Sunday, 3 July 2011

Are you awake yet?

Saturday morning Little Bun snuggled up for a 7 o'clock cuddle and long chat. I was a mumbling sleepy head who who made no sense so she got her DS out to play. Half an hour of beeping and fidgeting later I gave up trying to keep my eyes shut. I'm most definately not a morning person, all my lot are.

In the end I plumped up the pillows and went off to find some yarn and a hook.

By half nine I'd worked up these colourful blobs and stars. I've fancied a hooky garland of my own for a while now and my early morning brain could cope with the idea of this one.

I even got brought my post and coffee in bed. Service is good around here you know. I had a lovely thank you card from a friend which made me think I should write properly more often. It's so lovely getting a surprise in the post rather than the brown envelope depressing surprises that normally come through the letter box.

Anyway - back to my garland. For now I've hung it up at the window over my laptop.

I don't know where I'll put anymore garlands, but I want to make more and more. 

Off for a family BBQ this afternoon. Hopefully the Pimms will be a flowing. Wonder if I'll end up looking as daft as this smily face the Bun's made and took a photo of for me.


  1. crochet is so lovely isn't it? i love that garland - gorgeous xx

  2. ...seeing your colourful garland makes me more awake than ever...

    we do have a bit of a lazy pyjama-day today..
    the only thing to do on this sunny sunday is a bit of crocheting, sewing, eating, drinking and playing with the Girls...

    I wish you have a nice sunday!
    and a nice bbq...and please don't turn in a smiling sausage.

  3. I was woken too but I bribed Mark to get up & make me coffee whilst I snoozed some more. Wish I had been more productive now - your garland is lovely and has really inspired me to make one for myself. Have a lovely bbq - enjoy the Pimms!

  4. There is nothing blob like about your crochet. I love the sneak peek of your room- gorgeous! Again, you have inspired me to go and crochet today.

  5. As a non crocheter I'm so impressed with how quickly you knock things up! What a cheerful looking room to work in. That green armchair looks so welcoming with the colourful throw and cushion.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  6. Super speedy crochet - wish I could crochet that fast mine is extremally go slow. Love the garland so bright and cheery.

    Have a lovely afternoon at the BBQ.

    Leah x

  7. Good afternoon,

    If you are running out of space for your garlands I'll take them off your hands....for, although I am indeed a hooker, I am a fair way from producing such beauty.
    (Jane...if you're reading this can we add 'garland' to the list?)

  8. such beautiful, colourful images- love your crochet, ive just learnt myself- and making a simple blanket ;0)x

  9. You've got me all inspired to make some garlands too. I need to do something to brighten up the hideous kitchen window. Wow I love your granny throw over your chair, those pink stripes were what got me!
    xXx Helen

  10. Oh your crochet garlands are beautiful. How fab is crochet? It goes so quickly that you can achieve rather a lot in no time at all.

  11. Lovely garland. Have fun at your BBQ.

  12. What a colourful room you have . That should wake anyone up. Love the garland.

  13. Love your garland and your lovely colourful home.
    I'm not a morning person either.
    Had a nice glass of Pimms at the Village Fair today and thought - why do I never buy a bottle of this? So I'm putting it on my shopping list.
    Hope you are having a fun Sunday.
    Carol xx

  14. I want your room! It's so colourful and beautiful! Mine looks rather drab now. I will have to make some garlands and beautify it the Bobo Bun way! :)

  15. lovely garland and hanging in such a pretty room.

  16. Your crochet garlands are ace, they cheered me right up. I too get woken up too early ( though they prob think it's late! ) by chattersome kids.....yawnnnnnnnn x
    Nattie x

  17. I love your colourful corner..and you can never have enough garlands of any kind..well thats what I keep telling myself :)
    happy week to you :)
    Jane x x x x


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