    Lisa, what a *fantastic* job you did!! I could feel the warmth, camaraderie and joy all the way over here in California. Woo-hoo!!

    And a big "hooray" for your wonderful Mr. Bun. I had to look up Macmillian, being from the States, and when I saw what Mr. Bun was running in support of I got a bit misty-eyed. Bless his compassionate heart.

  12. Dearest Lisa
    Woweee what an amazing job you pulled off bringing such clever and talented people's beautiful handmade wares all under one roof. Wish I could have buzzed in to peruse all these beautiful goodies. It's definitely my kind of market. It's just so nice to be celebrating handmade crafts. Such a pity that a lot of people in our society just don't get it!

    Thank you for your lovely heartfelt comment on my blog, you truly are lovely and I really appreciate your response. The blogging world has led me to 'meet' such gorgeous like-minded women who inspire and empassion me to carry on.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your photo's and big congrats to your hubby. Macmillan rocks and rolls xox Penelope

  13. It all looks so scrummy, I must start wearing my mistletoe brooch again very very soon :-)

  14. Wow what an amazing looking fair. I wish we had something like that by me and well done mr bun. Just the thought of running a marathon exhausts me. Could you please tell me if the toymaker extroidinare has a website, I think I need one of those gingerbread men

    X becci c


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