Sunday, 25 September 2011

Straddling two seasons

You might remember that I signed up for the Dottie Angel Ultimate Challenge. New clothes buying was off limits from April 2010 to April 2011.  Now I've got some stuff I'm just sick of the sight of as I wore it so much and other stuff is falling to pieces (mainly helped by the madness of moths). I need tons of socks, t-shirts and best of all cardi's which I love.

I treated myself to this spotty one which I just love. Then I found out there was a 20% off day the next day. Why didn't I know this?

I also came home with some cheapie wellies for Eldest. She's gone past pretty boots and now wants proper looking ones. Handy then that we're the same size feet as I can borrow them for morning chicken duty.

After starting the autumn clothes prep the weather just did an about turn this weekend and it's gone all hot and sunny. No one's complaining mind you. 

At breakfast this morning we asked the Buns if they fancied a home day, a day out somewhere we love or a walk, foraging and a picnic. They chose the last one hurrah - cheaper, more fun and we wanted to hunt the sloe for winter gin drinks.

I fed the ladies, hung the washing and just enjoyed all this warm Sunday morning air.

Then I convinced Eldest to take some shots of me in my new tunic. I stitched it together yesterday and only came unstuck a few times. 

I'm really pleased with it, apart from how it looks in these pics on me. I'm convinced it looks better in reality. I've got a meeting tommorow morning so I might give it a trial run then. 

While the fashion show was going on, the Sunday icecream van's bells were heard so Mr Bun went out to get the orders in. It's such a lovely thing having a van stop by the gate, but the miserable 'blighter' (I'm only this polite on my blog, I actually call him something else) just makes it hideous. He's rude to the girls, glares and today moaned about his logistics being interefered with when he served us before turning around at the end of the lane. What a prat - we'll be buying our own for the freezer from now on.

Now where was I? I was packing up a picnic and off we went. We pitched up in a field to eat and be whipped by the warm wind.

Eventually we got to the hidden lane where we've found sloes before.

The Bun's love exploring the tree covered undergrowth and disappeared for most of the walk. 

Mainly they were busy collecting autumn stuff.

Eventually we found the autumn stuff we were after. Mr Bun pulled down high branches for me to clear of fruit and fill the candyfloss tub with.

Cheap gin to buy tommorow and then the brewing will commence.


  1. Ha, I ogled the very same cardi last week! Looks lovely with your corsage.
    'Free' weekends always turn out to be the best ones dont they?

  2. We made damson gin this year and look forward to a little tipple in the festive season. I think it will be sloes or raspberries next year:0)
    I LOVE your cardy, such an olive green, please can I ask where you got it from?
    We've had a birthday weekend of great fun and freedom and more cake for tomorrow, Alice's actual birthday xox
    ps. where have all the lovely ice-cream men from our childhood gone, we also encountered a rather rude chap the other day! xox Happy wee ahead x

  3. Ooops , freudian slip I meant weekend (he he)

  4. I love your dotty cardigan its beautiful,I dont think I could have resisted it either. The tunic youve made is lovely,I'd love something like this and I think it looks great on you. Handy having the same size feet as your daughter,my daughter and me are the same size too,size 6, hope she doesnt grow anymore,shes only 12! hope you have a lovely evening,julie.xxxx

  5. Yep def strange weather at the mo.
    Just right for lovely country walks though.

  6. Sounds like a lovely day and your cardi is delightful! Lucy x

  7. I have been a bit naughty with the 20% offer with Boden. I almost got your cardi in oink too...but had to restrain myself at some point and I don;t need any cardis at present. It was tough though!

    Hmmmmmm, that icecream man is all wrong. I thought it was the law to be a jolly chap if flogging icecream from a van with tinkling music? You should hand him a bogus "thank you" letter.

    Oh to have a daughter with the same size feet! I'm green eyed!


  8. Ooh, excellent, the foraging begins! I saw that cardi the other day. Very nice, especially with your lovely lacy top and corsage.

  9. Lovely atmospheric photos!
    I have a daughter with the same size feet as me, it's great isn't it?!

  10. What a super post. Great fashion, great foraging and only spoiled by bad tempered mean old ice cream man (hope he reads this). x

  11. Love your new cardigan with its perfect corsage.
    Back in the 50's my Dad had a full time job but also was a part time icecream man. I used to go with him on a Sunday in the horse drawn white painted wooden cart (it did have a roof etc though). Happy days (and he certainly wasn't grumpy!)
    Carol xx

  12. now, I too took the no new clothes challenge but alas not becasue I'd read it on DA - no, just becasue a) i had too many clothes and b) I 'needed' to learn how to sew, which I kind of have. Three months to go and I'm gonna celebrate with a spot of retail therapy to defeat the whole notion!

    I LOVE that tunic you've made - right up my street.

    green re the daughters feet too

    have a good fresh new (sunny?! woop) week
    fee x
    (just read that back - and no I haven't been drinking!)

  13. what a lovely day! I tres love your tunic. I bought a similar one in Bali and was thinking about trying to re-create the style in yummo sheets for my shop. I LOVE your spotty cardigan and your brooch. Dying with jealousuy that you are heading into winter as our summer is fast approaching and I have decided that the cold suits me most... Enjoy your last sun. Bec x

  14. I love the tunic! Such a pretty fabric! It looks terrific on you.

  15. oh my wordy you images are so pretty- like hazy dreams- really sweet ;0)x
    what a wonderful way to spend time with the kiddies ;0)
    love your outfits, wishing for your figure hehe...such a beautiful brooch x

  16. I am in love with your brooch xx

  17. Oooh what a lovely weekend you have had. Love your new top that you made and the cardi is lovely, where is it from? x

  18. loving your tunic and jaunty pose :) great job, you inspire me as always...must make some clothes...v jealous about sharing your daughters boots, I have such big feet the only boots I'll be borrowing is the husbands :) :)
    x x x x

  19. Should have said shouldn't I, cardi is from White Stuff and pattern is free from Prima. I checked but can't find how to get another one at the moment.

    Oh and Jane, my feet are tres hooge they're 8 and a bit more. Eldest is 7 1/2 so wellies not a problem.


  20. Sounds like a lovely weekend to me. I love your cardigan that is just the kind i would buy and spots to well Yipee ;-)) Got to love a spot. Good luck and have fun making the gin, dee xx

  21. Oooh I have major cardi envy - what a beauty. And aren't you allowed to go back for a refund if the same item is discounted within 7 days? I'm sure that's something to do with consumer rights or soemthing. Worth a try to get the difference refunded?

    What a lovely summery/autumnal walk. Love the adventure your hidden lane promises!
    Take care

  22. My oh my, your pictures look lovely (as always!)
    The cardigan is great, a kind of colour that will suit me very nice ;-), especially with that lovely brooch!
    What a great tree, i love such a secret-space-like-trees...


  23. Your tunic looks great, you should definitely give it an outing. Love the cardigan too. My favourite cardigan is a similar green, it's second hand but seems to be indestructible. Even my kitty's claws don't make a mark.

    It's said that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. I know I do. I tend to buy from charity shops these days if at all and I have to remind myself of the stuff I never wear. Sometimes I surprise myself, seeing what I have. I just don't get excited by clothes anymore.

    I was excited about the socks I knitted though, they have been washed once and certainly not worn through. Today, I found one of them with 2 big holes in. The only thing I can think of is moths - it was fine 2 days ago. Well, this morning I learnt how to darn. It was fun actually and the problem is solved for now. I must deal with the moth problem though as I don't want them eating their way through my clothes.

  24. I had a fantastic sloe tree earmarked on my dog walking route and when I went back to see if they were ripe enough to harvest the hedge cutter had gone through. Not only were there no sloes, there was no tree!
    Shouldn't be allowed!

  25. OOOohh I love your tunic - it's fab. Can I ask what pattern you used? I had something similar made in NY and wear it loads - it's longer so I can wear it as a dress with leggings or tights or over jeans and I've never seen anything similar. I think the neckline is so flattering. Love your brooch too - I've been knitting similar ones but not ready to post just yet as they all need to be stitched together. Happy Tuesday x


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