Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Floral Symmetry

Just after I got all excited about finding just the right fabric for making up a new bag I found these flowers. A lady in our village sells plants, fruit and flowers with an honesty jar for payment. On the way home with the Buns from school I picked up bunch after bunch - cornflowers, yellow things, sweet williams, sweet peas and daisy type things.

In the usual way of doing a million trillion things at once I only had time to plonk them all in a jar. Masses of little bugs flew all about the kitchen - yuk.


Now the flowers are scattered around the place in jam jars and vases scenting and cheering up the rooms.

When I finally got to sew up my bag today I realised how much this fabric is like my collection of summer blooms.

I only had enough to cover the front, make a strap and use a small piece for the back. The rest has been patched with some old red spot from Cath.


I only bought a metre of this red spot and so far it's covered a pouffe, lined tons of stuff and I even managed to find enough to make the bathroom blind. Such good thrifty fabric.

I'm thrilled with my new bag. Off to road test it now with a spot of after school shopping.


  1. Blimey...I REALLY wish I had your talent! Totally lusting after you bag.........and the pretty flowers too!!!!


  2. That fabric is gorgeous, as is the bag.
    I found lots of reduced flowers in my local CoOp and now my house is filled with flowers.

  3. Oooh, your new bag looks fab!!

    I had some cornflowers recently and they lasted ages in a jam jar!!

    Bugs are the downside of home grown flowers though!!

    S x

  4. Gorgeous bag Lisa. :)
    I love the blue buttons on it!
    Vivienne x

  5. Those flowers are so beautiful. Sweet Williams are one of my favourite flowers. The fabric you used is lovely, I love the mix of floral and polka dot! x

  6. I love your bag, so cute and summery,I have been trying to motivate myself to do some sewing I see what lovely things you've been up to I might just get some done :)

  7. You make 'knocking' up a bag look so easy! Love finding flowers for sale by the roadside particularly at this time of year. Pretty bag, pretty flowers. x

  8. Oooh the bag looks lovely, great fabric. So jealous of your flowers, home-grown garden flowers are just the best. I confess to searching for some good fake cornflowers as I bought some real ones a few weeks back and am sadly missing them, I want them all year round!
    Sorry it's so late, but a belated congrats to your husband, his achievements are obviously something to be really proud of (kept forgetting to say in my absentmindedness).
    Hen x

  9. Oh..lovely!!! The little daisy type flowers are feverfew..I love them..and your bag is perfection!!

  10. Lovely, you can never have too many flowers or bags.
    Cate x

  11. That is a perfect summer bag. I would also like to mention that beautiful crochet blanket the bag was nestled against - a summer bounty of lovliness! x

  12. Bag looks great. Love those blue buttons on it!
    Work has finished for the week now so I'm looking forward to a making couple of days by myself now.

  13. Lovely blooms and a blooming lovely bag

  14. I am in LOVE with that bag!

  15. The flowers look so pretty ;-) And i love your bag gorgeous fabric, dee x

  16. so wish I could knock up a bag like you!
    lovely flowers.
    On first glance I thought the little baker next to the vase had massive boobs!
    fee x

  17. What a lovely bag, that material is gorgeous.
    Carol xx

  18. Cornflower blue...yum yum! Why is 'feeling blue' a bad thng... it should be a happy feeling cuz blue is soooo lovely in all it's shades don't you think! The bag is scrummy... just looked at your Etsy link but nothing for sale.. are you selling purely at 'Pick and Mix', Makers Markets? BTW I am in Suffolk for half of my life, so can't wait to see the date of the next market...signed up for the RSS....

    Jill :)x

  19. Lush bag and gorgeous fabrics. Love the ltitle buttons too.
    Had to laugh as I read the comments: I had exactly the same thought as Fee about the baker's 'boobs'.
    Tee hee!

  20. What cheery flowers to cheer up a dreary summer so far. I know what those yellow things are - mum grows them in her garden - but now I've forgotten the name! Hopeless.

    Do love that delicious floral fabric. Hope you had a good shopping trip with your lovely new bag.

  21. Oooooooh what a gert lush bag! Love it. Want to run off and marry it!!

    How have you managed to get som much out of 1m of CK fabric? How??


  22. gorgeous blog x will be following from now on

    liz x

  23. I love the way you 'plonked' your flowers in a jar- very chic darling!
    The bag is so wholesome, and will be the envy of all whom survey. You are a clever sweety pie x

  24. Oh Lisa your bag is so so pretty! How do you find the time, I don't work at the mo and I still rush round like a mad man I stay up super late just to knit! Fliss xx

  25. Just thought I'd say hello and tell you how much I love your blog.... and to tell you of a book I just saw on Amazon which made me think of you - or rather Mille ...'Spud & Chloe at the Farm' - It's a story book, but you can knit the characters. I thought you'd like the sheep. You may already have it, but thought it was worth a mention. Also, can I just ask where you buy your buttons? xxxxx

  26. Your bag is an absolute winner - I love how the posies on it echo the ones you have around your house. What a gorgeous floral post x

  27. Lovely bag Lisa, and I do like the different buttons adorning it. How I wish we had a lady nearby with an honesty box selling her flowers, how marvellous is it to have that! Love Vanessa xxx

  28. Thats brilliant


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