Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sometimes I Talk a Lot

Well I've got all sorts I could ramble on about today. Funnily enough the fringe disaster was met with tons of unexpected your hair looks great - so I'm definately going to ask for a Richard 3rd fringe again. The school BBQ was good fun - we were put on the ice cream, truffle and kids drink bit. Lots of little helpers to make us laugh, scoffing of choc and free Pimms for being good eggs and working so hard. The Bun's had brilliant reports come home that day too so we promised a celebration meal for Saturday. To be honest (proud mummy moment) they've always had good reports. They love school, give it their all, have great friends, avoid all that silly falling out stuff and are just good fun lovely girls.

Unfortunately my teeth were a disaster at the weekend and were so painful. We had our meal out and had a great time, but it was like I was eating pizza with wooden teeth. Monday I was straight into the dentist for more root canal stuff. Poor elderly teeth of mine.Then I rushed off for a quick treat with a friend. We'd planned for so long to go to Biddy's Tearooms for afternoon tea and my teeth weren't going to stop me. It was such a wonderful place that I've made a date with my man for Friday afternoon treats. I'll try and take some pics to show you as you'd love it.

This morning was Sports Day so I took my crochet along for a bit of light relief. I managed to rustle up a few more smarties for the hexie blanket and cheered my lovelies on too. 

I spent the afternoon sewing up a couple of quick teacher gifts. I don't normally go for this whole teacher present thing other than some flowers from the garden. The Bun's have been with their teachers for two years now and have built up a great relationship with them so I wanted to give something as a way of thanks.

I thought pencil cases would be the ideal handmade pressie. I used an old tablecloth and the lovely Lecien fabric I bought a while back. We're thinking a few chocs inside would be appreciated too. 

As I type this Mr Bun will be in full swing with the Buck Palace Garden party. Wonder what Queenie said to him (if anything). Once he gets his mobile back on the way out I guess I'll hear all the funny tales of the day.

One other thing before I go. I was asked how much wool I would need for the hexie. Once I've got more to show I'll get back and give you the low down on how to and how much if you fancy it. It's all a bit guess work and suck it and see, but then I did tell you I'm a jump in and see maker.

Righty must get ready for fish and chips with the grandparents while the other half nibble Royal canapes.


  1. Your blanket looks great Lisa as do the teachers presents!
    We did a tour of Buckingham Palace last year when we were in London, it's a facinating place, I'm sure Mr Bun had a great day!
    Vivienne x

  2. I love your teachers' presents - the blue fabric is gorgeous! The two youngest Lockets have made bracelets for their teachers. Lucy x

  3. Thank goodness I read this!! I have totally lost my way and only just now realised it is the last day of school tomoorow...better get making. Apple cosies I think is all I have time for. Bottoms!!!! This is what happens when illness strikes the family. Your pencil cases are fab. I love your labels.

    I'm sorry to hear of you teeth woes, I am paranoid about dentistry. Scares me.

    Crochet is looking fabby, very jolly.

    Better get creating....


  4. I love the crochet, its making me want to start another blanket.....the teacher gifts are fab and very useful and I can't wait to hear how Mr Bun got on with Queenie,
    love Jane x x x
    ps hope your teeth get better,I can sympathise,my dreams are always about teeth falling out!!!

  5. sorry to hear about your naughty teeth, hope they are feeling better very soon x
    lovely teacher gifts, i bet they will be thrilled.
    enjoy your fish and chips!
    j x

  6. As a retired teacher I used to be so embarrassed by presents.I always felt sorry for the children whose parents could not afford one.Words of thanks either written or spoken always meant more to me than presents.Although saying that I would have loved a pencil case made especially for me!

  7. Like busybusybeejay I always feel for the kids who've scraped together enough for a quick box of chocs on the way to school when a thank you would suffice. I must admit though if I had a Bun in my class I'd be ecstatic on Friday!! Those pencil cases are lovely and I'm sure they'll be really appreciated.

  8. I used to be a teacher and was always amazed to receive end of year treats. A pencil case is a brill idea.
    Lucky teach.

  9. Fab pencil cases, bet the teachers will be thrilled!!

    I'm a bit of a bah humbug when it comes to teachers presents I'm afraid although if my boys had a special teacher, I would make more of an effort.

    Buck Palace how exciting!! I hope you'll share the gossip!!

    S x

  10. Love the pencil cases such a lovely idea and such pretty fabrics for them. Can't wait to see more of your blanket. dee x

  11. Loving the teacher pressies, the colours a wonderful. I hope your teeth are behaving now. Teeth problems are not pleasant!
    Anne xx

  12. Such a beautiful fabric for the pencil cases x

  13. Lucky teachers! Those pencil cases are great, such fab material, am sure they will be thrilled!
    I too have sore teeth every now and them , so sympathise with on that...poor you.
    Hope Mr. Bun enjoyed his Royal outing.....
    Nattie x

  14. Ouch! Poorly teeth - hope you're/they are feeling better?

    I love the pencil cases - what a fab idea. I'm reluctant this year to do the whole teacher gift thing as one certain teacher has been off ill so much this year it has hardly been worth her time even coming in! But with a young man just about to step out of Junior school and into Grammar I feel I must make an effort - bah humbug!

    Have a super day Mrs Bun,

    Nina xxx

  15. Was inspired by your last post to pick up my crochet hook and start making another winter blanket.

    I'm going for black as the joining colour. So far I've got 19 hexagons and used most of a 100g ball of black. Although that's a guesstimate as I'm using up adds and ends.Just wish I had more time to spend on it.

    The pencil cases are delightful.

  16. Great use of an old tablecloth in those pencil cases. No doubt the teachers will love them. Your hexie blanket is beautiful! I only tried one small hexagon pattern some time back but never went any further with making anything. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  17. What a week you are having! Hope your toothy pegs are all better now... root canal work is no fun!! I was listening to a radio programme last week and they were deliberating the problem of teacher pressies... apparently some schools set an amount of money to spend!! If I was a teacher I would much prefer your lovingly made gifts! Jill :)x

  18. Gosh, does eldest bun know just how fortunate she is getting that quilt?! It's just beautiful, I love the use of 70's fabrics, I'm sure I've spotted a fabric from my childhood duvet cover in there! Your crochet blanket looks as though it's coming along nicely, your hands are nice and tanned Lisa! And I think those teachers are very lucky teachers, what lovely gifts - I love your BB logo, very nice! Love Vanessa xxx

  19. Dear Queen Bobo

    So sorry to hear that your teeth have been giving you the proverbial jip :(. I am inspired as always when you grace me with your lastest creations, you are simply wonderful. As for you 'fringe distaster' I am glad you had compliments, I am sure it looks fabulous.
    happy creating this weekend.

  20. Love those pencil cases, very pretty! I hope the litle puggy eyes are better, he is a dog with attitude! love Penny x

  21. hope you husband had a great time and you enjoyed your Royal Canapes.

    Sorry if you had any junk mail from my email it was attacked by a bot ! Ive changed my password etc.. so normal service resumed.

    B x

  22. Lucky teachers! Something handmade is always appreciated more than shop-bought. Teachers' presents were always a bit of a nightmare.

  23. Just catching up on some of your posts. The pencil cases are beautiful, the fabrics look so good together. Lucky teachers!!
    NIcki xx


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