Friday, 15 July 2011


I'm all over the show today. Last night I was hooking away, getting all caught up in the joy of watching colours pop together. I started making something I've fancied doing for a while now. I'd spied a gorgeous hexie blanket on  Greedy for Colour and ever since it's been floating around in my head as another one on the will do soon list. When I realised it had passed 1.30 am I thought I'd better go and join everyone else upstairs. I just don't get tired some nights, but boy do I feel odd in the daytime after a late one.

I had planned to work on Eldest Bun's quilt today, but then I woke up and my hair looked bad. So instead I went for a quick haircut and that was a truly bad decision as I now have a two inch fringe. Not great when you're five and you hover between looking stupid and cute. Really really bad when you're 42 and you just end up looking stupid. While she chopped, I shut my eyes to stop the hair going in them. Next time I'll remember to keep them open.

When I got back I soothed my vanity into calmness and ignored the mirror with a bit more hexie making.

I wandered for a bit thinking I could perhaps fit a quick bit of sandwiching the quilt in, but then I remembered that I had to make a pud. Tonight is the annual PTA BBQ which is so much more fun for our kids than us, but hey ho fundraising and all that malarkey. I'm still trying to decide if I'll look rude with a basket filled with my crochet or just relaxed and happy?

One fruity, ginger cheescake plonked together and I did a bit of shelf moving of stuff.

While I ambled, I remembered my lovely package that I'd ordered from Jane. I've left it on the table with the green fabrics against the orange paper bag stripes to fix an idea in my head. I just love the way it all looks together in it's clashing not quite right way. 

Last bit to do is pop some more eyecream in Afie's peeper before I head off to the drama club play and then off to be sociable. Poor old Alfie Blue had a vet run this week as his eye was shut and sore. Pugs have bug eyes and they get hurt really easily. This ends up with ulcers and possibly losing the eye so you have to get it sorted pretty quick. He's a real pain at the vets. He's the kindest, most gentle boy who hates big dogs. I would too if one had bit me aswell. To deal with this he just barks like a loon all the while we're there. It's like having the bad kid at playgroup. I get disapproving looks from elderly ladies whose cat is being traumatised by his "I'll have you" attitude. The girls just roar and think it's great fun. Then we go in and and the nurses swoon over him. 

Right must go to clap and cheer the Bun's. Have a great weekend.


  1. Fab hexies!! A hexie blanket is on my to do list, I might just have to make a trip to the wool shop in a bit.

    Poor Alfie, but lol @ him being like a bad kid at playgroup!!

    Have a lovely weekend....

    S x

  2. I was quickly drawn in when your hexie picture appeared on my dashboard! More colourful pics to drool over. Your haircut story made me laugh as a little girl in my class did her own fringe this week. Sounds like it's shorter than yours though!! Her mum's mortified but the other kids don't seem to have noticed. I'm grabbing the dye for mine before heading out tonight, it's way overdue!
    Have a good evening

  3. Just love those colours on the hexies! I do love white or black to make colours pop!

    I am a bit of a night owl myself trouble is I can't handle the early mornings after a late one as well!

    Poor old Alfie hope he feels better soon!

    Have a great weekend.

    MBB x

  4. WOW! love those hexies...i'm on my first 'proper' crochet project (nervous newbie!) one day i will be accomplished enough for hexies, i hope.
    Sorry about the hair, it's horrid avoiding mirrors, i have had a few times myself, i am sure when you have time to get used to it it won't be so bad, who knows you may even start to love it :o)

  5. Lovely blanket! I'm doing hexagon patchwork at the moment but never tried hexi-crochet before. I'm going to have to give that a go.xx

  6. oh dear that's not good about the haircut! I once had my fringe chopped way too much and was constantly worried about what it looked like. I hope it grows quickly for you! The crochet is lovely, I'm just starting to learn and keep giving up with it!

    I too ordered something from littleteawagon this week and it was exciting to receive something other than bills in the post :)


  7. I remember my dad cutting my fringe when I was about 13 years old and he kept cutting it as he said it wasn't straight - you can imagine how much fringe I finally had when I looked in the mirror - not much. A bit like the bloke that used to be in band "Slade" in the 1970's. I have had many other disiastrous haircuts over the years but that one ay my own fathers hands still causes me to wince!

  8. think you should just WORK that fringe - put a big flower in your hair and look fierce!
    happy weekend
    fee x

  9. Love the hexagon blanket so far.. the white background really shows off the lovely colours.
    Sorry to hear about the dodgy haircut, I've had the same done to me before.. but at least a fringe grows back quite quickly!
    Hope Alfie gets better soon!

    Ashley xxx

  10. You are not alone in the dog/vet stakes.......I wince and continually say "sorry"...." gosh so sorry"....." what's got into you today...sorry!"......whilst turning a nice shade of beetroot!
    Happy weekend to you...
    P.S Super blanket making...
    Nattie x

  11. Love the hexies, don't worry about the fringe, it'll be back before you know it.
    I'm a night owl too.
    Carol xx

  12. Loving the crochet - what fab colours.
    Very, very gorgeous.

  13. I saw that blanket on Greedy For Colour too - they're both absolutely beautiful. I love the way the circles really stand out - makes me think of Smarties. What ratio of white:coloured balls have you gone for? I never know how to work it out!
    Emily x

  14. Oh you poor thing having a hair disaster.I've had a few in my time. I cutt my fringe the other day and as I need to wear glasses for close up work but couldn't be bothered, I thought I'd be wrong can you be?! It gave my daughter and I a good laugh and I went around looking surprised for a few days! X

  15. Tehe bless wee Alfie's cottons! Hope he's tickerty boo soon! Eeeeeeek sure the fringe will grow quick smartish! Loooooooove the colours for you hexie's babs, gooooooooorg! Loves Ionwen X

  16. Love the hexy blanket.Poor Alfie Blue,my two are in the wars a bit too,the groomer cut there nails too short and theres been a lot of licking of tiny paws:(
    Hope Alfie s eye is better,soon.Ive had a bit of a hair disaster too,went too short and hate it,cant wait for it to grow!have a great weekend,julie.xxxxx

  17. Your blanket will give you so much love - the colours are divine. Am finally linking to you - I have been meaning to do it for months... please forgive me, I love your blog so much. Love Kate (from greedy for colour) xxooxx.

  18. I thought you were making a post dedicated to Little Britain then, but soon quickly realised.

    The quilt is coming along fab and when I ever finish my blasted granny stipes hexies are what I would like to try next.

    Oh well - have a lovely weekend and I hope your fringe grows back quickly. Can you clip it to one side?

    Nina x

  19. Wow i love the look of your quilt those fabrics are stunning. And i can't wait to see more of your hexi blanket, have a lovely weekend, dee x

  20. Hmmm - I can sympathise over the fringe... there are many hairdressers I will never go back to...

  21. :-( I hope your fringe grows very soon for you and that you poor dog feels happier soon. Hope the pta night went well, great idea to take crochet - may take mine next week after that idea :-)

  22. How do you get round this dilemma, though. If you don't shut your eyes, you'll get little snips of hair falling in them!

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  24. I have a hard time stopping when I'm in the "color zone" too. Only the thought of getting up at 6.30 with a 16 month old keeps me from finding myself down at my table the wrong end of midnight!

    What gorgeous patterns you've got! And delicious colors. :)

  25. Love the crochet, so pretty! The quilt is fabulous too! Jane has some gorgeous fabrics, I'm using some at the mo! Sorry to hear about the dodgy fringe, it will soon grow back!
    Have a lovely day!
    Rachel x

  26. I'm sorry for your haircut, fortunately your fringe will grow back again, I hope soon!

    I love those colors of the hexagons, and I also crochet untill late in the night..

    Can't wait to see your finished blanket! x Lily

  27. Hello honey, don't worry aboout your hair- why is it that we feel we can't say anything ? Very English. I adore the hexagons, I am still finishing a project I started 2 years ago with hexagons. Dig the ring- gorgeous xxx

  28. Hope you had a great weekend. Love your ring. x

  29. oh this is a lovely post! I am sure the hexagons are going to look amazing and your sewing is very pretty. Eye candy!

    Enjoy your weekend,
    love Maaike


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