Monday, 25 July 2011

Ready, Steady and off we Go

Two cheeky girls plopped down beside me yesterday morning ready to start their holidays. Red nails still linger from the end of term disco, tears of tiredness are ebbing away as the holiday mood takes over and Moshi Monster tattoo's are being liberally applied.

They looked so gorgeous cuddling up to each other, so I yelled "stay there, don't move" while I ran off to find my camera.

Problem is once they know the camera is coming they can't resist making faces. Cue dreamy lovey dovey expressions.

When I asked really nicely if we could have a lovely picture too. I got faraway daydreamy faces trying hard not to laugh.

Then they thought enough of this squit, lets have fun. I took loads more pictures of cute chipmunk faces and the odd one of them being strangled by each other too.

Summer holiday mood is already here you see.

I guess I need a spot of catch up stuff as it's been nearly a whole week since I've last stopped by. I had last week off work, apart from a training day and tons of school stuff so I don't think it really counted as holiday and now I've got two clear weeks with the Bun's - hooray. 

Mr Bun had an interesting time at the palace. The Royal lot came out to a band in the garden playing the theme tune to the Archers, which had me hooting when he told me. Apparently the whole afternoon was completely surreal from start to finish. Urns in the garden taller than our cottage, elderly Brigadiers and Bishops dotted here and there while three bands played to them all. Oh and the cake was delicious too in case you wondered.


  1. These are two beautiful, happy girls!...good for some holidayspirit!
    Enjoy your two weeks together!!


  2. What gorgeous girls they are. Have a lovely time with them!

  3. aawww such a sweet post i know just how the girls feel bless them ;-)) Have a fab summer, dee x

  4. Love this post--from your beautiful girls to the "Royal lot." From across the pond, Victoria

  5. Fab photos. Happy holidays. x

  6. Enjoy your special memories looking forward to more.

  7. What beauties, full of smiles and fun. must take after their mum! Gald to here the Palace do went so well. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall!

    Hope you're well Lisa. Take care

  8. Love the photos of your girls.Its great reading different blogs where everyone is looking forward to family time this summer.When our children were small C and I loved the long summer holiday (I was lucky he was a teacher so he was off too).My children,now grown up, are loving family time too.I'm sp pleased.


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