Sunday, 9 October 2011

Busy trying to do Nothing

After the most nutty week for Mr Bun and I we planned a weekend of cosy comforting stuff just chilling out at home.

I made sure I filled the cupboards with yummy food on Friday. Starting with breakfast, followed later on with homemade soups, cakes and pies and a Frenchly delectable meal I whipped up tonight, it's been a food fest indeed. 

Alfie Blue got into the whole relaxed mood and played dead a fair part of Saturday until he did a leap of magnificence onto the sofa when we went to dinner at my folks.

To make the weekend even more comforting I brought home a few goodies. Haven't used the trims yet, but  I've ideas a forming. Hopefully I'll get time for stitching tommorow.

Today I've been knitting this and that, cleaning out animal houses and whipping a duster around here and there. While our meal cooked this evening we played board games and munched on Frazzles. It was as undemanding a weekend as was needed by us all. Roll on next weekend please we've got plans for you already.


  1. I love an unplanned weekend where gorgeous things just evolve xox ps. Alfie blue is just too sweet x

  2. same here this weekend, wet weather and lots of snuggling :)
    hope you have a lovely week x x x x x

  3. I love a good relaxed weekend, almost as much as sleepy silly pug belly!

  4. Haha! Arrived at Bobobun to find a small dog in exactly the same attitude as my own here on Planet Penny, ridiculous but cute!
    Penny x

  5. Brilliant. A leap of magnificence. I can almost see it!

    Whatcha knittin'?


  6. Lots of busying here too this weekend - I'm looking forward to next weekend though as we have nothing planned.....not a jot!

    Nina x

  7. Sounds good to me. sometimes you just need a weekend like that don't you?!

  8. ooohhh 50's harlequin design cups and saucers ;-)) You lucky lady i have never seen those i have a set of side plates. Have a lovely week and enjoy all you do. dee x

  9. Wow what a blissful sounding weekend indeed pips! Unplanned I think are always the best! Loves Ionwen X

  10. Oh, that tiny tip of Alfie's pink tongue just slays me!! So glad you had the weekend you did. Relaxing and restorative - nothing like it.


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