Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Desire, Lust & Need

No sooner had the money for my hardgraft hit our bank account than I was straight out the door in search of things I'd desired while I was waiting for that lovely dosh.

In that long shopping list I've got stored away in my head I can now put a big tick by pink china edged with gold bits.

That list also has 'need lots more fabric' written on it. Last Friday I caught up with a very special friend. Before she treated me to lunch we had a good poke around the fabric shop. I knew I'd be back when I had something shiny to spend. Along with adding to my repro fabrics I lusted after the cutesy, kitsch animal print and think I need to make a small bag to keep stuff in with it.

I also got a generous metre of the grey rosy fabric. A friend lent me a tunic pattern so I can get stitching (quick aside - thanks for popping it through the door Amanda). If it works out then I fancy a fine cord tunic (in my head looking as if made by Toast not me)

Next shop and more dlights. This blue dish caught my eye while I waited for my bobbles to be cut and bagged up.

Final stop of the morning found me in the wool shop. In the proper planning of things this is on the other side of the road from the lovely fabric shop. Last autumn's Debbie Bliss magazine was priced at a grand 99p which was just the thing. I'd gone in search of mustard coloured yarn, but the one I wanted won't do the things I want so I picked up a couple of soft balls of baby cashmerino to knit up some wristwarmers instead.

After all the nicety of my morning I had the nasty food shopping waiting for me. I raced quickly and filled my trolley wondering if any of it actually amounted to a real meal. Roll on Friday, I've got food in the cupboard and supplies to get stitching with.


  1. All very good things to have on your list! My list is rather long and also is full of crafty makes. Good day to you!

  2. Love the cute animal fabric and the blue of that wool!

  3. This shopping business is a chore I know... but it just has to be done! I love that china :)x

  4. I need that cute animal fabric ...oh and the grey floral oh and the.....well all of it :):)
    x x x x x

  5. I just love the beatyful china :-)

  6. That china is luscious! I bought a pale blue tureen with gold bits yesterday and have been admiring it on a regualar basis. Gold bits are great!
    Nice wool too. (I also bought wool was an accident.)

  7. Oh, my! I've put myself on a very strict china purchasing diet. Only things allowed are my Blue Calico dishes, and plain white plates and bowls to mix and match. (I know it sounds severe, but believe me, it had to be done.)

    However ... if I were to take a tumble off the wagon, those *gorgeous* cups and saucers would be among the very first things I'd buy!!! They are just dreamy as can be. I know whatever you drink from them will taste extra-special.

  8. That sounds like my kind of shopping trip. Love that nursery print fabric!
    Have a lovely day off.

  9. I'm just like you, sometimes the blur between desire, lust and need rules my heart and I cannot stop myself. My hubby is always gently encouraging me to look, touch, smell, feel lust but then leave behind as our little terraced house is too busy with stuff! Sometimes I sneak things in and test to see if he notices hee hee. Love DB wool, especially with cashmere in and as for those teacups, oh boy I'm green with envy xox Enjoy your weekend of stitching and chiling x

  10. All those pretty things makes for a great post :)
    The china is way too beautiful, love it!!!!
    Karen x

  11. I can totally understand the lust for those pink and gold cups. I can see them full of tea and a matching pink fondant fancy alongside.

  12. Oh, oh, oh (you'll have to imagine a series of breathless little gasps there, they don't translate well typed) ... I think I'm in love with your cups and saucers !

  13. good on you- the best way to treat is to yourself...x

    love the fabrics ;0) and those adorable vintage china cups- eye candy! too much eye candy in blog land- im swoooning already! hehe

  14. Love your pink china with the gold bits, and the gorgeous fabrics too. That is just the kind of shopping I like.
    Helen x


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