Monday, 31 October 2011

Partying with a Dead Badger

We Halloween'd at home tonight while we waited for Mr Bun to return from the horrors of the dentist. After days of scary pain he finally gave in and came home feeling ohh so much better. Once he'd added the dead badger fright wig we knew he was ready to party.

Two glam wee witches helped me cook up witches stew, with mummys fingers (cheese straws) and squirting eyeballs (profiteroles). We played games like pin the wart on the witch and then curled up and read the daft spooky stories we'd all written.

This last week has gone by far too fast for my liking. Lots of just being and doing what we wanted has gone on. A whole afternoon drawing and eating choc and popcorn was pretty fine.

I rummaged through cupboards searching for lost stuff one morning and found nothing I needed, but lots of things that brought back lovely memories.

By the end of the week we were in need of loads of walking and animal stroking, so we popped off to our favourite farm. Poppy and her beautiful foal Grace gave us a great welcome as did the donkeys with their foal Mabel. I fell in love and forgot to take a pic. The star of the day was a pig called Lord Gaga who had a temper tantrum when we walked off and then cooed and grunted when we came back to scratch him some more. Such a relaxing, perfect feel good day for us all. 

Now it's back to the nutty grindstone once more of school and work.


  1. spoooooky hehe x loving your photos- wonderful time by the looks of things ;0)...glad mr bun survived the dreaded dentist- nothing worse than tooth ache. your girls are the sweetest- drawing and eating choc sounds like the perfect afternoon to me ;0)x

  2. Sounds like you have had a wonderful half term break. I know what you mean about back to the grindstone, always worse when you have had such a relaxing few days.
    Ann x

  3. Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful half term those are special moments to treasure ;-) I know just what you mean about the grindstone now. dee xx

  4. Your Halloween sounds lovely as does you week off work and school.
    Anne xx

  5. he he i think Mr H has the very same wig..I refused to walk with him last night as it made him look like a dirty old man :)
    your girls look fab x x x x x x x


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