Saturday, 15 October 2011

A sniff, a snuffle and a Stitch or Two

Aches, pains, a runny nose and loud sneezes have been taking me over since Thursday. After a fun afternoon in the castle and a surprise visit to the dungeons with my students I shivered my way home feeling sorry for myself.

I took it easy on Friday and just did a spot of easy stitching either side of a friend visiting and then a pampering trip to shape up my bob at the hairdressers.

I've thought about making these curtains for long enough, four years is enough time I reckon. I settled on a bit of blue pom pom for a tie back as was suggested by you in my last post. You all definately love the pom pom. With all the bits and bobs ready all I had to do was chop the blue floral up a bit and then stitch in the yellowy orange floral.

There we have it, one panel, minus the lining, being pressed and any curtain hooks. I just slung them over the pole for now to see if I liked them and I did. The next bit's fairly easy as they already have the curtain tape along the back. All I have to do is chop up some blanket to line them and to make the doors extra cosy this winter.

The light was too bright yesterday to show you how pleased I am. I'm thrilled with how they look, just mustn't leave it another four years before I finish them off.

This morning I treated myself to a bit of a lazy lay in after a lovely evening at a friends. Can't sit there and do nothing though while I wait for Mr Bun to deliver my coffee in bed. I put the finishing touches to one garland which I'm trying out on the mantle.


I also managed to string together the colour blobs I'd hooked the other evening. Just the tedious job of sewing in ends left, which I hate. Little Bun has claimed this one for her room. After that I'd better get on with the serious business of making more stuff to sell at the Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market.


  1. I love the blue pom pom tie backs, looks perfect with your new pretty curtains. I think that's a brilliant idea, using blanket for the lining, makes perfect sense to keep the chills out:0)

    Love your mantel piece, all your little collectables and crochet garland. Hope you are having some gorgeous sunshine like we are here on the coast xox

  2. The curtains are so so pretty - job well done!

  3. The curtains are fab and the blue pompom trimming sets them off a treat. Hope you're feeling much better.

  4. Hope you are feeling better now.

    I love the idea of lining your curtains with a blanket...I need to learn how to sew!

  5. Oh it all looks wonderful - what a great idea with the curtains too - I have a window that is begging for curtains - and I must do it before winter sets in - so you ave inspired me - - get well soon


  6. Hope you are starting to feel better......
    The curtain is a triumph!!! The blue pom-poms are great, I always use cream coloured pom-poms, think I might just had to break the mould and go for more colour.
    I love your mantle piece.
    Nattie x

  7. The pompom is fab! I hope you're feeling better now x

  8. It is high time that I got on and made some curtains, although I seriously doubt that they will look as good as yours. What an amazing combination, and the added pom pom touch. I think I may need some bunting now too. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Fab makes, hope you feel better soon. x

  10. I love your curtains!! I hope you are feeling better.
    Anne xx

  11. Gosh I wish I could get that busy when I'm laid up, good for you.

    Love the curtains, very funky!

    And such a beautiful picture, I should really get around to framing some of of the boys' before they get too big and object.

    Look after yourself.

  12. The blue pompoms look fabulous - I'm glad you could sneak them in somewhere

  13. Love the curtains and what wonderful colours. The blue pom poms are fantastic. It all looks fab. x

  14. hope that you are feeling more chipper by now. Those curtains are fab - how could you not love a pompom!
    I haven't crocheted for ages so am hoping to fit a little in later, while I pretend not to be interested in the x factor results!!!
    fee x

  15. Those little pompoms set the curtains off beautifully, I do love a pompom or two!
    Penny x(Planet Penny)

  16. Love your blog. The curtains remind me of ones my mom made for my room when I was about 4 years old. Thanks for inspiring a nice childhood memory!

  17. Good Lord, woman, you're the most productive sickie I know!! When I'm tucked up in bed it's reading mysteries, checking email and blogs on my iPad, snacking and napping. I feel like such a slug!!

    Be that as it may, that crochet garland is fabulous, and I love that Littlest Bun appropriated it. Such good taste that girl has.

  18. Hope you are feeling much better now. We seem to be coming down with the lurgy in this house at the moment. I love your curtains! Your posts are always such a visual treat, I love stopping by!

    Hope the sun shines for you today!

    Vanessa xxx


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