Monday, 13 June 2011

Royal Treats

Before I tell you all the news of the weekend, I really really must tell you about something we've had to keep a secret for a while now.

My incredibly talented, driven and compassionate husband has added another award to his collection. In 2003 he set up his business Blue Cat Initiative  as a Social Enterprise to provide training and education to vulnerable learners. At the time he was Head of Media Studies in a college and an Educational Consultant for government programmes. He had the choice to either climb the ranks or follow his heart. After hearing Tony Benn talk in London he came home fired up and knowing it was time to act on his plans and ideas. As a committed Socialist and lecturer he knew there were far too many barriers to learning faced by so many which stopped them living the lives they deserved. He has worked tirelessly over the years creating projects, seeking funding for them, having a business lunch with Princess Anne and politicans who have the power to make change and has seen the small and large successes of those who have benefited from the projects accumulate.

This morning his invitation to the Palace to receive the Queens Award for Blue Cat came through the door.

He was notified over a month ago, but was told to tell no one until June 5th. Just before this he was also awarded funding to ensure Streetlife Soccer, a sport and education project he designed for homeless people, would be able to run for another five years. The successes on this project have been phenomenal.

I very rarely talk about my marvellous man as this is my space and he doesn't really want to inhabit it. He's such a star with the wickedest humour that makes me laugh like a drain and I still go weak at the knees when I look at him. We're a great team and as always he was there to help and support me this weekend for the Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market. See enough of him now, lets talk about me me me.

If you pop on over to the Pick 'n' Mix blog you'll see the stunning work that was brought to market on Saturday. If you do visit then it would be great if you left a comment as I'd love to hear what you think.

Throughout the day I hit the streets with gorgeous Zoe to spread the word. She was decked out in an ever changing array of hats and fascinators which are designed and made by her mum. I was lent a yellow fascinator to wear. I don't have a photo which is  probably a good thing.


Mr Bun and Alfie Blue manned the welcome desk wonderfully. Alfie had four girlie Pugs come to visit and say hello which was a bit overwhelming for him. Mr Bun also ran a great creche with makers and our own children lined up beside him playing hang man.

Now I'm only showing you this because some of you asked to see the dress. I'm in shock by how matronly and mumsy I look. Note to self need to lose weight and growing my hair maybe isn't such a good idea. 

We had a wonderful day, full of laughter and hard work. I brought a couple of gnomes home with me from Sasha. I could buy all of her work as it's sensational. New to the homestead are Geoffrey and Mimi.

Little Bun bought a purple sheep brooch from Penny. She was quivering with delight when she found them. 

Sara , who is behind Wildwood, brought me a pack of these delightful Donkey cards which was so kind of her. I had only just seen her on the Friday as I ended up rescuing a hedgehog who was dragging its leg across the road. It was near her cottage so I called in for numbers of rescue places. Instead of my planned sewing I ended up racing around the countryside with another friend Lizzie in search of a vet we'd been told about. Hedgie all delivered and doing well.

I'd only popped out to collect my new business cards before I found my new spiky friend.

Well what a whirlygig of stuff to tell you. Apologies for it being such a long one, but I couldn't wait to tell you in lots of smaller posts.


  1. How exciting!! Will you go together to the palace?

    I don't think you look matronly, though I do think a little shrug rather than a full cardi would look a bit younger (Asda do some lovely shrugs with 3 buttons in all sorts of colours).

    You don't need to lose weight!!

    The fair looks fab, I wish I could find something near me like that....

    S x
    (New follower!!)

  2. No Palace for me Sarah, I should have said. I'd love a nosy around and an excuse for an outfit. I keep saying I think he's fibbing, but apparently him and his business partner only. How unfair.

  3. SO NOT mumsy!
    A MASSIVE congratulations to your man - I'm sure he doesn't do any of his work for recognition...but how lovely for him to get some!

    Coming back later for pick n mix - in fact only came on the laptop to retrieve some order details and got sucked in! (story of my working day!)
    fee x

  4. Hi Lisa,I love this lovely happy post:-) how I wish I could have popped by on saturday, it all looks so lovely and well done Mr exciting and well deserved, and for the record you look fab and I know you are most definately not! mumsy...lovely lovely lovely
    love from Jane x x x x x

  5. Super star husband indeed. Congrats & very well done indeed. However you're both very kind, hardworking & selfless. Shame you can't go with to the Palace. Sorry I didn't make the pick n mix - too much work on and didn't leave the house! Loved seeing the Noddy & Big Ears tooth brush holders - my brother & I had them - fond memories! Claire xx

  6. How utterly wonderful :0)
    What a fantastic Mr Bun is. Well done to him for following his heart and for achieving so much. You must so very proud of him.
    Love you in your fancy frock :0)

    I'm totally thrilled and over the moon for you all.

  7. Just thinking - if the business partner should fall myseriously ill you could bravely step in...

    You DO NOT look matronly, just lovely and you do not look to me like you have weight to lose. We are our own worst critics. What you look is creative, friendly and fun. Just right in other words. The fair looks fab & one of these days I am going to coincide a visit to my mum with one of your fairs. When is the next one?

  8. Well first of all big, big congratulations to Mr Bun, a very well deserved achievement! You do right to be so proud of him.
    Your fair looked great, so glad it went well and don't be daft you look great!!
    Vivienne x

  9. Congratulations to your DH what exciting and proud times you are all having!

    Ha ha ha if only I was as tall and slim! You look lovely in your new dress its gorgeous.

    Sounds like you had a great time at the fair and was a great success! Looks like you found some lovely treats.

    Glad that Hedgie is on the road to recovery, have a soft spot for hedgehogs.

    MBB x

  10. Congratulations to your Other Half - it is wonderful to receive recognition after so much hard work. Love the rest of your blog news as well. Take care.

  11. How very, very exciting. Big congratulations to your husband. Wish I had been close enough to visit the fair. It looks amazing. Well done to you too. Enjoy celebrating. x

  12. Hey Mrs B - the fair looked like it was fabulous. All that talent and.....treasures.

    I remember when Mr T's invite came through from the Palace - such exciting news.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  13. WOW, congrats to Mr Bun for recognition of his hard work. Love you in your dress, you look fab!!
    Anne xx

  14. well done mr bun, the world needs more people like you out there helping those who needs it x x

  15. Well I've never seen a matron like that before! You look a divine bombshell to me Lisa. I LOVE the frock, gorgeous and with the yellow cardi and your lovely brooch you sing!

    Great to see Mike's invitation, what a postmark! Well done again to him and the strong woman behind him all the way.

    Glad to hear the Pick & Mix went really well. Looks a great one, only wish I could have come.

    Take care

  16. Brilliant news for mr.Bun...hearts always rule over heads In my book, well done to him for having the courage to just go for it.
    Love your outfit Lisa, certainly not 'mumsy' you daft tart!

    I take a pug called Ted for a walk and he talks to me in pug language, I think I fell in love with him on the spot.

  17. Well done to your husband, it sounds like he really deserves this recognition. You look fab by the way, love your yellow cardi and flower brooch.
    Ann x

  18. Hi Lisa - thanks for including me in Saturday's event - had a great time. Congratulations to Mr Bun! Was that him on the door? Didn't realise!

  19. Wow thats amazing, sorry you aren't going to the palace too. I wish I could have gone to the pick and mix market but its too far for me it looked great.

  20. Well I thought your man was pretty fabulous when I met him on Saturday tirelessly helping us ladies, tying ballons on to high places, manning the front desk and fielding small children and even smaller dogs. He is truly a star! So glad that Little Bun likes her purple sheep, I know she's gone to a good home, and it's a priviledge to have her nestling next to Vanessa's wonderful creation! I had a very jolly time on Saturday, thank you!

  21. What a man and a half your Mr Bun is, and how fantastic that he is being rewarded for all his hard and selfless work. I'm not at all surprised you're so proud, wow what an achievement.

    Lisa, you look lovely!

  22. awwww what an amazing post i was so excited to read your news about your husband and so pleased to read that all his wonderful work has been regonised. You must be so proud you could burst ;-)) The fair looked wonderful to and so colorful. dee x

  23. Congratulations to Mr Bun, you must be soooo proud of him. It's nice to hear of someone getting the recognition they deserve.

    The fair looked fantastic, wish I could have come. Keep up the good work.

  24. Mumsie? What tosh! You totally rock in that frock. Oh to be able to wear yellow!

  25. Oh and Big Congrats to Mike. What a truly remarkable man.


  26. Congratulations to Mr.Bun! He sounds very self-effacing, so I don't want to make too much fuss and embarrass him, but WOW! he sounds amazing! His award is very well deserved, it sounds like he helps a lot of people who society might shun, I'm sure it brings huge satisfaction when he sees it fruiting.
    Your new business cards look fab Lisa! And so do you in your dress. You're very tall aren't you?! I think you look very glamorous. I hope it all went well at the pick n mix and that you sold LOADS! Love Vanessa xxx

  27. Oh I forgot to say in my comment i just left, Alfie is sooooo gorgeous! And his little Harem of lady Pugs, that's so sweet1 i imagine he's used to being the centre of attention isn't he! Love Vanessa xxx

  28. Congrats to Mr Bun - you must be very proud of him! Shame you can't go too :) And no, you don't look matronly and neither do you need to lose weight! Erika Price Jewelry

  29. Please tell Mr. Bun congratulations. How wonderful!


  30. Holy moly, what fantastic news about Mr. Bun's award!! The best part, however, is that it's as a result of his following his heart in the service of others. My heartiest congratulations.

    As for you, missy, please don't be so mean to your sweet self. No, you're not model-thin, and maybe you want to lose a *few* pounds (or is it stone in the UK?), but please, please don't put yourself down so. I think you look darling in your new dress, and remember how excited you were at its purchase. Don't lose that in self-criticism. Keep the joy and congratulate yourself and Mr. Bun on being such loving mates, wonderful parents and all 'round fine human beings. xo


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