Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Apples Awake

No nasty post came through the letterbox today. Just one squashy pink parcel filled with lots of possibilities from Little Teawagon no less.

Add this to the many crochet bits and bobs that I'm hooking away on at the moment and the possibilities list seems to be getting longer and longer.

Remember that acrylic yarn I showed you that was to be a scarf for Little Bun? Well I played with some shapes as you can see, then somehow I ended up working a granny square that has grown and grown. It wants to be a blanket and will probably get finished well before the Smartie's one I'm also working on. I need to track down some more Debbie Bliss cream aran for that to get done and dusted.

Now this being half-term week I've two extra playmates around for a while and a Mr for a couple of days aswell. We've started hanging the ghosties and spiders in readiness for the 31st when all manner of bumps and squeals will be heard.

A baby bat hangs up high trying to scare the bejesus out of us, but fails miserably. Tommorow we'll be making more bats to keep him company or maybe we should just wake the ones in our attic?

A few eyeballs have been left lying about, some are quite tasty too.

Before our thoughts turned to Halloween we made sure we welcomed in the new season at Apple Day on Sunday. This year it was like a small county show and we loved it.

It was British eccentricity at its finest. Morris Dancers with bells a jangling; strange folk with ancient steam engines and just a general joy of simple stuff.

When we visited the farm we found that the Sow had had another litter of piglets. All snuggled in the warmth of the afternoon sun.

We daydreamed a while watching the sheepdogs work the geese around the pens and fell in love with a fluffy collie pup.

I love visiting here, it reminds me so much of the Victorian farm I played at when I was little.  Geese were used as guardogs, we used to squeal with pretend fear as they chased us here and there.  We usually ended up hurling ourselves over the pig-sty wall and racing through the squealing pigs to safety in a straw filled sunlit barn.

Today was much calmer. We went for a walk by the river and back across the fields when we heard the sound of the fiddle and the Morris Men's bells calling us all to the apple orchard.


After dancing the Circasian Circle we shouted a rousing cheer for the apple trees to awake once more. It was the perfect ending to a hazy and warm sunfilled autumn day.

The only thing that could have made it even better was if we had driven home in this beautiful Morris Traveller.  One day soon - I've been waiting for one since my teens, so one day soon I'm sure.


  1. Loving the Morris Traveller. My dad has been promising me one since I learnt to drive. 27 years later I'm still waiting!

  2. What a gorgeous post filled with lovely things.
    Anne xx

  3. I want to squeeze a little piggy!

  4. Oh that's where my eye got to - it must have rolled down the hill all the way to the Bun house!

    Happy half term - the apple day looks like heaven,

    Sarah x

  5. Thats looks a lovely day out - sunshine, Morris Dancers and a Morris Traveller - what more could you ask for!

    My Uncle had one of those when we were little - I loved going out in it. Remember him polishing the wooden parts each time he cleaned the car :)

  6. Quintessential Englishness, the producers of Midsummer Murders couldn't do better! You've reminded me that with the grandsons arriving today I'd better find a bat or two to dangle about the place! Enjoy the rest of half term x

  7. What a wonderful celebration of Autumn at its best. Lovely post, and DH also hankers after that car...trouble is he's now of the age that he might very well come home with one!! In the meantime he collects model morris minors, lots of them.

  8. That Morris Traveller is beautiful - I can imagine spending my retirement travelling the country in one of those with a crochet blanket draped over the picnic basket!
    We have a few eyeballs spotted about the place which have spawned some terrible jokes - we are groaning our way to halloween!

  9. such a lovely post- what a delight at the apple orchard farm ;0)
    i love your images of the gate leading into the orchard ;0)x

  10. p.s my mums friend had one of those morris travellers when i was growing up and all us kids would pile in it to go on outings to the was beautiful inside- cars are not made like that any more! ;0) dreamy!!

  11. Hi Lovely Bobo
    Well, I'm loving your crochet and your autumnal escapades.
    But - the thing I LOVE MOST OF ALL - is the Morris Minor - aaaaaaahhhhhh !!
    It is my ultimate dream to have my very own Morris Minor :-)
    My dream MM would be Cream coloured with red leather seats - preferably a traveller but a soft top would do nicely ;-)
    We can but dream, eh?
    Thank you for sharing the MM love :-)

  12. What a lovely day out you had i used to love the country shows when i was little i haven't been to one for years. How cute are those piglets awww ;-)) It was lovely to see the Morris traveller my parents had a blue one when we were younger. Loving your crochet work and how sweet does your house look all ready for halloween...have lots of fun, dee xx

  13. What a lovely post and gorgeous blog,love the Moris traveller too,I'M NOW FOLLOWING :)
    XX Manda XX

  14. You certainly did get lots of pretties through your letter box!

    We have got our halloween decs out too. Love your bat!

    What a lovely car. No wonder you dream of owning one.

    MBB x

  15. love the warm sunshine in these photos - and it looks like a beautifully simple day full of simple pleasures.
    Got the green eye for that car too...fee x

  16. I can just see you in that car :)
    I am loving the slightly sinister gnome on the first pics too
    x x x x x x x

  17. My Dad has a Morris traveller in that exact colour. It was my Dads car that took me to the church on my wedding day.


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