Friday, 8 July 2011

Pick a Pile

Today I'm surrounded by piles. I've got stuck into cutting up squares of jolly fabric to get a quilt made for Eldest Bun's bed. That means I've ignored the pile of washing up and half of the ironing that I dumped in a pile in the kitchen. I reckoned it might get done if we kept tripping over it, but we've managed to ignore it pretty well up to now. Somehow today I really should sort out the pile of paperwork that needs attention, but this pile is so much more interesting.

I've only cut out 24 of the 120 squares I need so I'll be here a while yet. 

I love putting it all together and seeing all the colours and prints bounce along so much more chop chop for me. Doing happy undemanding stuff today is just what I need. I feel as bright as anything, it's just been a hell of a week. On Monday my dad was rushed into hospital unable to breathe. He's in his eighties with heart problems so it was stressful for mum particularly. Thankfully he came home again yesterday. We all had to fit in work aswell as two evening school play performances too this week. This morning I had to concoct a gnome and grandad outfit. In reality that meant grabbing tons of stuff from Mr Bun's wardrobe, plus a beard and moustache from the spy kit. It's drama club's dress rehearsal tonight and of course we only remembered at 8 am.

The piles have happened from trying to keep us all fed, sane and getting where we needed to be this week. One more day of ignoring them and making new piles and then I might just attack it all.


  1. I love your piles!!
    I'm stuck in such piles to...after finishing my blanket i couldn't stop so now i'm cutting for some lovely pillows...
    Piles of laundry are staring at me, but i just keep ignoring them ;-)


  2. Yes, ignore the mundane piles and dive into the fun piles of delightful fabrics. Ignore the boring house work and soothe your soul with happy sewing and chopping. How lovely you've decided to blog rather than wash up. I might just have to follow your lead. Yes ignore some of those piles (but never ignore bottom piles ;oD) and have a blissful day.

    I'm glad to hear your Dad is back home, very upsetting for you all.


  3. Sounds like that fabric pile is just what you needed to get into! I'm making a heap of cushions from old Noddy fabric today. However, I know in an hour or so once my girls get home they'll want to keep them!
    Hope you get a relaxing weekend.

  4. What amazingly pretty fabrics you have! I would really like to have those in my collection. :) I'm using an old sheet for patchwork right now, I think I need to get out and buy something a bit more colourful!xx

  5. Oh gosh I have piles everywhere, though not fabric ones!

    Glad your Dad is home.

    Have a fun fabricky weekend.


  6. You sound like you are Octopus woman! It's sad news that your dad has been unwell, I sincerely hope his health improves.
    I adore the fabrics you have chosen. I have promised my girls a quilt by winter- but I am really intimidated by making one, it's the finishing I am pants at. I will have to watch some tutorials.
    Much love Super Mummy !

  7. Enjoy the happy piles :-). The last few weeks of term can be incredibly frantic (it's the second week of the summer holidays here now and only *just* beginning to calm down again after the end-of-term frenzy!) so it's good you're doing something happy and calming. I hope your Dad is okay - must have been very worrying.

  8. Hi, hope your dad is ok, I'm thinking of you and good for you for getting on with a nice pile of stuff:) I am getting very good at that and as school hols are approaching its making me worse:)
    hope you have a happy weekend x x x x

  9. Stick with the fabric pile and ignore the rest!! :)
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

  10. Oh I am with you on which pile I would prefer doing. Such glorious happy childhood memories will be made with your daughter's quilt. I love the contrast of fabrics you've chosen, I am however much more lazier than you and make my squaressomewhat bigger :0) Have you got an overlocker to sew all those seams together? Hope your Dad is better and that you have a glorious weekend xox

  11. Yes - I go for the interesting piles too - which at the moment for me means piles of wool and piles of plants :-) When I should we tackling the piles of wall painting before the carpet is laid, the artwork commission and the new lino block!

    Do you think we can get cloned!

    Love the fabric colours - so very you!


  12. Hi Lisa
    Very glad to hear you dad's feeling better. Very worring isn't it.

    I know what you mean about piles. It's paper/drawings, toys and washing in this house. I rarely iron these days though,just the neccessities. I've definitely perfected the art of ignoring it!

    What a beautiful quilt that's going to be, looking forward to seeigng more. Have a lovely weekend!

  13. What fab prints and patterns. Makes my heart miss a beat. x

  14. pretty much echo Cuckoo - IGNORE!
    Hope your dad is on the mend by now - and you get trhough another week (not long til the hols)
    fee x

  15. Looking at that quilt coming along, all of those happy squares...has put a big smile on my face. Shall I place my order for one just like it now?

  16. Pretty pretty pretty! Can't wait to see what emerges.

  17. Yum yum yum yum yum and yum again! Vanessa xxxx


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