Monday, 10 October 2011

F is for Fabric

This morning was catch up with paperwork, phone calls and planning time for teaching, Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market and other stuff. It all had to be done, but I just wanted to get on to fabric playing time. Not long though and then the fun part of the day finally came round. 

What do you reckon to this mix of fabrics for some wintery curtains? After four years of cold winters I thought it was about time I made some warm curtains to cover up the French doors. The blue floral is a weird kind of non-fabric, definately man made, but I like the print and I just can't stop loving blue. To break it up I'm thinking orange and this is the only orangey fabric I've got at the moment. I was going to add orange pom poms, but Mr Bun who always likes what I do, shook his head fiercely and said bad idea, don't please.

I was also feeling kindly with my fabric playing today.  I cut up some pirate fabric we bought to make Alfie Blue's Halloween costume. Mr Bun likes the dark at night, I like light and have to read to nod off. His night-time Zorro mask is falling to bits so I had a mind in my kindly mood to make him a new beddy byes mask.

All the pieces are cut out, orange binding has been chosen, now I need to get some black elastic and all will be stitched and ready to wear.

One thing I did actually make and finish was a quick bag for Eldest Bun's tights. She's been using the laundry bag I made while she was still in my tum, but it's getting a bit worn out now. New was definately needed. I even managed to use my new pink trim as inspired by Jane. Somehow I've missed out the lemony polka dot ribbon tie in my desire to avoid showing you my sluttish painty badness. Still you can just see some of the paint I've slapped on the glass and not taken off yet.

And finally - just for you my dear Cuckoo here's what I was knitting yesterday morning. One finished, but not sewn up yet wristwarmer. 


  1. You've got lots of crafty goodness on the go. Enjoy and good luck with those curtains.
    Anne xx
    P.S. I think the orange pom poms would be fun. :)

  2. Love that orangey fabric! (Pompoms would look awesome...)

  3. the curtains are going to look wonderful good idea about keeping tights in that bag and we are going to need those wrist warmers soon enough
    xx fee

  4. I think you should go ahead and make your curtains, personally I love colour and more is more!!!.....Otherwise you'll wonder how it would look ....??
    Lucky little bun, that laundry bag is super fab, I love blue and hot pinks together....the trim is so pretty.
    I love your blog, I do.
    Nattie x

  5. I do like those handwarmers - pretty and useful! The bag is a fab idea - especially for socks - why is it that you wear two but when they go into the wash one always disapperas and re-appears when you have thrown the one you had out!

  6. happy pics as always :) its so grey here I need a colour fix ( note your blue skies comment...must move to your part of the world )
    love the blue and orange together and I guess you know I am going to say YES YES YEs to bobble trim (sorry Mr Bun)
    jane x x x x

  7. Lovely wrist warmer Mrs Bun! Thank you for the reveal :oD They'll look marvellous with one of your nice big rose rings poking out.

    I think your curtain will be most excellent just like all you make. Shame about the pom pom trim being veto'd. Where else could you add some bobble goodness?

    As for paint on the glass, I'm a baddun for doing that. But that's what glass paint scrapers blades are sold for must easier than masking taping out the lot!

  8. The curtains are going to look fabulous but I'm biased, I love orange and blue. What about some tiny orange pom pom trim as tie backs - would that pass muster?

    The laundry bag is cute - if you have a spare embroidery hoop you can pull the bag up through the inner hoop and over it and then tension it with the outer hoop to provide a rigid opening so that she can still get her hand in and out with the bag hung up and without getting pinched around the wrist

  9. My you have ben busy with all that stitchery! One of my pet hates is curtainmaking so I take my hat off to you doing that. I would have liked the pom-poms, shame Mr B said no!
    Jess xx

  10. I think the fabric looks lovely Mrs B and a perfect time to start thinking about making warming stuff for the Winter.

    Nina x

  11. Just loving the blue fabric waiting to be made into curtains. I am sure they will look fab whatever you decided. But I think the orange pom pom would of looked really fab together.

    Love the eye mask too. Love a bit of skull fabric I do! And those wrist warmers have turned out a treat too.

    MBB x

  12. Just found your interesting blog.

    Thank you for sharing.

  13. "...I just can't stop loving blue." Oh, my, you're singing my song, indeed you are!! Your curtains are going to be lovely.

    And I'll bet you wouldn't be so hesitant about showing your sluttish painty badness if only you knew how many of us have our own sluttish (fill in the blank) badnesses. Seriously. :)) Either way, EB's bag is cute as can be.

  14. Hello sweet pea

    Your creations are a sight for sore eyes, I am always uplifted by your colourful choice of colours. I wish I could knit, that warmer looks gorgeous. xx

  15. Love the colours of the material and the great idea of just knitting sleeves, have to try those.


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