Monday, 4 July 2011

Blossoms of Making

I've had quite a few bits to show and tell lately so I've managed more posts than normal. I'm glad you liked the garland you know. Once I'd made a large bunny tail for Little Bun's school play costume last night I hooked a few more shapes to make more garlands to string about, give away ? and sell perhaps?

Today I'm wearing my latest make, it's not a bunny girl outfit much duller than that, but I'm thrilled with it.

Before we went off to the BBQ yesterday I started cutting out and sewing up the skirt I planned to make from Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms. The Bun's were late to bed because I couldn't resist a bit more sewing when we got back. They didn't grumble mind you. I stitched, they roared with laughter at a film and Mr Bun planned his weeks work with the radio for company.

I finished making my skirt up today and for the proof of the pudding, I'm wearing it too.

I made it from Sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt which has lovely dress and tunic patterns, plus a nasty coat pattern which I won't be making up. As I chose turquoise spots for the pockets I wanted a bit more dotty somewhere else. I ripped up a long strip like nursey bandages so the edges will gently fray and stitched it over the join between the main skirt and the bottom panel.

My best mate in Oz emailed me to say she'd ordered the same fabric from America to make a skirt too. Wish she was here standing by me now twin like in our skirts. Been too many years really, but we still manage to keep in sync and keep a great friendship going as best you can when you're both upside down to each other.
Now if you fancy having a go at the patterns from this book you need to know the measurements are way off for us Brits. I measured as a L (which I thought was odd anyways) and made a cord skirt in the winter this size. When I put it on it fell off me, so I had to do loads of altering which was a pain as I'd sewn all the seams up properly like it said. Normally I just chuck stuff together if it's for me. This time I cut out a medium and still had to take the sides in a wee bit more.

I was really pleased when a couple of mums, who sew, stopped in the playground to ask me about the skirt. I'll definately be making this one again as skirts in the shops are always way too short for me. I always end up thinking they're kiddies skirts and then realise it's just a height thing.


  1. Your new skirt looks fab!
    All this dress making going - it's making me want to get stitching again (it's been way too long). Some ooooo sooo fab fabric arrived in the post on Saturday so any day now ;-)

    Love your special finishing touches - makes all the difference :-)


  2. It's gorgeous Mrs. Bun ! I have also just made myself an Amy Butler Barcelona skirt which measured up HUGE when I sewed it, psychologically quite good fun to think you're not carry too much in the love handles dept (He he). That fabric is just glorious, I love turquoise and love your flowers and dots, always a favourite combination of mine. I like flowers and stripes together too. I feel rather inspired to get stitching on my next bit of fabric, thanks you for such a lovely post xoxx

  3. The skirt is just beautiful, such a wonderful choice of fabric! I'd love to be able to make my own clothes x

  4. You look fabulous - what an amazing skirt - I would definitely have stopped you in the street!!!


  5. I saw that lovely Amy Butler fabric in one of your last posts and forgot about nice to see you made such a beautiful skirt.
    It's a nice pattern with those nice details on it...


  6. That looks like a real feel good skirt, I'm not surprised you got complimented! I'd not bought Amy fabric before and wanted some for our bathroom blind. Must admit I had to be quite restrained, there are soem great colours and patterns. Now I must stop stroking it and make that blind!

  7. Gorgeous skirt looks so well & summery on you, fabrics yum, love Amy Butler fabric sooooo nice always
    Karen :)

  8. what beautiful fabric and lovely style skirt, i like your added dotty strips it really finishes it off beautifully.
    My best friend lives in Oz too, it is very strange how we live parallel lives still, its tough to have your bestie so far away, thank goodness for the internet and texting!
    love your blog by the way :o)
    j x

  9. That is absolutely beautiful- SO much nicer than anything you could buy, you're not inadvertently paying some poor Third World child a pittance AND you can feel proud of your cleverness and creativity! I'd call that a ginormous success! x

  10. Fab skirt, you are a very clever Bun and I can imagine a whole set of these now all in lovely colours and prints :)
    have a lovely week
    x x x x x x x x

  11. Hello Mrs B - the skirt looks lovely, the pattern gorgeous and you look wonderful wearing it.

    Enjoy your evening,

    Nina x

    ps. love the garland from your previous post too - the stuff you make is always so lovely....of course. N x

  12. oohh its gorgeous well done you ;-)) Lovely fabric and gorgeous colours really like the dotty spots with it to. dee x

  13. Fabulous skirt, love that material, the dotty strip is the perfect finishing touch.
    Carol xx

  14. Your skirt is lovely!! I'm actually pleased to hear the patterns in that book run big as I thought I would have to grade up (I'm a fatty *blush*).

    S x

  15. Such beautiful fabric .

  16. You are so clever, that skirt looks brilliant. If it were me making it, it would take days and it would look as wonky as anything!
    xXx Helen

  17. ooooh that's LOVELY Mrs B!! I really really like it, especially the spotty bits. x

  18. VERY nice Lisa, I'm not surprised you got comments, it looks fab. If you tried on one of my skirts it might just cover your bottom, at five foot two I think you'd probably dwarf me! Love Vanessa xxx

  19. It is positively stunning! Love the fabric and the pattern. It's been ages since I made clothing for myself that I liked, well done you!

  20. Lush skirt made from beautiful fabric.
    Yummy. X

  21. your skirt looks gorgeous! So summery and happy, jus twhat we need in the southern hemisphere! :O)

  22. G'day! I like your hair a bit longer... it's rather sexy! Thanks for the invitation to join that chatty thing, but I'm not sure how to work it and now I've lost it as I can't remember the name of it. Sorry, sometimes I'm pants x

  23. I've been making threatening noises about making a skirt for a while and this has inspired me! I do like the pocket details, and love your finishing touches.


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