Saturday, 3 September 2011


September 1st marks the end of summer and a warm glide into autumn for me. It's the moment we two became three and didn't really get what a big deal it would be. It's the day Eldest Bun was born and life just kept getting better and better.

She appeared a few weeks earlier than she was supposed to, but then she has always been impatient. We never found out if she was a boy or a girl because we just knew who was in there. Our baby was Rosey and that was that. In a hurry and ready to get on with life from the first.

Each birthday I feel overwhelming pride for the beautiful young lady she is becoming. The little girl who could win prizes for the most tantrums in a day has grown into a calm and contented sweetheart.

Nowadays kisses aren't allowed in public, nor holding hands and any of that other funny stuff. Doesn't stop me trying though even when she cringes.

A morning by the sea and then the Seaside Special end of pier show was the birthday outing this year. The last was so fabulous that the Bun's had begged and offered all their pocket money to be able to go again and see the other show.  This time it was the matinee show and then a ride on the little yellow seaside train back up the cliffs to the car and home for birthday tea.

Next weekend is the party with friends, nothing like milking it is there. 


  1. Happy birthday to your Rosey, such a beautiful way to think of new beginings and perfectly named - they grow so fast.

    I always try and sneak the odd hug, but only behind closed doors and never in daylight - as for holding hands - that ended ages ago. I am talking about Will by the way!

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina x

  2. Happy Birthday to Rosey! My eldest is 27 on the 27th...and I haven't had a voluntary cuddle for years!! I do have the joy of 2 boys who love cuddles (even at age 23 and 20). I was the same with my Mum though...and when I had my own children I rediscovered a great need for Mum's cuddles...she'll come back to you :)x

  3. Happy Birthday, they grow too quick.......lovely Rosey cushion!
    nattie x

  4. My eldest daughter's birthday is September 1st, but just barely. She was born at 1:00 in the AM, and I still remember the smell of her warm body in my arms. I have 3 girls, and each one's birthday brings special memories to mind. Your little Bun is a beauty. Happy Birthday to her, and blessings to your whole family.

  5. Happy birthday Rosey, what a lovely little lady you are. I can't believe my Alice will be 11 at the end of September! Where oh where has the time gone. Hope you have all enjoyed this weekend and good luck for the girly weekend next xox P xxx

  6. Happy Birthday to your #1.. sounds like a great way to spend a birthday

    I am making a stand about hugs, I am insisting on them

    x x x x x x hug x x x x x


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