Saturday, 2 July 2011


This Thursday was an INSET day which meant the Bun's had a extra day off school. I swapped work days around to be with my lovelies. No car boot for me this Wednesday, but then the treasure's been getting pretty thin lately.

We managed to get Mr Bun to take the day of too to join in the fun. A day that feels stolen in the middle of the week always feels special,  something good has to be done.

We chose a picnic at the beach, rock-pooling and then playing the penny arcades, icecreams on the pier, crazy golf and chips for tea.  Half-way there I remembered my camera that I'd forgotten to pick up. No piccies of our wonderful day, but I liked just doing and not thinking about taking pictures for a change.

On the way home I picked up the first dahlia's of the year from the village lady. I love these bright splodgy flowers which always make me think of heavy oil paintings. 

The gorgeous basket beside them was a new to me buy today. My mum invited me to lunch and on the way there I stopped for my fleamarket and charity shop fix. I couldn't believe my luck when I found this gem in perfect nick.

The other thing I wanted to show are our stunning hollyhocks. We used to have them growing at the back, until the hens dug them up last year. Somehow they've blown on the wind and swapped where they rock colourfully to and fro. Each day I come home I'm greeted by this lovely sight so I'm glad they decided to pop up here instead.


  1. I just got some h.hocks... can't wait so see them turn out next year... they look a little sad this year...

  2. The hollyhocks look great, maybe I should plant some near my front door! I need more flowers in my garden!
    xXx Helen

  3. I sometimes enjoy myself more when I forget my camera!
    And i love a stolen day when we should all be somewhere else but somehow manage to be all together.
    happy weekend - hope you are sharing the same sunshine I can see out my window...
    (you're right - I'm a happy hooker!)

  4. It's nice to read you had such a wonderful day with your lovelies...
    Your hollyhocks are be-a-utiful!
    Only the name is already nice ;-)

    have a nice weekend!

  5. I love hollyhocks too - the flowers are so amazing, almost the same size as saucers. Sounds like you had a wonderful day out.

  6. Nothing more gorgeous and country garen-like than holly hocks, just beautiful! Loveyour basket too what a lucky find! I think there is nothing more special than a day spent together on an unexpected week day, sounds like you had good old fashioned family fun :0)

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  8. I can't resist a basket, it's lovely I have wanted one like that for ages. Love the hollyhocks too they always remind me of holidaying in France.

  9. Sounds like you had a perfect day ;-) Lovely basket my mum used to have one like this many years ago. Lovely flowers. dee x

  10. Beautiful hollyhocks and dahlias - which I just love. Happy Sunday. x

  11. I love hollyhocks and have failed miserably with them so far, so it's very frustrating when you find such gorgeous ones self seeded and looking fantastic! I have a packet of seeds, maybe I shouild just go into the garden and throw them into the wind and see what happens!

  12. Ooh, a proper day at the seaside, what fun! Your Hollyhocks are lovely and I am envious.


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