Saturday, 13 August 2011

North folks & South folks

I can't believe another week has whizzed by. An extra stolen whole week with the Bun's filled with so many lovely things. 

The feathery ladies are settling down into strict divides of eldery and youngster gang culture. On the second night they just wouldn't go to bed. In the end Betty clambered off her perch, got on the top of the henhouse and yelled at Olive, Maggie and Bluebell. I helped her out by grabbing them all with a shove up the bum through their door.

In the middle of the week we went to Walberswick with friends. We parked the other side of the river and then walked over and round to get there. We didn't even make it to the sea as we had such a lovely time just mucking about in the village. I even brought home a big shelf that I couldn't stop looking at and knew I'd really kick myself later on if it didn't come home. We gave the shelf a ferry ride across the water on the way back to save my weary shoulder, much more fun than walking.

In betweens swimming, rounders and playing at  camping with friends I finally made up those kitchen curtains that have been waiting to be made.

I'd guess the fabric is 1950's and is pretty well worn, but far too gorgeous not to save somehow. I cut off the ripped sides, patched up holes here and there and added a smidge of flowery blue to lengthen.

They're real quick cheats. I didn't bother to edge the frayed sides, just strung up some hooks, threaded them on a wire and off we go jolly kitchen curtains.

On Friday we had a Seaside Special treat with the end of the pier summer show. Apparently it's the only one left in England so it's a special one indeed.

We zig-zagged down to the Edwardian pier to collect our tickets before climbing all the way back up for a fish and chips pre-show tea.

The whole experience of being on the end of the pier in a tiny theatre was perfect. The show felt like being taken back to my 1970's childhood with all the variety shows on TV, just better. Singing, dancing, glitter, glam and tons of laughter. The Bun's loved it as much as us, maybe even more as they offered their pocket money on the way out so I could get tickets for the next show.

Walking out onto the wooden promenade, twinkling lights all around and the sound of the sea on pebbles ended the evening perfectly for me. Many moons ago in Brighton Mr Bun and I would go down to the beach at night for a walk. We'd sit and talk about what life would be like when our baby was born. Never could have imagined it would be this lovely and content. 


  1. What a lovely week you've had.
    Anne xx

  2. Happy holidays Mrs B - great seaside photos and I lurve your new kitchen curtains.

    ~ Nina xxx

    ps. naughty fluffy bums!

  3. What a wonderful kitchen window, so pretty and a lovely view too!
    Sally x

  4. Sounds like you all had a fab time and I love the new curtains!!

  5. I love piers and I too have lovely memories of the pier at Brighton but mine are of toffee apples (I adore toffee apples )!!!
    Vivienne x

  6. Good to see that you enjoyed your week!...nice pics.

    I wish i could just sit in your kitchen...staring at the lovely curtains and the great view into your garden..


  7. Such pretty curtains and I love the view from your kitchen window. We live near Brighton and I have to go on the carousel on the pier each time we visit. Karen X

  8. Fabulous photo's, adorable kitchen curtains and what looked to be a great week.
    Hope you have another week full of great pleasure's

    Jo x

  9. What a pretty kitchen window with your gorgeous new curtains and colourful bunting - and a lovely view beyond as well!
    Helen x

  10. Gosh, just been catching up on all the fun you've been having, you've been so busy! Love your kitchen curtains. They've inspired me to demand a curtain rail in the utility room. OH bought a practical blind which he has not put up for YEARS. He's had his chance, now I want something pretty and cottagy!
    The hens look gorgeous, and I'm impressed with the house building!
    love Penny x

  11. glad you're having fun - and also that your boys and girls are getting along (like the idea of young and old being separated!)
    Beautiful curtains btw
    fee x

  12. I have a thing for beaches and piers, I think that is why I ended up on the Isle of Wight.
    You really sounded like you made the most of your break. I love your curtains, and how quick they were to whip up.Gorgeous pics as usual x

  13. Aw how lovely :) It makes me want to go there and have some seventies fun! Your kitchen window looks so pretty.xx

  14. Oh my gosh your blog and home are to die for ! Drooling away from Australia and now following xx Ava

  15. Lovely post Lisa,Brighton is hubby and my all time fave place in the U.k. We try to get down there every year!Love those curtains too.xxxx


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