Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Colours Colours all Around

Oh Lordy blogger is being a big pain. I've got the smallest bit of patience that could ever be handed out to one person so I gave up after it took me what felt like a week to upload just four photos. Right - rant over back to nice stuff.

Once the working week was over last week I gave in to the urge to paint furniture bright colours. Friday morning saw me slapping green paint on the shelf I'd dragged back home a couple of weeks ago on the ferry. 

It's just not the right shade of green though, far too arsenic for me, so the shelf hides in shame waiting for more paint to be mixed. To save expensive mistakes I've just found out that Dulux mix tester pots too, so I think I'll stop racing in next time.
The pink is being tried out on some of Eldest Bun's furniture. I've still not made up my mind if I like it or not yet. 

So much still to finish in her room (and it's only a wee room too). I made up a string of that old failsafe - bunting to give her bedroom that colourful zing now I've whitened it out.

The colours work perfectly and Eldest is really pleased with it all so far.

Now after a busy and fun filled weekend it's the last week of the summer holidays and two days to go before her birthday. Cocktail umbrella's are ready for party drinks, but no presents are wrapped or handmade pressies finished. 

This weekend we visited Voewood, which is a stunning arts & crafts house in Norfolk. A friend was responsible for the PR for a literary and music festival they had up there so we popped in with the press passes she sorted out for us. Not the first time we've been press. We had fun with a very rude and uppity French Maitre D when we convinced him we were food and wine journalists. We got great service in that hotel after that. Wonder why?

I'll be back to show and tell more of my weekend when I can actually post photos at speed. Just to say it's to do with the 1940's and some lovely vintage buys.


  1. Despite your misgivings I really like that shade of green, and the pink too. What caught my eye was the garland over your daughter's bedhead. Are they little fairy lights or crocheted flowers? I like the fairy light idea. My two girls are too little yet for their own big beds but it won't be too far off. I might have to pinch your idea!
    xXx Helen

  2. I L♥VE both the green and the pink.

    'course it's not been painted on MY furniture, yet.

    Why don't you pack 'em up and bring 'em on over to my place and we'll give it a try over here.


  3. I love colour and the green and pink in the paint tins are glorious. I am developing a serious addiction to bold and bright colours.

  4. Sounds intriguing. Looking forward to seeing how things turn out with the furniture. Eldest's room looks dreamy!

  5. The pink is lovely, the green i think is a bit to green ;-)
    It all looks so lovely on your pictures, it makes me smile on this early morning.
    The buntingflags are so nice!...even if you show it two times in one post :-)

    Have a good week and don't let Blogger get you in a bad mood!

  6. What a sweet bedroom, it looks so fresh.
    Happy birthday in readyness for the birthday girl to be...nice brollies!
    and of course i LOVE the bunting :o)
    jooles x

  7. I think I'd feel really pleased if i could have eldest buns bedroom, what a lucky girl....and a clever mummy too!
    Nattie x

  8. i love the room makeover. my eldest would never ever ever keep a room that nice clean. it would be filled with clutter and technology in no time and would ruin the lovely shabby chic/vintage look. sigh. only 6 years untill she goes to uni and i can have my sewing room ;)

  9. Beautiful fresh room...the bunting is perfect in it! How lovely to wake up in such a love-filled room! :)x

  10. Ohh i do love your daughters bedroom, soooo very sweet, like the green & the pink, v striking :)
    Had awful problems with blogger & couldnt fix it so had to move my blog, such a shame as most of the blogs i like are on blogger. Hope yours is resolved soon :)

  11. Beautiful room, kids get the best decor!

  12. I would love my bedroom to look like this! Voewood has been looking very interesting, love the idea of you being foody journalists!

  13. She'll be having sweet dreams in that lovely bedroom!
    Very nice!

  14. Hi just found you blog, I like the pink very pretty for a girls room,. Funny to see we read the same blogs.


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