Monday, 6 June 2011

Spendy Ways

Thank you so much for your good wishes for yesterday's market. It was a wonderful day for a market that I love being part of. Heydon is small village with only one road in and out, Little Vintage Lover take over the wooden WW1 hut and set stalls up in and around it with music being played by DJ 78. Such a magical day, but I'm sorry I have no photos as I was busy selling, chatting - oh and buying a few things too.

I was so happy to find this gorgeous Meakin casserole dish. I thought it had an extra £10 on it and thought it good value at that, but no I'd upped the price so I grabbed it quick. That's the beauty of selling at these markets, you get first dibs.
It was love at first sight for this wee kitten. I knew the Bun's would love her. When I got back to my stall a friend thought it a compliment that I looked like the kitten.

Mr Bun got an early Fathers Day present. I sort of wanted it for me too, but a gifts a good excuse for spending my profits.

On my second trip around the stalls later on, I couldn't believe I'd missed these beautiful frosted, flowery pressed glass plates. They're just beyond beautiful to me. Beautiful blue buttons couldn't be resisted either and neither could this cloth that I grabbed when we were packing up.

Today I went on a quick cake and catch up jolly with a friend and had to have a quick look in the Sally Army shop. Another £1.50 lighter and I have a new blanket and a sweet wee basket to cheer up a rainy Monday.

A busy week ahead now as I need to plan this weeks teaching, Rod Stewart's concert on Wednesday night with my mum and mad auntie plus so so much to do and make for Pick 'n' Mix. I've added all our final makers to the blog today so it would be lovely if you stopped by to have a look see. Full steam ahead for me.

Wishing you all a lovely and productive week.


  1. Just had a look at the pick and mix and wished I lived nearer so I could apply for a space, sounds like a great day
    Cate x

  2. Glad you had a fab time at the fair.....and wow, what great beauties you came home with too.

    I went weak at the knees at the frosted floral incredibly beautiful! I would just be staring at them all day!

    The basket is awesome too! I love your sense of style, and I have a serious case of the plate wanties! ha ha!

    Have a lovely day!

    Vanessa xxx

  3. Wonderful finds - love the blanket and the plates!

  4. Oh I wish I'd known about that! I was in Norfolk visiting Planet Penny on Sunday - so must have driven very near without knowing. (When I read Heydon on the previous post I assumed it was the one in Hertfordshire!)

    See you on Saturday :-)

  5. Oh my I feel giddy with all your stunning purchases. I need that Meakin casserole dish! As for those blue buttons I can't speaK anymore!

    Hope you had great fun chatting and selling and embracing such a gorgeous time. Amazing what beauty there is in yester year xox Penelope

  6. Ohh what lovely treasures, especially like the plates and the lovely basket. My grandma worked for the Meakin factory for a while many moons ago, (my grandad made teapots and my grandma stuck the handles on - who says romance is dead!).
    Glad it was a lovely day for you Lisa.
    Take care

  7. What gorgeous treasures! Sounds as though it was a lovely day indeed.

    I have finally had the chance to catch up on your recent posts. What happy, colorful, wonderful reads! All of your makes are beautiful. Thank you for a joyful read on a Monday!

  8. Ohhhhhhh my days yes those frosted/flowery glass plates are just divine. Well spotted. You have such fantastic taste twinks. Good luck for y'Pick 'n' Mix event, sooooo wish I lived close by! Loves Ionwen X

  9. Well you are totally deserving of such sweet finds..I am a little envious (lol) the kitten is sooooo cute, and I am sucker for embroidery. x

  10. Sounds fantastic. I bet your stall looked beautiful. Off to the Pick'n'Mix blog now. x

  11. So glad the fair went well and all those beauties - good golly Mrs B, such yum.

    I went to a boot fair at the weekend and was one of the first to arrive - never in my life has this ever happened and on a Sunday....pllllllease! I bagged such fabulous bargains - who'd of know.

    Have a super day,

    Nina xxxxx

  12. Looking forward to buying at the Pick n Mix on Saturday almost as much as selling! Nearly all packed up! Cathy x

  13. Hey - loving how you too buy a present for your Mr, knowing deep down it's for you! (I do believe I managed that with our latest car!!!)

    off for a post holiday catch up of my favourite blogging pals - leaving the holiday washing for another day.

    fee x
    (frosted plate envy)


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