Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ticking off Lists

Glad you liked the quilt, it's being loved a lot around here too. Before I finished stitching it all together we had a few days out - just me and the Bun's. Eldest was booked in for a couple of days basketball and then they cancelled it all at the last minute. Little Bun and I had an outing planned with friends and they had to cancel too so I thought something good was needed to cheer them both up. 

I packed up a picnic and took them on a Mystery tour.

We ended up at a water garden (which was once a huge private estate). After a wander along wooded paths, over bridges, along riversides and shaking a cute bum we ended up at a mooring on the broads.

I'd booked for a boat trip around the broad to see a bit of this and that. There were quite a few birdies, which I do like, but I don't get this whole bird watching thing so I was more interested in the waterside cottages with their boathouses. We argued for a bit about which home we wanted to buy - Eldest went for hugely grand mock old thatch pile, I went for the one that looked like it should be condemned and Little Bun preferred the small cosy cottage.

We had a great day mucking about together and just being. The next day the sun actually shone and it was hot. Eldest had a friend over for the day, so I took them all to a stately pile for a wander and to go around the maze for the 100th time since we've lived here. 

On the way back we stopped to pick raspberries for tea and ooh and aah over the baby Bantams there.  Felt like summer was properly here after that.

Today we bought summer toe nail paint. That was after the saga of the blocked loo and me putting all the wrong numbers in my online banking so now it's blocked. Great timing just when I need to transfer money to pay all the bills. Wondering if the lime will glow in the dark?

I managed to fit in a spot of crochet in the garden later on with the ladies dashing circles around me. I had a quick flick through the new library books and am itching to get started on this bag.

Mind you the kitchen curtains are still waiting in a basket to be sewn up and I've also added another thing to the wants to be made pile. I've decided to try out hexie making with a cushion first. 

I was making up a wallet for my Dad  (he was really impressed with the teachers gifts and asked if he could have one too for all his stuff when he goes to the Dr's) I thought the boat, spot and star with a few others thrown in would make a perfect hexie cushion for the bathroom. We have a lovely Lloyd Loom chair in there which Alfie thinks is his while we end up sitting on the floor. Plans are to get him a mini Lloyd chair of his own and then I can be bothered to make a lovely cushion if I we win our chair back.

While I was at it I made myself a wallet so I can take making stuff out and about with me.

Aswell as all that I've been getting all sorts of stuff sorted so I can properly have a few days off starting tommorow. Written a to do list for Mr Bun, reminded him he needs to squeeze plums daily as they're nearly good and soft and to change the bed if he lets Alfie sleep in it (I bet all rules go out of the window with that spoilt Pug when I'm not around to be stern and scary. I'eve uploaded a huge ebay listing to pay the garage bill, finally done my tax return (albeit hideously late, but done all the same), booked trips for my new students for the next few weeks and started the Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market ball rolling again for christmas. Phew - been putting all of this off for last two weeks and then done it all in two days. I'm always last minute.

The girls and me are having a few days with my mum staying at hers. Normally we go away, but with my dad's health not so good it's better that we'll be around a bit for him. First trip planned is tacky seaside funfair, hot doughnuts and candyfloss. Can't wait.

Before I head off I thought these books might be helpful for all quilty novices like me. Cuckoo asked if I could let her know a good one. Well the Emma Hardy is great as it has loads of small learn how to do it things inside. The other one is the Jane Brockett book which is just fabulous to look at and how she writes she could make reading about loo rolls interesting. I'd say just jump in though and work it out as you go along, make up your own rules and have fun. 

Righty o - see you all in a few days or so. 


  1. Wow! you packed in a lot of things!!!

    Thank you for the info about the next Pick'n'Mix - will be in touch soon :-)


  2. You have been busy, I am a bit last minute too. Have a lovely few days off, happy holidays.

  3. I'm exhausted reading your post, you have been soooo busy.
    Enjoy your holiday time with your family.
    Anne xx

  4. Have a lovely time away with the Buns!

  5. Loving hearing all your news. Hope you continue to have a fun packed summer holiday and may the sun shine brightly. x

  6. Phew you squeezed a lot into this lovely post, didn't you! That crochet bag is gorgeous. :)
    Have fun and enjoy those doughnuts and candyfloss!!
    Vivienne x

  7. Dear Lisa
    I'm just writing to say "I Love You" !!!!!!
    Your comment over at mine filled me with such 'normalness' and such comfort - thank you so very very much for reaching out and writing those kind and generous words of support and help - you are a STAR !
    Have a lovely few days hols at your Mum's,
    D xxx

  8. Oh my goodness! I'm feeling positively lazy whilst reading your post. What a lot of activity and plans and making! Your quilt is gorgeous by the way, I love it. I have the Emma Harding book, will have to check out the other.
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Wow your crafty mojo is with you! Wonderful x

  10. hello lovely Mrs BB
    thanks so much for leaving a comment for GB - he's had some more acticity on the den front and keen to write some more so you will be hearing from just as soon as he can be bothered!
    lovely pictures - how lovely to just be. Just imagining Cleggys reaction to me telling him he needs wo squeeze my plums daily!
    Hope your dad enjoys your company - and you all enjoy the best bits of the tacky seaside town.
    And do get some ducks - they are way easier than the flamin' chickens!!!
    fee x


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