Monday, 20 June 2011

Now Where was I ?

Yesterday seemed to be a celebration of eating and playing. Father's Day was a good excuse to just be as a family, snuggle up and have a good time.
Afternoon tea in our new/old Meakin teacups with the Bun's not so cheesy heart shaped cheese scones made with love for daddy.
Now it's that fabulous day Monday. I no longer work on a Monday so I get to tweak just that little bit longer out of my weekends. Little Bun felt plain rubbish today so she joined me too to enjoy a stolen Monday at home.

We came back from the school run to find Mr Postie had delivered a happy parcel from Jane

See, in Mr Bun's gorilla mug, those candy coloured hooks, well Jane really kindly sent them to me as I'd asked where she got them from. What a lovely start to a day.

When I got in the kitchen I saw my love had picked the sweetest smelling rose for me. See my freshly painted windowsill. I painted and painted all the cupboards on Saturday until the kitchen was finished. Thing is I did it back to front and I forgot the walls and ceiling because I got excited by the blue paint I found in the garage. Then I found these too short curtains. Something must be done with them.

While I did the usual morning hang washing, feed the hens and put the rabbity/guinea pigs out I spied a little spiky ball.

The ladies were really unimpressed as I forgot to feed them, but fed our new visitor. They shrieked which set off Alfie Blue who ran around barking at all the hedges. So it's not all as peaceful as it looks.

Little Bun thought it made for the best kind of ill day and has named hedgie Timothy.

For the rest of the day I was strict with myself. I get too sidetracked by starting new things and leaving baskets filled with cut up half sewn, half made stuff. I've been trying to finish up some of the stuff I've started and today I finally sewed up Little Bun's school bag which I started well over a month ago.

I had instructions for the shape, type of handles, colour and that it had to have an M on it, the rest was up to me.

I patched together an M from some of her old dresses and tops. It looked a bit dull on it's own so I added a wee mouse to crawl up the M. It's a real hit, bag charms have already been added.

Now I can be rewarded with starting something else I reckon. I made this bag for me a year or two ago and use it quite a lot. I really want a red one, but haven't had the inspiration for fabrics so far.

Then when I unloaded the washing machine I stared at my fabric stash and saw the bottom florally vintage fabric peeking out. It's one I absolutely love and so I'd hidden it away waiting for something good to happen to it.

I'm definately going to mix it with the red spots, but I'm not too sure if I'll use my new blue at the top. Hopefully there'll be more sewing time around tea and then on to working through some more of the last sixteen flowers on my Japanese Flower wrap tonight. Wonder what other plans and ideas will bubble away.


  1. Wow, you pack in so much! I am in awe!!!!!! My brain is mush at the moment so I am scatty with everything crafty! I love the fabrics for your next bag.yum, yum, yum!!!!!

    Have a super rest of a monday!

    Vanessa xxx

  2. What a lovely sounding day. And both bags are delightful! Lucy xx

  3. I am in awe of that little hedgehog, oh my what a lovely sight in your garden. your bags are beautiful & i'm totally in love with the fabrics, think the three look sweet together :)
    Karen x

  4. Bless the little hedgehog!! I haven't seen one for years (are they in decline I wonder?)

    Love, love, love the colour combo for your new bag!!

    S x

  5. Have only ever seen evidence of hedgies in our garden just not one wandering about.

    Love those coloured hooks - do you know where Jane found them?

  6. I love hedgies. They remind me of my Bee's dear departed Dad.

    Are you going to do a big reveal of the kitchen?

    I'm being disciplined and trying to get on with things I have started but I'm finding the motivation to do anything on these items just isn't start something new then!!


  7. I loved this post and I want to come and watch the wee Hedgehog.

    Loving those Meakin sets.

  8. How lovely for your daughter to see the hedgehog - I bet that made her feel better. The bags are lovely.

  9. How lovely to find the hedgehog and what a beautiful rose.

  10. Florals and spots are always a winner in my book.
    Love that little mouse on the bag!

  11. I love those fabrics, especailly with the red dots...lovely :) ooh ooh and little hedgehog so cute,too much nice stuff..need to go back again and look some more . Hope you're feeling a bit better x x x x x x x x

  12. I love the bag - great taste as usual and that wee little hedgehog.....they don't half make the weirdest of noises!

    Nina x

  13. I LOVE those hooks! I want them! Now I must scour the internets in search of them...

    Your hedgie is ADORABLE... what a sweet little bun.

  14. What a cutie that hedgehog is. I see one scuttle around at about 11pm but never in the day much to my youngest's disappointment. She loves the Milly Molly Mandy story with the hedgehog and calls them all Horace. Word of warning though, watch out for your hens. The previous owner of our house lost a hen to a hedgehog one night. They'd shut the hens in without realising the spiky beast was in the house. Since then other people have told me some other gruesome hedgehog vs hen stories. They look so cute too!
    Hope your little Bun's feeling better!

  15. hey - gorgeous set of pictures (liking the view from your window)
    I too have those hooks (from lovely Jane!) and have my first crochet lesson this week....HOORAY!
    If jane can bear with my serious lack of patience then I'll be in the crochet gang with everyone else before long. Like I have time to flamin' crochet!
    Lovely bags too...
    fee ♥

  16. I used to have chickens... I miss them so much.. so it is nice to be able to sneak a few minutes with yours....Love the 3 materials together for the new bag!

    Jill :)x

  17. oohh like your 50's harlequin design saucers i have the little side plates but have never seen saucers there lovely ;-)) I haven't seen a hedgehog for years how sweet is he ;-)) Must be lovely to have chickens rooming free in your garden bet its fun to watch them. Lovely little bags both your daughters and your own and i love your blue flower fabric. Have a lovely week, dee x

  18. I love Little Bun's bag, especially the little mouse, so cute!
    How wonderful having Timothy visit you, he's lovely. :)
    Vivienne x

  19. Aahh! We too have our own hedgehog - he crosses the garden at about 6.30 each evening and he moves surprisingly quickly. Must feed him!


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