Sunday, 11 September 2011

Can I turn my fingers green?

This week we've had a short three day dip back into the usual routines of work and school. Even though it was a short week, we still did the dance of joy when it was the weekend at last.

Wednesday was the first day back to school in these parts. Luckily that was car boot morning, so no more groans from the Buns about going and then me giving up convincing them to come. I could go, race down each lane with my eyes scanning all I passed and grab a treasure or two. 

Mind you treasures were pretty thin on the ground. I grabbed a few more coloured needles, some china and two wee deer.

That afternoon I got in garden mode. I like gardens and wish we had a lovely cottagey, messy in the right kind of way garden. But - truth be told I can't really keep up my interest for longer than half a day and I think it takes a bit more dedication than that to get the kind of effects I have in my head. Also I don't have the first idea where you start with plants and stuff. 

Anyways to start some kind of prettying up I bought trays of violas because I can cope with putting things in pots for instant colour.

Next up I started attacking half the patio with a screwdriver. I hadn't weeded it properly for a couple of years so the weeds looked more like a lawn as they were starting to join up. Olive got confused about where all the green stuff had gone.

To give you an idea about what I was dealing with here's the other half I've still got to do. We'd convinced ourselves it looked quite homely and wasn't a state at all.

I've been back indoors since with plants I understand. No more time for gardening either as we were bowling and pizza-ing for Eldest's birthday yesterday and then at an airshow today. No pictures I'm afraid as those planes whizz by so fast.


  1. Oh my, you did a great job!!
    I like Olive, looking a bit confused :-)

    Wish a good new week, x!

  2. It's a nice patio with those bricks set in it. I only have to look out of the window to know what you mean about losing interest. We seem to be breeding brambles!

  3. Yes, grassy bits and weeds - a real nuisance. No sooner does it get to look good than it seems that you have to start all over again! Like you I like plants that make a corner look an instant hit rather than waiting to see if something grows like the plant on the label - which it usually doesn't! Or is it just me! Happy Birthday to your eldest!

  4. with you on the gardening - I'm hoping that Granny moving into the basement (nicer than it sounds!) will make a difference to ours!

    Now, that tin moterbike in the first picture is SO far up Cleggy's street I can't tell you. If you ever want to part with it.....
    fee x
    have a good new week!

  5. lovely flowers, i quite like your unweeded patio bit , it looks very rambling and wild and i think some weeds are quite pretty,you could always call it your wildlife corner !!x

  6. The very words 'cottage garden' lower my blood pressure and bring a smile to my face. Come to think of it, so does reading your blog. :)

  7. you could try my option which was to buy fake plants again and then scatter them about among the one has noticed...but I'm not sure if that is a good thing....
    re the power tools your hubby and mine sound very similar :) :) :)

  8. Oh, I would so love to have a chicken!
    I have a little tiny patio/yard and It's gives me a reality check when I fantasize about having something bigger. It's a lot of work!
    The bricks are looking spiffy!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my place by the way. It was appreciated.


  9. lovely to see such lovely colours now autumn is creeping in ;0)
    my court yard garden is showing the last faded pink sweet pea and the ivy over the cornish stone wall always adds a lot of lovely green throughout the winter months.i do like a bit of wild in between the pots.

    sounds like a fun weekend ;0)x

  10. Like you, I have visions in my head of gorgeous beds and prettiness in my garden.....but the reality is, that I get bored too easily, and cannot be bothered to spend more than a day in every month (or two!) in it. Pulling out weeds is tiresome, and spending ages buying and plating something pretty, only to see it eaten the next day.....well there is more to life for me! Better a jug of prettiness in the house to cheer me up! ha ha!

    Have a lovely day and week!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxx

  11. Oh my goodness you did such a good job.. how long did that take? Love Olive looking a little bewildered :)
    Mantha xx

    (oh my is that allowed - word verification is shag ? LOL )

  12. Very impressed with your patio weeding after seeing what it was like before. Good luck with the second half...

  13. that patio looks almost brand spanking new, no wonder Olive was confused!
    gorgeous dahlias
    enjoy the peace !
    jooles x

  14. oh, love your chicken!! so so sweet! that patio is beautiful there, I can imagine sitting and getting lost in a book on that beautiful patio. Thank you for posting those photos!!!

  15. Such a sweet hen and a lovely name.

    Those violas will bring such a lots of cheer in the darker months to come won't they.

    I believe in gardening to make yourself happy. I do as much as I feel like and sit back even more to enjoy it. My tip is to buy some perennials, bung 'em in a good sized hole, give them a good drink and wait for next spring. You'll be surprised! Good time of year to put them in and then you have to do hardly anything at all beside a bit of support and deadheading. Just make sure you feed the soil, lots of well composted chicken manure would be great. Half a days effort here and there sounds tons to me.

    Am very envious of your lovely old patio and tumbly garden.
    Hope the air show was fun,
    love Stephx

  16. Good luck with the second bit of patio, you did amazing things with the first bit, no wonder the poor hen looks confused! The violas are so pretty, and very good tempered too and seem to stand up to all sorts of weather.

  17. Wow that was a lot of work and looks good (though I have to confess that I thought the unweeded part looked charming too - but if the house is more modern maybe it doesn't suit it - I hope that makes sense!)


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