Friday, 3 June 2011

Summer Workroom

Eldest Bun was very poorly with food poisoning yesterday. Little Bun was so disappointed as we had an exciting day planned with Grandma. We swapped our days around so Grandma went to work so she could have today off and I worked instead of working today. Problem solved.

Once Eldest Bun slept the afternoon away my full-time nursey role was over. Little Bun and I played with the angel cards for a bit and then made plans.

I painted a table and a few other bits and bobs while she painted posters and drew pictures of her toys. We chatted about this and that catching up on her news and views.

Later I brought my work outside while she showed me her skipping act. It was slow progress - hook a few - "watch this mummy", " hang on a mo", " are you ready now?" - I kept reminding myself these moments are irreplaceable, so I slowed down and just enjoyed watching her.

Most of the flowers I made while I sat with Eldest Bun in the morning. I think I made two during the skipping show.

I made a new brooch on Tuesday night based on a favourite of mine in felt. I wore it to the beach and I love it. I love the size and how the colours work so well together. The plan is to make a few more to take with me to LVL on Sunday and Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market next week.

When Little Bun ran in to see her sister and daddy I stayed, enjoying the sun and watching the ladies decide which plant to wreck next.


It's slow progress working outside, but so relaxing. We dream of having a Shepherds Hut one day and then maybe I'll be out here more and more stitching and knitting away.

Thankfully my beautiful girl is so much better today and eating lots of toast. A morning of sewing for me and then off to the Grandparents for us.


  1. Poor Bun, food poisoning! - not nice.

    I love that brooch - so so pretty xx

  2. Poor little bun......yucky. Hope all is well now though.
    Love your farrow and ball painted shelf, I say if in doubt, get the F&B out!
    Nattie x

  3. A bag of wool in the sunshine -bliss!xx

  4. I hope your bun is feeling better now!
    Your brooche is nice!
    I also love to crochet in the sun, watching my little girls play...very easy and slow!!

    have a nice day.

  5. Good to hear little bun is munching away on toast now. Your brooch is very prety and defnitely has a vintage look to it, such good colour combinations. Sometimes i have to stop and just "be" with Alice, each moment treasured and embraced as childhood is so fleeting and at 10 she seems to be on the cusp of tipping into a new pre-teen phase, so each moment is precious as we move into the next phase of her life. Have a lovely weekend xox

  6. My eldest has just peered over my shoulder and asked me "What's happening in Bun Land?"! I told her Eldest Bun was poorly and she replied "Is she the one who likes sheep?". I can tell it wont be long before she's hooked and blogging herself!!
    Love your skirt in the final picture.

  7. Food poisoning - very nasty - glad your little bun is well now.

    Love the brooch x

    Leah x

  8. Hope Eldest Bun is all better, really soon!
    Love the brooch. :)
    Vivienne x

  9. Sorry to hear of your little one being ill :-( Glad you got some creative done to sooth your soul whilst she was ill - loving the flowers, they look like a summer garden. Those chickens are little minxes in the garden aren't they - well mine are anyway!

  10. Poor Bun! Sounds rotten, hope she's on the mend now. I know just what you mean about the "Watch Mummy" thing! I must try harder to slow down too.

    Now Lisa - please, you have just got to save me flowery brooch! I adore your brooches as you know but I am desperate for one like this. Would you let me know how much etc if you can? It's beautiful!

    Big news on the home front here - I think we're getting some hens! The wasp man came today to get rid of yet another nest and he talked Woody into letting me have some hens - I've been working on him for years. Are they really as easy as everyone says they are to keep?We'll only have 3 I think and I've got a plot earmarked for a run and coop (which I'm hoping dad will make for me as he's just retired from a firm who made them as a sideline). I am ridiculously excited!

    Anyway, better push off. Your garden does look a lovely relaxing space to be. Love the sound of a Shepherd's Hut, how brill.
    Take care

  11. Awful about the bout with food poisoning. Poor little one. Here's good wishes for a speedy recovery, and nice to know your day was spent with lots of family love.

  12. I do hope your eldest bun is better Mrs B or feeling better - food poisoning is such a horrid thing.

    Take care and have a lovely weekend. I love your brooch - it reminds me of my favourite Nanny McPhee film.

    Nina x

  13. Oh ,I love the flower broach you made .I ve wanted a shepherds hut forever after seeing them in country living magazine....maybe one dayxxx

  14. poor little Bun - love the angel cards - please tell more about them

  15. Poor Eldest Bun how rotten. Although I could do with loosing a few pounds, what did she eat??? Kidding!

    The brooch is lovely, lovely.

    I'm about to do a bit of Bobo-ing on a pair of jeans for a friend. I'm going to pop a hexy patch on and turn them into a skirt. I say "about" but it'll be weeks...

    How lovely to be able to chatter to your daughter while painting your table (which looks fabberooni). I look forward to these moments to come when my boys are older. In the mean time I'll store the memories of their crazy babble.

    I'm getting new chickens soon. So excited!



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