Wednesday, 28 September 2011

It Doesn't take Much

Some days you just know are going to be easy going good feeling days don't you. First thing this morning there was a hazy mist hovering about which meant another hot one. It was an ideal rootling around in a field for treasure kind of a day, but I just wanted to enjoy having the whole day at home by myself. I really enjoy my own company and had plans for my day.

After dropping the Bun's at school I got home, threw the doors wide in the dining room and rushed through the morning chores.

A hot choccy and a dripping in butter teacake were the perfect fodder to get me ready for the sewing I had planned. After work yesterday I found a few gorgeous things that I had to bring home. My folks collected the Bun's from school yesterday and then stayed to eat with us so I hadn't had the chance to look at my buys as yet.

How I adore this fabric. I could make so many things in it that my wardrobe might start looking a bit too family von Trapp. You know when you've had a fabric in your head for an age. One that you don't know if it exists or not, but you hope it does. Then one day you suddenly find it and you feel so excited. Well this is that fabric. There was only a metre and a half left and a fat quarter which I bought too. Just so's you know, as I bet some of you will love it too, it's Liberty Marylebone collection Meadow for Rowan. It comes in other colour ways too, but this one was the one.

I also bought some more pom pom trim. Goodness knows why, I just loved it and so I've stored it in the big sweetie jar and one day it'll get used.

On Monday night I started a spot of winter scarf knitting with Mustard Debbie Bliss Donegal luxury Tweed. Now doesn't that shade just look wonderful next to the florals. At the moment I can picture plumy grapey coloured tights and t-shirts under it.

The scarf pattern is from Jane Brockett's Gentle Art of Knitting by the way. I realised recently that I don't give enough information and that's frustrating if you see something you like on here, so I'm going to try to remember to be a wee bit more helpful. I love this book, just to look at and enjoy, but now it's all coffee stained and rubbishy looking in places as Alfie Blue jumped on the table to run at Mr Bun's lap the other day. He sent coffee flying as he raced past and I called him loads of sweet names.

Now I also brought a couple of delicious books home last night to add to my other lovely crafty books. I'll show and tell about them another day as I've loads more to show you here.

You know I made a tunic on Saturday and then I wore it on Monday, well that divine fabric I bought yesterday became another tunic today (a shorter one mind you).

I stitched and stitched until I had a new top. As my helpful camera girl happened to be at school you'll have to try and get the idea from my attempts to take my own photo.

I'll be wearing a t-shirt under it mostly and cardi's galore, but far too hot for that today. If you can spy what look like threads at the bottom then you're right as I've not hemmed it yet.

Just enough time was left to grab a very late lunch and then a race to school and off to basketball club. 

One last thing that I'd not managed to fit into my day was brewing some fruity gin. Little Bun helped me prick the sloes while I got the cheapo gin ready and the jar the dog biscuits had been in.

All ready to go and still some more sloes left so there was nothing for it but to use some Bombay Sapphire to fill up the empty gin bottle. I reckon December will be a good month for sampling it.

In case you missed my mention in my comments. My cardi in the last post is from White Stuff and I did go back and ask for 20% off and got offered 15%. So there you go. 

Finally hello to you new followers. I always try and find a link to visit my followers, but for the most part there's never a link in the box thing, which is a shame. Right I think I've talked enough, I still need to get on with re-designing a students CV yet tonight so best be off. Night night.


  1. Beautiful top Lisa and I just love the colour of your yarn. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. I do love your creativity! I MUST get hold of a sewing machine so that I can start to whip up some summer tops.
    I did love your cardi too, still haven't found equivalents to White Stuff, Fat Face and M&S down Under.
    Enjoy the heatwave!
    Sandra x

  3. That fabric is lovely and so is the top you made. Sounds like you enjoyed your day to yourself in the best way possible.

  4. You have just had my idea of a totally perfect day!!!! I would not change a thing.... except...... I might add chocolates at some point..that would be the only thing.....and your lovely top......well done you!!! love it!!

  5. Sounds like a perfect day to me. Love your fabric and your top looks gorgeous and you can wear so many different colours with it. Im loving all the mustard colours that are around at the moment your scarf is going to look lovely. Happy gin making ;-)) dee xx

  6. What a wonderful top - I love the mustard colour of the scarf too!

  7. What a lovely top! I do love a good tunic (of any length). I'm known for my tunics - my daughters groan when the word even gets mentioned now, lol!
    I've not made myself any to date though (usually White Stuff and Boden do that for me) but I'm inspired by this and your previous one to 'have a go'!
    Nel x

  8. Beautiful fabric I agree and I love the top! I've never seen any Drops yarn up close - I must search some out :)x

  9. Oh that tunic is absolutely beautiful!

  10. Wowie, loving that fabric and the tunic you made with's wonderful so clever of you and perfect in these warmer days that are promised.
    I want, want,want one!
    nattie x

  11. Love the new top Lisa and the new wool colours are gorgeous,have a great week,love julie.xx

  12. beautiful top and wool! and the gin doesn't look too bad either!

  13. I think your top is perfect, I think this length is just right. I used to sew a lot but haven't done so for years, and now it looks like I may have to succomb to all this temptation. The sewer has been replaced by a me who largely crochets and knits, when not actually just day dreaming. I thought my sewing days were over! However, I keep seeing all this lovely stuff that people are making. I used to use Prima patterns in the days they came with the magazine and you didn't have to call a premium phone line to get it. I used to love the patterns though, as I always found them well thought out with easy to follow instructions.

  14. You are so clever!! I am very envious - my skills do not stretch further than a cushion and bunting!!

  15. Love your tunic, gorgeous material, perfect for this unseasonal weather.
    Carol xx

  16. Blimey you're busy indeed - what beautifel, beautiful fabric. I am very envious. It looks absolutely looks gorgeous on you - slim jim that you are! I know just what you mean about dreaming fabric up btw.

    Good for you going back to White Stuff, fair's fair and all that.

    Enjoy the sun while it keep shining.
    Lots of love

    P.S. Battle to keep the hens out my border is failing rather- aren't they clever things! Need more chicken wire methinks.x

  17. I can feel the joy ooozing from every word in this post. Sunshine, butter, wool, fabric, (I'm sure I read the word chocolate too...or was that just in my head?), anyway - here's to more nice days and sucessful makes. And the sunshine can hang around a little longer too!
    fee ♥

  18. The fabric is lovely - maybe you should put the pompom trim along the bottom of the tunic!

    Pomona x

    Word verification is 'undi' - I think that is significant . . .

  19. I am in awe of your sewing, I just can't get enthusiastic about making clothes but so want to...will keep looking at this post to inspire me :)
    heres to more sunshine x x x x

  20. i love days like that, and i love the colours you choose, the fabric is fab! i was going to say something else but i cant remember what i was going to say- ive got a really bad baby brain at the mo, yesterday i spent what felt like ages trying to tighten sammys bottle lid on to the milk carton and id sort of balanced the milk carton lid ontop of sammys bottle! joshy thinks im going mad - maybe i am! xxxx

  21. Love a day by myself, which I exactly what I am having today.Hurrah for schools! And Hurrah for daughters who go to work!
    Sadly, my pants sewing skills mean I won't be making myself a delightful little top! I might do a few rows of my blankie though and just admire and play with all the fabric I keep buying!

  22. Oh oh oh I adore the fabric pips and what a supa scrummy top indeedybobs. But I LOOOOOOOOOVE the wool and the colour is just divine! Can't wait to see your finished scarf! X

  23. I love that mustard coloured Debbie Bliss yarn, it's just divine! I know it's the colour of this season, but that's not the reason I love it, I just love it! And it does look fab against the florals doesn't it Lisa! Your tunics are just wonderful Lisa. My sewing has stopped for the moment as I've got so much work on, it's keeping me away from blogland, it's so frustrating, I'm having to steal moments to go visiting blogs I love to read. Your girls are so tall and leggy, are there massive growth spurts going on? Love Vanessa xxx


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