Thursday, 9 June 2011

Pick 'n' Mix

After the rollercoaster ride of juggling the demands of my teaching job with home life and a visit to Mr Rod Stewart, I can finally concentrate on the main thing in my mind. My list of to do's for those last minute things for Pick 'n' Mix seems to be getting a bit shorter. That worries me a bit as then I end up thinking I've forgotten something, but it all seems to be ticketyboo and shipshape.

Most importantly I have a dress all hanging and waiting for me to wrap myself into it. In the week I was just passing Ruth's shop Glory Days. I only popped in to say hello and then gave in to full blown temptation. While we sat there chatting over her sewing machine, my eyes kept wandering to a dress I'd thought about for a good while.

All of a sudden there it was, wrapped in tissue paper, in a bag and off I went as happy as Larry. It's made by Kind Hearts who make fabulous clothes. It doesn't really look so exciting on the hanger. On it gives the illusion I'm a lot slimmer and has a lovely girlie frill that hides up knees I'm not so keen on. I always like a good excuse for a dress I've waited a whole year for.

At the midweek Car Boot I got all excited to see tons of tents up for sale. I didn't have enough paper stuff with me, so I hope they'll be back so I can buy one. I used to do the more glamorous version of camping all over the UK and Europe many a moon ago. By that I mean lipstick at all times and an airbed, no roughing it. Anyways I want to show the Bun's how there's nothing like sleeping under the stars. When I saw this flask in town later on I decided it was a fairly good start to our camping kit. Start small and work up.

I did have enough pennies at the boot for these lovelies.

And this. Can you believe the seller called it tat? Mr Bun roared with laughter when he saw the kitten. He thinks I'm turning our home into an old folks home, but that's ok as he thinks it's funny.

Somehow tommorow I've got to turn this pile of fabric into purses, make some more hangers, collect cards from the printers and loads more stuff than I think the day is long.

Oh and wash and iron all these cloths I found at the car boot too to pretty up the cafe tables at Pick 'n' Mix. It'll get done won't it?

See you the other side with pics of the market and tales of our goings on.


  1. Good luck with all those makes tomorrow! Lovely finds too.
    Have a fab sale.

  2. I love that dress too - lucky you! Hope you have many sales in the market. I think that the cat photo is cute and I would have bought it too!

  3. Good luck for your market. You sound just a bit too busy at the moment. Have fun!
    Anne xx

  4. I understand about the knees... I looked at mine recently and thought "When did I get old man knees?" Funny, but they are going to stay covered up now!
    xXx Helen

  5. That dress was worth waiting a year for!!
    Good luck at the sale.

  6. Love the dress bet it looks amazing on, the brooch is a sweet touch, best of luck at your market, hope you sell lots:)

  7. Good luck - I'm sure you'll get it all done and have a great time at the market. I absolutely love the dress, very pretty. You sound just like me - I always want to cover my knees up but like you, I am tall so find it a problem when dress shopping. Have a great weekend. x

  8. Of course, you'll manage it all! Lovely dress, have a great day, hope it goes really well for you.
    Hen x

  9. Love the dress, you'll look gorgeous in it. I hear Rod was suuuuuuperb. Hoping to come to Pick n Mix tomorrow but depends on work load. be lovely to see you. Good luck. Claire xx

  10. Rod Stewart??!! Lucky you! Gorgeous fabrics you have there too.xx

  11. Good luck with all your makes and hope the market goes well.

    I love your new dress, it looks very pretty.

    Love all those dishes too very pretty indeed!

    MBB x

  12. That tat!!! I mean cat!! The demented expression is a hoot. so funny. Where will you put it?

    Will you show us a pic of you in your lovely dress? Oh to be tall. I look a right gnome in that style, not that I let it stop me. Who cares hey?...(OMG! My Big Cuckoo's first tooth just fell out!!! he bit a plastic doughnut at school and made it wobbly)...Did you wait a whole year because of the "challenge of an utmost kind"? Very well done to you.

    Hope you have a ball at the pick and mix.


  13. Lisa - I love your dress, and the other purchases! I'm off to view the Kind Hearts website now ;-)
    Happy weekend!
    D x

  14. I'm in LOVE LERVE with that good egg topper... you have no idea...

  15. Have a wonderful time at the market! :)
    Vivienne x

  16. What a gorgeous dress. Hope you have a happy and successful weekend. x

  17. i love your blog, if you get a mo please look at mine im new to blogland thank you

  18. I love that you say 'tickety boo' me too. I am very envious of your finds, and that dress and brooch- wow. I am sure you will look perfectly pretty. I wish you an abundance of sales.x

  19. hey - love that dress - wrap around and a frill never fails! (me too off the the website - you should be on commission!)
    Hope you had a good fair - wish I lived closer!
    thanks for your lovely comments of late...fee x
    (just seen Cuckoo said she's too short for such a style - oh no -I'm short too...etc)
    (re knees - haven't seen mine for a while thanks to heaving bossom - but don't reckon they look great!)

  20. And very lovely you looked in that dress too, especially with the hat! I dooo hope you are going to put that picture of you plus hat on your next post!
    Penny x
    (Planet Penny)


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