Monday, 27 June 2011

What a To do and a To Dah

I had the most horrible cold in the world last week. Everything ached, I had no energy, my throat was sore and I covered everything in sneezes. I managed to keep going until Thursday and then I just gave in. Not that there's much of a chance of being properly indulgently ill anymore. I did manage to do a lot of ignoring of the usual stuff though and watched the dirt build in little piles around the place.

I also managed to lift my feeble hands to keep going on with my Japanese Flower scarf. This morning I made the last flower. Yay.

No ends sewn in or flattening/stretchy thingy done as yet. Don't think I'll be needing an aran weight scarf anytime too soon though. Definately not today when it's been in the 30's.

I'll need a skirt made out of this though, so better get a wiggle on before we're back to rain and wind. I picked it up as I rummaged around J.Lewis' yarn sale bins. Rowan Calmer for a jumper for Eldest, material for me.

Somehow I've got this idea that I'll be able to work magic. She likes this jumper which is far too grown-up and in completely different wool. I'm having a try at knitting it with less yarn, but bigger needles. I thought if I re-worked the back so it matches the front and make it a bit shorter it might work. I can't do the maths so fingers crossed I don't run out by the last sleeve like I did with the last sale yarn.

One other thing that I should be knitting up first is poor Elsie. She's been waiting patiently for her ears, legs, tail and eyes for an age now and I did mention something about trying to finish stuff I've started didn't I.

The other happening around here is about the hedgehog rescue centre I seem to have set up. On Thursday I crawled home from work and thought it was Timothy (the baby hedgie from earlier in the week) looking all floppy on our front lawn. I tucked him up in a box and called for advice. I found out he needed a hot water bottle as hypothermia kills them quickly if they're out in the day and how to feed him. I was also told to check Everywhere for fly eggs as they eat hedgies alive. We kept changing the bottle and spoon feeding until in the evening we saw Timothy wandering about. So it turned out that this one was a new hedgie and the third I've ended up looking after in a couple of weeks.

We made a nursing hospital in the old guinea pig run and tucked him up for the night with a warm bottle. Mr Bun was so thrilled when he made it through the night and had moved about a bit and eaten. It was so sad when we checked later on and found he'd died as we thought we'd made him stronger. As Rolf would say "poor lil' fella" .


  1. Awww sorry about the little hedgehog, such a shame he didn't make it after all your care. You did your very best though.

    Lovely yarn and fabric. :)

    Vivienne x

  2. Oh no, poor hedgie. Your scarf looks fab and whilst I didn't really like most of the Soul Blossoms range, the fabric you showed, I do love, it's my fave so will hope to find some goodies left when I head to Oxford St on Wednesday. I've had a cold too, most strange for this time of year, lots of people seem to have had it. I agree, it makes you feel pants, especially in this heat. There I go, moaning about the heat!
    Hen x

  3. The scarf is looking fabulous and I love how the colours match those of the real flowers in the jug alongside.
    I've been hit by a rotten cold too, it started last Thurs and is still here almost two weeks later, must be something going round. No heat here so it can't be that!
    Sorry to hear about the hedgehog, sounds like you did the best you could.

  4. Oh that's so sad! Poor little hedgepig. And it seems so unfair that in all this warm and happy weather there should still be colds floating about! I hope you're feeling better! x

  5. Thats a shame about your little spikey friend you did your best for him.

    I would love to see what you will make with your skirt material, I fancy making a skirt too.

  6. Aaaaachoo!

    I'm with you on the cold - I held off until Friday and now I feel absolutely rotten.

    Ooohhhh - it's gone all black. I think we are going to have a storm.

    Good old hedgie - I did wonder what one was when you first mentioned it last week. Like Norfolk talk for a fledgling that had fallen out of a hedge or something! Now I get it - doh!

    Best go before I make another tit of myself. It's the Lemsip (MAX) talking.....not the whiskey in my toddy.

    Nina xxxx

  7. ......I did mean whisky - by the way :) N xxxxx

  8. Oh my, that little hedgehog...
    We once took care of a adult-hedgie, fortunately he made it, but it's so sad to see they are that ill.
    We kept dead mouses in the freezer for him to eat!...and we gave him cat food...
    I'm sorry for this poor did the best you can for him.

    I love your colourful scarf, very nice!

    hope you're feeling better!

  9. love that scarf (have been harbouring a major japanese flower scarf craving for some time now) and poor little hedgehog. I'm sure his last night was all the more comfortable for all your care...
    fee x

  10. That's so sad about the hedgehog :( .

    Love the japanese scarf x

    Leah x

  11. So sad to hear about the little hedgehog that didn't make it. That's the circle of life, I suppose. Some things are just meant to be. Hope you recover from your cold soon.

  12. Oh dear, so sorry about the hedgehog!Hope your cold gets better soon! Love your handbag and your scarf, GORGEOUS!!
    Rachel x

  13. My Grannie swore that garlic tablets kept colds away and she never seemed to have them, its horrid being stuffed up and heady when its hot..poor you and poor little hedgehog too, how sad that he didnt make it.
    Your crochet is gorgeous and the fabric you've picked is so lovely, I so wish we had a John Lewis near here but on the other hand maybe its a good thing!
    hope you're feeling better soon lovely Lisa xx

  14. aww so sorry to hear about the hedgehog but you did your best which is lovely. Love your fabric thats gorgeous and so is your crochet scarf. Enjoy your week, dee x

  15. You did your best, many wouldn't have taken the time.

    The more I see That Shawl around t'internet the more I feel I must make one. That and the springtime throw. I'm a lemming!

    I have that pattern book by Kim Hargreaves. I have a post it note marking out that very jumper! My skills are not up to it though. However I am getting very very good at frogging/rabbiting. Driving me nuts.


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  17. That's so sad about Timothy dying after all your love and care, isn't life fragile. I'm glad you're back in the land of the well Lisa, being ill is very miserable. Your scarf is absolutely GORGEOUS! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!And that fabric you're going to make into a skirt is lovely, looking forward to seeing that one. Love Vanessa xxx

  18. Oh yes... Elsie could use some ears... lol...

  19. Oh poor old Timothy, at least he was so well looked after.

    I love the scarf, what a beauty.

    Hope you're back on your feet now, really not fair getting a cold in the middle of a mini heatwave. Good luck with the new knitting project!

  20. Awww, poor guy, sorry to hear about the hedgehog. I've never seen one in person.

    The dress you started looks fab, and can't wait to see it completed, but I know how long it takes to knit, especially in such a fine gauge, so I'll be patient.

    Adore the Japanese scarf. The colors are vibrant, but not at all garrish....more gorgeous. Great post today, Thanks, so much

  21. sad about little hedgie :( but sounds like you are doing a great job looking after these little guys..
    glad you're feeling better, the scarf is lovely x x x x x

  22. Several weeks ago I had a nasty bug too, which knocked me out. I couldn't get my usual household chores accomplished, and I was even too sick to stitch. Hope you are on the mend soon, Victoria

  23. I just popped by to have another look at your gorgeous scarf Lisa, I hope you'll be modelling it for us? Please, please do! That jumper you're knitting for eldest, I think it's the sleeves with the ribbing at the cuffs that dates it, get rid of the ribbing, I bet it will suddenly look like a very cool mini dress (with maybe just a teeny bit more length to it so you don't see anything private!!!). Love Vanessa xxx

  24. Bless you for your hedgehog-gy ER.
    You are the saint of the prickle world, for sure.

    Loving that flower scarf too.


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