Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Three Hens in a Box

I dithered over writing tonight. I have so many blissful things to show and share, but the simple easy things my family's enjoyed seem self-indulgent luxuries when I compare them to what's happening out there in the world and parts of our small island. As my blog is about me finding the happy in the everyday and celebrating that I decided to chat away.

Hens are on our minds this week. Our ladies are getting older and haven't laid an egg for a few weeks now. They seemed a wee bit run down so I fed them a dollop of scambled egg with garlic to perk them up a bit. Now we've gone for shock tactics.

After finding a perfect hen lady on Monday and making plans to visit her this week, eggy things were all around. When we went to the sweetie shop yesterday Little Bun spotted these 50's eggcups in the window next door. She knows me so well that girl.

All ready for breakfast nestled up with our other treasures. Definately need to finish up that paint job I slapped on a year ago don't I.

Somehow my needles ended up working a few more stripy egg hats last night too. The colours of our new eggcups inspired me to make some new ones to sit on top.

Yesterday the girls showed they know a mean thing about a flat pack DIY project. Four years ago I bought a chicken coop off ebay, then a friend just gave me one all made up and even put it in my run for me. For four years it's nestled up with the logs in the woodstore pleading to be made and not burnt. Yesterday I finally dragged it out and we got going with the Alun keys, a faded plan and tons of patience.

It's like Barratt Homes meets Cold Comfort Farm dilapidation. Plan is old house for old ladies, new house for new girls. When they all fall madly in love, they'll move in together and have a paint party (colour still to be agreed).

As it happened the project I run has been put back a week, so not earning, but then more time with my lovelies. As we're so impatient it meant we could go pullet shopping this afternoon. I got hopelessly lost trying to find the farm, so Eldest was on the phone being talked in by farmer Jen and yelling directions to me. We arrived at an idyll of goats, three week old kittens, more hens and ducks than you can shake a stick at, the most nutty eccentric seven year old I've ever met who gave the Tour and Jen sat calmly straining honey slowly into jars in the middle of it all.

After chatting for an age - knitting, bee-keeping and animals we went off to pick our hens. From the top are Olive a Red Rock (she nearly was called Cabbage - Eldest couldn't stop laughing and said she loved it as a name even though it made her laugh, could she please call her that? I thought it would be mean calling her a cabbage, now I just think of Olive from On the Buses), next up is Bluebell who is a Bluebell (after Little's now no more and beloved Guinea Pig. Mr Bun's cousin was briefly a Bluebell girl many moons ago in Paris so I like that too) lastly we have a Magpie Ranger who we've simply named Maggie.

We finally got home about 8pm (I got lost on the way home too!). They are so lovely and used to handling so liked a cuddle before bedtime. We had to quickly push them in as Hennypenny came out to see what all the noise was about. Thought a surprise in the morning was soon enough to find her world's changed.

Before I pop off I'll add a couple of pics of our other dreams. Wandering down peaceful paths and having a small ramshackle meadow with a sheep or two for Little Bun to love.

Fingers crossed our Ladies think the newcomers have always been here and just let them be part of the gang. Think that's just wishful thinking don't you?


  1. I'm so glad you decided to post about lovely and happy things despite the chaos and violence that is happening in your part of the world. When things get ugly, I think we need to look at and think about the beautiful to help remind us that life has beauty despite the ugly.
    Good luck with your new hens settling in. The old ones can get a bit funny about the new ones.
    Have a lovely day,
    Anne xx

  2. I'm dying for some hens but can't seem to get family backing :(
    Loved looking at your lovely post, wish all of your country could look so serene again.
    Your dresser made me laugh as mine is exactly the same apart from the fact its three years waiting on a top coat . Have a lovely day Karen x

  3. It's times like these I feel happy about our living away from it all, and feel so sorry for everyone caught up in all the fab were all those brandishing their brooms?!! Only in England!
    I need to get a few more chickens too.....we are down to three now ( well two and sicky one eeeek)...sounds like you had a lovely adventure with your girls...
    Nattie x

  4. It is suddenly a scary place in our country at the moment. What is going on? I guess we all have our ideas what that might be, but its scary and you can only worry for your childrens future. But all that said there is comfort in remembering and seeing the wonder that is all around us. It might not change the way things are but it might be a start.

    I love your new chickens! I hope they settle in well in with the others. Their home looks lovely like a little chicken village!

    Glad you decided to post after all. I loved your images, those cute egg cups are gorgeous!

    MBB x

  5. That's wonderful (and don't feel bad about not mentioning the horrors of what's kicked off in the cities - your blog isn't the place for that)
    Your new hens are beauties... well chosen :-)

    And I have a new hen-house just like that, it's in the workshop waiting to be painted and it's for my new pullets ;-)


  6. I have tuned in to blogland before the news this morning. Not sure what I'm going to read next when I hit the BBC.
    Lovely ladies. Looks like the Buns will have a great day today settling them in!
    And all that colourful china is reminding me to sort out the boxes under my dining table... maybe this afternoon.

  7. What beautiful hens! I used to keep them too, but had to let them go as I wasn't at home enough to keep them safe.. I really miss keeping chickens! Hey.. my Mum used to have those egg cups...what a lovely memory...thanks! :)x

  8. I love your new girls, hope everyone lives happily ever after!
    We used to have egg cups like those when I was little. :)
    Vivienne x

  9. I for one am very pleased you posted. We have had rioting very local to me. In fact I had to run away from them on Monday! I have been a little strung out the last couple of days so it is nice to read about normal things and see lovely pictures of plump placid hens enjoying a cuddle. Colourful pictures of all things crafty like egg cosies definitely help to cheer me up too. Calm seems to have been more or less restored here. I hope that soon the rest of the country will settle down too. I enjoy your blog very much - I especially loved your quilt as it's rather lovely.

  10. Thanks so much for this post it was cheerful and I loved it !

  11. Just what is needed today, nice happy pics :) loving the new hen house,wish my shed was as cute as that...I wonder what colour??? my bet is for a nice blue???
    I am also loving that pink/red egg cosy :)
    happy day to you x x x x

  12. Hi Lisa

    You didn't rant on at all! I totally agree with you. My dad came over today to build a big extension for our hen run but we got rained off and spent our luchtime discussing what has gone wrong in our country. His take is that too many kids are brought up without an understanding of personal responsibility, compared to his youth. There seems always someone else to blame. I agree with him to some extent but everyone is different. I think a lot of what's going on is just opportunism and greed.

    There were kids on the radio this morning saying they could well afford the stuff they were taking, but as no one could stop them they'd steal it - well wouldn't you they said. I don't know where to start!!

    Anyway onto cheerier things - how lovely are your new girls! Very very pretty and I am very envious of your hige run for them. Our three are getting a nice run under the birch tree that should keep them happy I hope. Our hen house is almost the same as your new/old one too. Wilkinson's slae - brilliant! Still no eggs yet but ours are only 19wks and still point of lay but hopefully it won't be too long now (probably while we're away on holiday!)

    Enjoy your week with the girls, you're right, we have to revel in what's happy and worth celebrating. Don't let the mob spoil that.
    Take care, lovely to hear from you.

    PS What do you feed your hens? Ours don't seem fussed with tehcorn mix at all but wolf the layers pellets down. Plenty of grass clippings too but not so fussed abotu kitchen scraps. Any tips on grub? x

  13. Peace, beauty and chickens, a perfect antidote, thank you. Aren't your new ladies beautiful?

  14. Peace, beauty and chickens, a perfect antidote, thank you. Aren't your new ladies beautiful?

  15. Ooooo I have china-shelf-envy!
    Such cute treasures here.
    Love your cosies and have fun with those chickies!!

  16. Those egg cups were quite the find! So cheery mixed in among all your other happy china. I recently moved into a small town from the country and your pictures made me miss my old home. Such lovely blessing to live among the countryside! =)

  17. hey - and a big fat thank you for your hen advice over at mine. funnily enough Coco came home from the duck lady with that purple stuff on her head to stop the other ladies pecking her. And Cleggy puts garlic in their water (nice) which must have the same effect.

    Now, I haven't had the heart to blog it but, after all that, Coco got got by the fox the day she moved out the kitchen. It's a long story, and we have no idea how (she was in with Ned) but we are gutted. Cold light of day and all the kids in and out the garden.

    Sad, but as you say, with all the trouble going on in the world it feels bad to feel too sad.

    thanks again - Cleggy loves a hen tip!
    fee x
    (he reads 'poultry keeper monthly in bed....)

  18. What a beautiful collection of vintage china you have. My husband has banned me from adding to my collection as we just don't have the space.

  19. Lovely post, your dresser is just great! And I loved those pier pics- am planning a camping trip with my wee one and a friend to Norfolk in a week so this has inspired me! Annie

  20. I'm getting a bit rubbish at my new idea of replying here to everyone.

    Escapism from all the ugliness of our world seems to be very much needed at the moment. As does the good that has come out of it.



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