Monday, 17 October 2011

What a Treasure

I absolutely love how much bigger and better blogging makes my world. Without it I wouldn't have met half the wonderful and talented people that I do. Take for instance the fact that I just can't design posters without using scissors, paper and glue. When  I asked the super talented Jane of Teawagon Tales if she could help me, she very kindly said no problem. She gets exactly what I'm after which is handy as she's up North and I'm tucked away in the East.

This is the most recent design she's done for me. Isn't it the sweetest poster? I'm thrilled with it and love that I've been able to meet Jane like this in blogger world. On Wednesday mind you I'm meeting some bloggers for cake and chat. More about that afterwards I guess.

This weekend I had to whip up cakes for us to munch and cakes for the school. On Sunday it was the Autumn Treasure Hunt and tons of nibbles were needed to keep us walking around the village searching for the clues.

We had good fun doing it and a fair few families came along as it was blue skies all the way. This was my first event as Chair of the PTFA, shame I didn't have much energy and  only a small croaky voice.

Looking for clues in the churchyard, the first family shot in years.

Today Little Bun's been off school feeling poorly. This morning I kept her company on the sofa and knitted through quite a few Sarah-Jane Aventures repeats. Making is now in full flow for christmas time.


  1. Love the poster it really is so cute. Blogging does indeed open up your world.

    Love the family shot sounds like a lovely afternoon a shame that you were feeling poorly. And your poor little bun too. Hope you both feel better soon.

    Cosying up and knitting is possibly the best cure. After watching Sara Jane of course.......

    MBB x

  2. Wow! 'our' lovely Jane is also good with paper and design?
    It looks so nice!...christmaslike in a pretty way!

    Hope you and your bun will feel better soon...when i felt that poorly last week i knitted myself works!


  3. i bet that was a lovely day ;0) wonderful poster x
    loving your makes and home life x

  4. tee hee - I can confirm that Jane is as lovely in real life as you would expect! (I hope you're smiling if you read this my friend!!!)
    AND super talented.

    I love a treasure hunt - but I get so competative it's scary.
    I love blogging too! just wish there were more hours in the day...natch!
    fee x

  5. What a stunning poster. Bet you're chuffed to bits with it. It certainly caught my eye when I opened my dashboard!
    Hope you're fully recovered now.

  6. What a fun event! I bet the cakes went down a treat, too.

    Jane is a very talented lady! x

  7. Such a perfectly vintage poster, the land of blog really is great isn't it!
    I would love to travel up to the market as I have met Penny from Planet Penny and I think she sells at your market too xox
    Nothing like being at home all cosy with mum for getting rid of the lurgy!

  8. Great poster! Looking forward to cake and chat on Wednesday, I hope your voice is up to it! Hope too, that Little Bun is feeling better,
    see you soon,
    love Penny x

  9. I can see what you mean, that poster is just perfect!
    Glad you enjoyed the treasure hunt and hope little bun is feeling a bit better soon. x

  10. What a lovely poster - so evocative of how design used to be in the 1960's when things were made with more care and attention to detail! Hope that you're feeling better! Love that blue clour of your latest knitting project!

  11. Wish I lived near enough to take advantage of that sweet poster. Loving the photo taken in the mirror. x

  12. gorgeous poster. great pics x


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