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Loving my Needle

Before I show you what I've just finished making, I have to say thanks so much for leaving such interesting and thoughtful responses to my last post. Writing it out helped make my thoughts a lot clearer. Also having the pressure off and not doing all the summer markets means I'm relaxed and really enjoying my time off with the girls. One more week and then back to work though - boo.

Today I put the last stitches in the quilt I've been making for Eldest Bun. I started it a few weeks back now, but it's really been over a year in the making in my head.

At the end of the summer she'll be eleven and really and truly she's grown out of a bedroom that is all pinkness itself. She needs something more grown-up and funky with white walls and painted furniture. I thought a quilt full of colour would give it that extra splash amongst the white. I've been collecting fabrics to add to some of her baby dress fabrics for a long old time now.

I wanted a simple square patch quilt using my brightest cheeriest 30's feedsack, 30's repro cottons, snippets of Eldest Bun's toddler dresses and the happy loud colours of 60's and 70's bedlinen. I made it as a ten across, twelve down quilt reckoning this would cover a single bed pretty well.

I'm definately no expert in this quilting lark, but I've asked questions and read around stuff that I couldn't sort out for myself.  Like why when I made a Memory Quilt for Little Bun over a year ago did all the layers slide around when I quilted them together? Well I found some basting pins and they really helped me out making a nice neat sandwich of it all. I read in Jane Brockett's book that she doesn't like using them, but they worked out great for me.

The other thing that I bought was some fancy lightweight soft cotton batting. It was expensive, but I really loved working with it.

Once I'd actually chosen the arrangement of all my squares, patched them together and then made my squishy sandwich it was time to spend hours and hours stitching a rainbow of embroidery threads along each of the strips to quilt it all together. I prefer the effect of using a bright running stitch and handquilting rather than machine stitching. I sat for a few evenings stitching along each strip of fabrics and got to really look at all the colours and the prints far more closely than if I'd rushed through it all.

For the backing I used a soft flannelette sheet I'd found in a charity shop over a year ago and had saved for this quilt. Eldest is called Rosey and loves blue so blue roses covered with spots seemed to good a find to be true.

This was the quilt first thing this morning. All quilted and waiting to be trimmed and bound. I made a huge length of binding from the turquoise spot I'd used on the skirt I made a few weeks ago. Zipped quickly around one side with the machine and then switched my brain off while I hand-stitched for what seemed liked forever on the back.

Then all of a sudden there it was done and finished, ready to be admired and cosied under. I want to make a date and name tag for the back, but I just ran out of being bothered steam today, so that'll have to wait.

While Eldest and Mr Bun were out running with Alfie I laid it on her bed ready to suprise her when she got home. Problem is it makes the rest of the room look really badly in need of that paint job now. Better get that brush out soon.

While I sat stitching that b..... binding this afternoon I thought about all the other stuff I've patched and quilted over the last year since I found out what fun it was. I couldn't find any pictures of Little Bun's quilt or the hot water bottle covers I've made, but I found all of these.

I have in my head that I'd like to try making a hexie quilt, but I'm not sure if I've got the patience. I'll wait and see how much the idea niggles at me. For now Mr Bun wants a quilt for our bed. I've said I'll only do it if he stops laying on the bed with the darned dog. 

I might fit in one more post before we go away for a few days next week, but if not have a lovely week and hope to catch up with you very soon.


  1. What a stunning quilt in such a lovely mix of colours. Bet Eldest Bun was thrilled with it, I know I would be!! Love your collage of quilt pics too.

    Have a lovely time away.

  2. She likes it a whole lot Ellie. Certainly meant she stayed in bed curled up tonight rather than comin down to watch TV with me.

    Thanks Annaboo - I thought Gosh when I actually stayed with it and finished it.

  3. What a lovely quilt, you have done a fab job. I know my eldest who will turn 11 in September would love a quilt like that.

    What a lucky girl to have a super mum like you.



  4. Found you through 'Insomniac with a hook'. New follower. Love your work.

  5. This an absolutely beautiful quilt. Lucky, lucky daughter.
    Anne xx

  6. OMG I love it!!

    I have boys but we are re-doing their room in the autumn and I fancy making each of them a boyish quilt - with skulls and camouflage and so on!!

    Need a girly one for my room now I've seen your one too!!

    S x

  7. So very pretty and cheerful!!Lucky daughter.

  8. Beautiful quilt I love it. Do make a hexie quilt I made one and it was enormously rewarding and I didn't find it at all tedious. I hand stitched and hand quilted it all. (I am quite usually a craft butterfly but didn't flutter or become indecisive about completing. Actually when it was finished I was a little lost. Started a new diamond patchwork yesterday. I have blogged about both if you wish to take a peek.

  9. Well, it is absolutley gorgeous, a sherberty mix of colors enough to make a body smile !!!

  10. Oh my, oh my...this the most beautiful blanket i ever seen!!
    I finished one myself a few weeks ago...but now i do feel like making a new one, you have given me some fresh colourinspiration!

    thanks for sharing.

    oh and i didn't crochet all my stuff on the picture in one day...even i couldn't do that much crocheting in such a short time.

  11. Lisa, it's fab, Eldest Bun must be thrilled. Such beautiful colours and patterns. Will there be a call from Little Bun for one of her own now too? Definitely, I pin the life out of my quilts! My sister bastes hers but I'd find that too boring and lots of pins works for me. Wonder if you have the quilting bug now?! Enjoy your time off...
    Hen x

  12. Lisa, I really really love this quilt! The colours are gorgeous together aren't they? The simple square quilts are my favourites as they let the fabric do the talking and yours don't just talk..they sing! Well done! Lucky Rosey. Lots of love, Amanda xxx P.s. How funny ...the verification word is 'baste'!

  13. It's a beautiful quilt, I love the colours and fabrics you have used. I've started making a hexie quilt but am still at the stage of covering paper hexagons with fabric (when I get the chance), I don't like machine sewing so it suits me as a change from crochet.

  14. Lisa, what a feast for the eyes, Rosey must just feel so special with such a beautiful labour of your love. I'm guessing she didn't know you were making it for her? I feel all inspired to get up into the attic and start making. I've never made a sandwiched quilt before but I guess the best way to learn is by just getting on and doing it. Well done, enjoy your well deserved break xox Penelope

  15. Wow! Very gorgeous indeed. I'm not surprised that your little Bun loved it!

  16. I love all the bright colours you have used.

  17. Oh Mrs Bun! What a treat! I'm obsessing a bit over the spotty binding. It was the most perfect choice.

    My sister in law, who I used to have a difficult relationship with but we are now firm friends mentioned she would like a quilt. We share the same birthday and so I think it might be nice if I made her a quilt for our next birthday. But I've no idea where to start. Is there a particular book or web site or blog I should loiter around? I've already got some fabrics ear marked for it.

    Don't worry about emailing me back re my comment on your last post like you said you intended to in your comment at mine. That is unless you have specific stuff you want to say. It was lovely to have you visit me yesterday, but now you must enjoy your time off and get ready to go away and have fun. Besides I'd love to have another blog post from you to feast upon before you go...

    Many blessings to you and yours,


  18. Absolutely beautiful you must be so proud of your acheivement and Eldest bun must love it. A lovely mixture of colours and patterns I wish I had such a lovely collection of fabrics to choose from. Well done you.

  19. That is so pretty Lisa - I bet she feel head over heels to scramble into bed.

    Nina x

  20. I made a quilt a number of years ago using bits and pieces left over from dresses,nighties,skirts etc that I had made for my daughter.I consider it a real heritage piece but it rests in my loft at the moment but when my granddaughters get past the "pink" stage I'm hoping one of them will claim it.It is so full of memories.
    I love yours and Im sure your daughter is thrilled.

  21. It's beautiful Lisa, such an array of gorgeous colours!
    Have a lovely break away. :)
    Vivienne x

  22. it is a lovely quilt. its inspired me to get a move on with mine now thank you. x becci x

  23. Wow!
    Wish I could just sit down and create something like that! I have all the ideas but just cant stretch further than bunting and cushion covers!!

  24. Your quilt is so pretty and lively - I bet your daughter absolutely loves it! I use quilting pins too - that method works so well I find, and I've recently pinned together my latest quilt really quickly.
    Have a lovely break.
    Helen x

  25. gosh that is absolutely beautiful and it has all those sweet little memories stitched into it.
    love your mosaic too

    enjoy your hols
    j x

  26. Dear Queen Bobo
    Just in case you were not aware, or have not been told- You are amazing mother, to bestow such love and effort into making beautiful things for your family. You have given your daughter such a gift of love in that quilt, and there are many children who would never have anything handmade for them.
    My mummy made me so much when I was little, and really, it has impacted on me so much in later life.
    All hail the beautiful Mother x

  27. Gorgeous, sweet & lovely, wow!!!!
    I love it :D
    Karen x

  28. My heart skipped when I saw your pics today, how lovely to have such a beautiful gift with such thought and memories in it, I think I would never get out of that bed :)
    SO lovely, have a fabby break, I'm off to have another look at your pics again .....x x x x x x x x

  29. Thank you kindly for all your lovely comments about said quilt. It's being really loved and in fact is being snuggled under for late night I can't sleep TV with her stay up too late mum.


  30. I adore your fabric choices :)

  31. What a fantastic post! Not only the quilt, but all the other photos too.. truely inspirational! I am so entrenched in my crochet at the moment, but seeing this quilt has deinately re-awakened my 'sewing genie'... Thanks! :)x

  32. Your quilt is beautiful - pure sunshine! Lucy x

  33. Your quilt for your little one is stunning. Have finally worked out how to become a follower. My computer used to block attempts before and being a bit stupid I didn't know how to resolve the difficulty! Do you want such a person as a follower!

  34. What a beautiful quilt,so vibrant.
    Twiggy x

  35. Wow! That is a truly gorgeous quilt! A very inspring post......... now where's all my bits of fabric?!

    Jo x

  36. This is exactly the inspiration I needed to keep on working on the quilt I started; and now I know that hand-stitching is really the choice for me.
    Beautiful work!!!


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