Saturday, 20 August 2011

This week I've mostly been ...

I had that can't quite put my finger on it things are coming to an end kind of feeling at the beginning of the week. Summer just seems to be melting too easily into autumn and we haven't even got to run through sprays of water from this little fella yet. It was back to work for me too which meant the end of days just blurring into the next with the Bun's which I just love in the summer. My head had to stop being all dreamy and get quick witted again which was a real shock to the system.

Last Sunday I decided that the week I was going back to work would also be the best time to start decorating Eldest Bun's room! The Buns bunked up together and Eldest Bun's room spilled over any space we had left upstairs so I wanted it done pretty quickly to get back to normal. Problem is I'm fussy and decided years ago that Mr Bun's painting skills weren't nearly as good as mine. I do it all which is fine as he hates doing it and I like it, but it just takes longer with only one. Daft aren't I.  All week I seemed to be planning work, doing it or painting and so no time to even think about blogging or visiting anyone.

I'd also lost my phone charger last week Then we found it in the skipping ropes pile. Until then I couldn't even call friends with my dead phone holding all my numbers. Thankfully some people I know go for the wonderful traditional posty service to say hello. I got this lovely card that had been all prettied up by a friend this morning. She doesn't do emails and I couldn't do texts. What's the world coming too hey?

The stuff I enjoy best about life has been taking over in the last couple of days again. We've had a seaside fun evening again. Then today we drove past a fete and just had to stop for a bag or two of candyfloss. I found a stall selling some lovely bits and bobs and fell in love with this Victory play tray. Some things are just needed for the pure delight of looking at them again and again.

I have managed a small bit of making this week too, but it's been more off than on. I fiddled with colour ideas with Jane Brockett's crochet squares, worked teeny tiny stitches along hexies for a cushion cover and had a think about what to make Eldest Bun for her birthday. Clean out of ideas as yet - did wonder whether to applique her name on a pillowslip.

I've also been training the Bun's for the day when I collapse in a heap on the floor refusing to cook or clean anymore. Lessons are going well so far because they still think it's fun to do - little do they know!

Then there is always the down with the up. The week started with me feeling odd and ended with sadness. Yesterday morning I went to let the hens out and saw only Hennypenny out with the youngsters. When I looked I could see Betty's white head through the henhouse door.

She had obviously died in the night poor old love. She hadn't been eating well for a couple of weeks and no longer followed me everywhere so I knew she wasn't herself, but I hoped she'd get better. Out of our original four each had a real personality of their own and hers was being the matriarch. She made me laugh with her bossiness and white feather knickers.

I really hope Henny is as daft as they say hens are as I hate to think she misses her mate who she followed everywhere. I found her this afternoon tucked up in the dining room having a nap and wanted to tell her it would be alright.

Meanwhile this lot seem to be doing fine apart from being bossed about by Hennypenny who is taking over from Betty to let them know she won't stand any funny business either.


  1. Poor Betty, hope your girls were ok when they found out?
    I too am 'training' Alice to be all grown up and self sufficient, I wonder when she will put two and two together? She does make a rather lovely cuppa!
    I love your victory play tray, too lovely. I haven't been to enough jumble sales this summer, I do love a good rummage and finding a bargain. I'm in the process of making the jane brocket flower puff blankets but am sticking to 4 colours only. It's a really enjoyable pattern and so far it's bringing much quick hooky pleasure....I hope I can make it as large as i planned before I run out of steam :0) xox

  2. Sorry to hear about poor Betty.
    The card your friend has made is lovely - I often wish things could be more old fashioned with writing letters etc rather than e-mail, txt etc ... I used to love a letter from a friend popping through the door but that does not happen any more with all this technology these days.

    Happy Sunday

    Leah x

  3. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  4. So much visual loveliness to comment on here but I have to go straight to poor Betty. I've had my fair share of chicken deaths and it's horrid finding them like that. But comforting to know she went during the night in her sleep.

    Your hexys look fab! My blanket hsa ground to an abrupt halt yet again. A blanket seems like too big a job so maybe I'll use it as lining for a wicker basket.

    I bought the Jane Brocket book the other day but i am not getting on very well with knitting, it's put me in a Bad Mood today. I have some serious frogging to do which I hate. So much time wasted.

    Hope to see a freshly decorated bedroom reveal soon as that means it's all done and you can admire your handy work proudly.


  5. Im so sorry to hear about Betty bless her and hope that you and the family are ok. I love the little teatowel with the bunny on it that is so sweet. Seeing your hexagons has reminded me that i really should get an finish mine that i started last year. I hope the next week is good one for you. dee x

  6. I love that postcard- what a sweet idea to pretty it up like that and what a lovely thing to receive in the post.
    Poor Betty, sad news.

  7. What a heavy week you had!
    And what a sad news about Betty...
    I was happy to read you were ok althought your week was of unhappy things...
    Your foto's always cheer me up, it looks lovely.

    Keep up the good spirit and enjoy this sunday...and wish more happy feelings for a new week.


  8. Awww I'm so sorry to hear about Betty! Never easy, is it!
    Vivienne x

  9. So sorry to hear about the loss of your hen That's the problem with keeping animals their life span is so much shorter butthe joy they bring outweighs it all. Funny how the hierarchy immediately changes - I've watched this with our own animals. We could do with some painting around here but unlike you I have a complete aversion to it but did manage last year to paint the kitchen with the OH having had a ridiculous price quoted by a local painter! Look forward to the room reveal!

  10. I sure love your henhouse adventures, and Betty was so dear. Here's hoping the rest of the lot keep you in good cheer. Adore the hexi quilt pieces. They make me want to quilt again.

  11. I am so sorry to hear that your precious pet died. They are such an integral part of family life. Hope you all find healing this week.

    The crochet work you are doing is lovely as always. Good for you putting the little hands to work! Chores go by so much faster and more pleasantly when there are more of them to share the load. Then more hooky time! ;-)

  12. Hello, I know what you mean about the end of summer, I have decided to get off the computer and make the most of whats are my last stop...honest
    sorry about poor betty :(
    x x x x x x x x

  13. I was hopeless with my hens. I had 6 rescue ones and as they gradually died of old age I became more and more miserable, so sorry about Betty. I too am hooking away at a Jane Brocket blanket but I have so many other things on the go it's not coming on very fast. xxx


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