Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Famous Five & an Awfully Big Dog

We got invited to go on an adventure to North Norfolk yesterday. We set off early as it was going to be a long drive with us hitting 40mph at our top speed. As I'm the driver in our house it was a real treat to be a passenger for once. I made sure I packed my knitting along with the picnic and bucket and spades.

Chatting and knitting in the front, giggling and singing in the back. 

When we arrived at Holkham we unloaded the awfully big dog (Maisie) and set off through the trees to the beach.

After a short wander through the pinewood that encloses the beach ...

you come out to this most wonderful of views. What Norfolk is famous for, Big Blue Sky.

The sea is always at low tide when we come so it's a bit of a route march to find anything wet. Across the samphire and sea bed until we find the perfect spot to set up camp.

The Bun's and their friend are happily playing in the water channels so we take Maisie for a stroll. She cracks along at a pace with the wind in her mane. 

When we come back for lunch her manners are appalling. She nibbles on the end of the french bread and tries to steal our picnic. She gets plenty of carrot and apple treats to keep her happy before she settles to just watch the world go by.

After lunch and out of wet cossies Maisie wants to join in with the digging and keeps nudging Little Bun for attention.

Before we leave this glorious day behind we go for one last long stroll along the beach all wandering as happy as can be.

Then it's time to head back. Grass and water for Maisie, icecreams for the Five.

Last stop, fish and chip supper at Wells Harbour before we climb aboard the big bus sleepy, happy and content.


  1. singing and skipping..i just had to say hello-your blog world is divine.

  2. Oh lucky you! I'd give anything to be on that beach right now...I know it so well,the best beach in the world as far as I'm concerned.Happy days! :0)

  3. Everything looks so dreamy. You are so lucky to have a pony to play on, I used to take mine to the beach when I was little.
    I really want to go up to Norfolk, it is a special place. So blissful, love it x

  4. What a lovely day out!!
    That really is a gorgeous sky and how beautiful is Maisie!! :)
    Vivienne x

  5. That looks lovely - and riding on the beach - my girls have wanted to do that for so long. There are only certain times when you can ride along the beaches around here, and they are a long way away. And the knitting ..... are you knitting the pretty Jane Brocket coat hanger covers by any chance! x

  6. What a great day! i'd love to ride horses along the beach xx

  7. Did you really take a pony out for the day?!! That is brilliant!

  8. there no where better for fish and chips than Wells Quay.

  9. That looks such a lovely day. We are in Norfolk at the weekend but I don't think we'll get that far round.

    Inspired by your knitted hangers, I've just treated myself to the Jae Brockett book - can't wait for it to arrive.

  10. It looks like a beautiful place and you all look like you have had a smashing time x

    Leah x

  11. What a lovely day! The beaches in Norfolk are wonderful - lucky you!

  12. Looks like you had a most marvellous Blytonesque adventure. Taking a pony on a picnic looks like the most fun ever.

    Lovely pictures - hope you're having a lovely half term.


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