Sunday, 13 November 2011

Getting ready to Sparkle

I've so many more words than pictures today and that's not the way I really like to do it. Mind you the words aren't going where they should be at the moment and that's on the huge mountain of paperwork I'm trying to create. Dear OFSTED called to say they'd pop by for a visit and check out our teaching the week leading up to Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market. Buggery bugger is all I can say, what a week to pick. All I want is to focus on making lovely things and get on with the arrangements of the market. Mind you by Saturday 26th they'll have been and gone and then my mind can turn to all things sparkly.

I've found a few moments around stuff to try and make a bit of new stock. A small pile of Mistletoe Kisses brooches has been growing, but that was put on hold by a hugely exciting day off work at driver punishment camp listening to a very dull man talk about road signs for four hours.

This week also had the sadness of losing another old friend. Little Dotty was our last Guinea Pig, the daughter of sweet Bluebell, who lived with Pixie our last rabbit. She was quite poorly one night so we made her a box indoors and tried to keep her warm. The next night, while Little Bun cuddled her, she died peacefully. Now poor Pixie looks so lost without her wee friend to groom and snuggle with that I think we'll be getting another Guinea Pig pretty soonish.

My head, however, is clearly focused two weeks hence on a hall in Holt where I'll be meeting up with this lovely lady and so many more wonderful makers that are a joy and inspiration to be around.

If you fancy finding out more about Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market then please pop on over to take a peek.


  1. Oh bugger OFSTED! Good luck with it all. x

  2. So sorry to hear of losing Little Dotty .. we lost our little man bunny, Fluff, not long ago. We only have Smudge left (besides the chickies), who is a eight and half year old netherland dwarf. I don't want to think of her going any time soon but I know she's an old lady.

  3. typical ofsted come when you have lots to do for the pick 'n' mix market. sorry to hear of sweet Dotty guinea pig- rest in peace. i adore your mistletoe and how wonderful the colours of the tree decors ;0) sophia is off sick from school today, well was thurs n fri too...nasty chesty bug whch keeps making her sick when she coughs too much ;0(...

    have a lovely week,

    x kazzy x

  4. Oh cripes! A good thing it will all be done and dusted by the time we all set up our stalls.

    I live in fear of the 'driver punishment camp' - but at least it means no point son the license.

    I know I haven't yet sent you pictures of my latest wares for my stall... I'll out the right in the next day or so... promise!


  5. What Karen said!
    I wish the pick 'n' mix market wasn't so far away.

  6. I love your mistletoe kisses so much, am feeling super festive at the this wrong on November?
    naughty Ofsted, do they not know about the market? I have an idea though, bribe them with your mistletoe will def. get an outstanding!
    Nattie x

  7. oh no poor dotty,so sad..ours are getting old now but are the cutest (and squeakiest) pets, lots of luck with your official business and then you can get on with the nice stuff x x x x x x x x x

  8. So sorry you had to part with Dotty.I hope you find a companion for little Pixie soon.The smaller animals have such short little lives.Your mistletoe kiss is adorable. :0)

  9. So very sorry to hear about little dotty. I love those christmas decorations. I cant get my head around it just yet maybe in another couple of weeks i haven't even made my cake yet. Should really. Good luck with all you have on at present. dee xx

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  11. HOpe Ofsted goes smoothly and all the best for he Market.

    So sorry to hear about the guineapig, so sad.

    But pleased to hear that your dad is on the mend, I missed the post when you siad he was ill so relieved to hear he's doing better.

    Keep focusing on that horizon post Ofsted!
    P.s. Lovely babubles btw!

  12. The market looks lovely. I like your knitted mistletoe!
    Sorry about your guinea pigs, I hope you find a new little friend for Pixie soon.
    Jess x x

  13. My daughter is being OFSTEDed this week, hope it all goes well for you.

  14. Those mistletoe kisses are perfect, and from one home educating mama to another, darn and blast OFSTED.

  15. Oh, glad all that 'stuff' is out of the way and you can get in the swing of things for Pick'n'Mix! So sorry to hear about little Dotty, it's so upsetting when you have to say goodbye.
    I love those gorgeous decorations, I'm sure we had some just like that when I was little. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else in Holt very soon.

  16. Ah man! It all comes at once. Blast that bloomin' OFSTEAD rat back.

    So sorry to hear about Little Dotty. She's up there with my old guniea pig Parsely! He's probably trying to snog her. Was Little Bun ok after she'd died in her arms?

    Love those ornaments and mistletoe brooches.

    Good luck for the next few weeks, hope you get a nice rest after it's all done.


  17. Wishing you much luck this week for both big events, though I'm sure you wont need it!


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