Monday, 5 September 2011


Lots of small things have been making their way back home with me lately. Stuff that I spied and just couldn't resist.

For a long time now I've seriously wanted a Carlton Ware toadstool cruet set. A friend has one, but I couldn't convince her to part with it. These wee new ones are nowhere as gorgeous, but they do a really good stand in cheery job.

Then last weekend, while we were at Village at War, I kept being drawn back to the bombed out, get your supplies here stall.  I had to rescue this pink rabbit, she looked too much like the Velveteen Rabbit and needed a new home.

Later as we sang along to Minnie the Moocher my eyes wandered to the stall again and I spotted a couple of aprons. 1950's I'd guess and full of oh so gorgeous fabric with far too tiny waists. Mr Bun couldn't resist a dandy black umbrella with masses of holes to let the rain through and keep his head cool.

Another fair, another day and I'm reaching out for this wee bag. 

Now the summer holidays are nearly over here in Norfolk and we've been blessed with really hot sunny weather. Picnics in fields have been fitted around dull uniform shopping.

Some gardening has actually been done too. Believe me I only ever show the good bits here, mainly we're weeds, nettles and brambles here. As we poked about the mystery of our hens not laying any eggs was solved. Little Bun found 21 eggs piled up in the leaves at the back of the log store.

Lots of baking and pancake munching needed to use up these beauties.

Now we're off to enjoy our last day together as I'm at work tommorow and then school for the Bun's on Wednesday. I always feel sad at the end of summer when all those lazy promise filled days are behind us and we're heading back into routines. Mind you some occassional peace and quiet might be quite nice. I'll even have time to actually visit lovely blogs and say hello to people who stop by to say hello to me.


  1. Rather jealous of your toadstools.....toadstool envy.
    Your chicken's made me giggle, storing up 21 eggs in a little hidey nest, we only have two girls at the mo, but have a few more coming very soon and I can't wait....
    Nattie x

  2. Oh wow what a lovely post :) love all your new/old buys especially the toadstools and little deer bag! I ave the major wants now :)Hope the back to work and back to school goes ok x x

  3. The end of summer holidays are sad, aren't they. Today is our last day. Where did those weeks go? But, like you, I will be able to take a proper peak at all my favourite blogs, such as yours ......... and I hate to say, but roll on the next school holidays. x

  4. Just like you, I have mixed feelings about the going back to school phenomenon. Harry was on his knees this weekend after only two days back last week!
    Love those pinnies!
    Hen x

  5. I couldn't resist those toadstools either, I had to bring them home from Devon this summer! Love your tupperwares too! Sally x

  6. I know what you mean about going back to school/routines. My two go back tomorrow and I'm worried that their tums will not make it to lunchtime since most days I get cries of hunger at 11am! We've had the shortest Summer hols I've know this year just over 5 weeks. So for us it's gone very quickly indeed and we ran out of time and of course good weather to visit places on my 'list'!

    That apron fabric looks just lovely :)

  7. I love that swan- I am sure I saw something similar when I was little- is it for soaps? I have missed you gorgeous blog posts lately. Happiness is definitely being here.

  8. I also have toadstool envy, and bag envy. Well done on your fab finds
    Becci x

  9. *gasp!* love all of this, esp toadstool cruet set! Just found a book showing how to make knitted toadstools might have to give it a go....

  10. Snap! I have those toadstools too.
    Glad you've had a lovely good weather Summer,Norfolk is one of my favourite counties. :0)

  11. awww do you know what..i know just what you mean about the end of the summer i feel the same way you do. I have to say i love your little cruet set that is so sweet and the little rabbit is adorable. And WOW 21 eggs i bet you were really excited when you found all those. I hope the school runs etc go well. dee x

  12. Love all your little finds especially the 1950's vintage fabric. Fabulous

  13. Such sweet finds. As usual, you have the most charming way of arranging and displaying your treasures. I love looking at the compositions you create with the things that come to live with you at Bun Cottage.

    And hooray for clever Little Bun and her discovery of the eggs!

  14. oooh ive got toadstool envy too!!xxxx

  15. That bunny rabbit is so-o-o cute and I like the toadstool salt and pepper pots too! My gran had a hen who also used to hide her eggs and after each hidey-hole was discovered the clever hen moved on to hide them somewhere else!

  16. hey Mrs BB - lovely to see you over at mine earlier. I too had mixed feelings about the end of the hols (almost the blues....) but have to admit I loved my peace and quiet today! Got so much done.

    lovely post. think your friend needs to do a bag check at the door each time you leave her house!!!
    Enjoy the rest tomorrow...fee x

  17. Lovely, lovely and more lovely :) Hope you are easing back into everyday work/school routine...I was so happy for some peace yesterday...then about 2 o'clock I got a little pang and started missing them...never happy:)
    x x x x x x

  18. I've fallen for the little battered bunny!

  19. I don't want summer to end, only because we haven't had much of it. (BC Canada) Once the crisp fall sets in, I'm sure I will enjoy it though.
    Oh, I adore all the little treasures, especially the bunny and the aprons.
    I just love your blog, your writing is so easy, just gives me the feeling I'm right there. Thank you so much for sharing.


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