Friday, 17 June 2011

Action was Needed

I thought I'd find the time to pop back in here in the week. Tell you a bit of this and that, but other stuff happened. Two busy teaching days sandwiched between lots of happy family stuff.

It was wonderful reading your well wishes on my last post. Mr Bun said "what lovely people". You are you know. I really appreciate each and every comment I get. I get frustrated about the balance between writing a post, enjoying getting comments and then finding time to stop by and say hello too. Around the demands of teaching part-time, which then filters into my days off too when I'm trying to run my own business and just wanting to be a mummy and a daydreamer, alongside having a husband who just doesn't DO DIY, I fail miserably to be a good blogger. This is a constant part of the deal of blogging this back and forth. It all works because of the support and the friendliness and if I feel I'm not keeping my end up I feel guilty. I'll have to keep on feeling bad though because the reality is I can't do it all, so my apologies.

Snippets of the week include school shoes which needing buying. Little Bun's feet were all scrunched up in her shoes so there was no way she could limp along to the end of July. Such badly behaved feet aren't they to grow before the end of term. Then there have been friends for tea and catching up with mine for a quick natter.

I quickly ran up a sample mini-purse after work on Tuesday just because. I'm really pleased with it and have used it for my lipstick and powder all week. I'll use interfacing to stiffen them up a bit when I make more as vintage fabrics are quite floppy, expecially soft feedsacks like this one.

After seeing that hideous photo of me (which I showed you in my last post) all I could think about was getting my hair bobbed again. I ran to the hairdressers with indecent haste on Wednesday desperate to get me back again. 

Thank goodness she knew exactly what I was after and snipped and snipped until my hair stopped looking like a huge wig. I did long hair once, but I think I'm going to give up on that one now. Growing hair is so slow and dull, it's really not for me.

Today I'd planned to do a thing or two with these delicious fabrics I bought on Monday. The one at the bottom (in case you wondered) is a cotton Lecien print which feels wonderful to touch and the others are repro 1930's prints. Instead the painting bug hit me. I re-painted all the bathroom and kitchen tiles and then started on the kitchen cupboards. Now the house stinks and the furries keep sneezing. 

Baking beckons tommorow. Cheese scones and other goodies for Father's Day presents need to be made. Hopefully I'll find time to have a play with the new additions to my stash too.


  1. Listen to me dear Bobo,

    A 'good' blogger is a blogger who's enjoying to write a post, bringing pure, nice (or sometimes less nice)things into the www...never, never, never apologize for being busy with your job or family or a not so DIY husband ;-)...we all know how life works...
    You are a great person and your blog is lovely...and your hair looks lovely :-)....

    Lots of love and have a nice weekend.

  2. My what a busy lady you are - you seem to be running here, there and everywhere. I know exactly what you mean about school shoes I'm in the same boat as you on that one - tomorrow we'll be searching for new shoes too! Love that little purse.

  3. You are a fantastic blogger and never worry about getting back to others to reply. We know you have a busy life and appreciate the time you take to show us your colourful world. Love your haircut, it really suits you. :)
    Anne xx

  4. I love the gorgeous fabrics (obviously!)!!
    Like you, I feel that I fail miserably at blogging at the moment! I just don't have the time to visit many blogs and make comments as much as I used to...I feel that blogging is a two way thing and I feel very guilty to the point of thinking should I stop!
    Having said that,I always visit yours and find it a real treat! One day, I've promised myself, I'm going to get to one of your Pick 'n Mix markets! Have fun ;-)x

  5. You are a better blogger than me! I know what you mean about busy busy busy - but even if I dont write blogs I always read everyones.
    Your hair looks lovely - you are right it does suit you better that length.

  6. Blimey you have been busy! Love the haircut very chic indeed.

    I think everyone blogs as much as they can manage, like everything else in our busy lives you can only do what you can do. There aren't 36 hours in a day and even if they were the balance of blogging and all the other real life stuff that needs attention would probably balance out the same I'm convinced.

    You blog is alwyas a joy to read and I don't expect comments, they're just a lovely treat so please don't feel obliged to reply to return. Keep making those lovley things!
    Take care, stay dry.

  7. I love reading your posts Lisa, whether they are daily, weekly or monthly. Don't you worry. You're a very busy lady and you can't do everything. I LOVE your new hair! It does really suit you! xxxx

  8. Ah, this teaching thing has a lot to answer for doesnt it? I teach full time and know exactly what you mean!

    But never feel guilty about your blog - the great thing about it is you can do as many or as little posting as you like. Family and loved one should always come way, way before blogging, so you have the balance exactly right!

    Have a lovely weekend, hopefully you dont have too much marking to do (I got up at 6am to do mine so its now out of the way for the weekend yay!!)


  9. Goodness you have been busy. First i have to say i love those fabrics especially the 2 red ones there gorgeous i wish i could find pretty fabrics our fabric shop is a bit boring these days. I know what you mean about blogging i would feel terrible if i didn't keep up with reading and commenting on all the blogs i follow, but real life takes over and you have to let it go and not feel guilty, at the end of the day we are all in the same position and will understand blogging should be fun and not pressure i feel. So don't feel bad ;-)) Love the little purse great fabric to. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  10. The haircut really suits you!
    What lovely fabrics, bet you can't wait to play with those. J
    Been a busy week here and just catching up with blog posts. Congrats to The Right Hon Mr Bun!
    You must all be v proud.

  11. You ARE a good blogger. I love reading your snippets and seeing your lovely photos. Loving the hair. And what a pretty little purse. Have a lovely weekend. The cheese scones sound yummy. x

  12. I always love reading your posts, so much love and so much colour. I adore the fabrics.

  13. You are really lovely. Thank you for sharing in between all the real business of life.

  14. Love the hair!!
    Gorgeous fabrics and your new little purse is so pretty. :)
    Vivienne x

  15. Very chic hair Mrs Bun. Very chic indeed.

    There's no obligation to blog, comment or post, especially when life is stressful and full. It's not expected at all. PLease don't apologise.

    Can I just reiterate how lovely the fair was last week - I had a wonderful time , thankyou again.

  16. You do know, of course, that it is an absolute fact that their feet grow two sizes during the summer holidays! Fab hair - love it.

  17. Wow! the hair looks fab, and you looked just as stunning last weekend in the yellow hat! I know what you mean about blogging, you feel so mean not doing the rounds and commenting on your favourite blogs, AND wanting to be topical and interesting on your own blog and you can get in a real frazzle. In the end, everyone understands and it doesn't really matter, life's like that.
    Keep up the good work! Penny x

  18. You're a good looking bugger aren't ya!

    I feel the same way, its the best feeling to have comments but the guilt that comes with not being able to reply to them all is pants.

    I know that I would much rather you lived your life to the full, and then blogged about it, than respond to me every time I leave a message. I love your posts and would rather you spent your time writing them and enjoying yourself in the process. It's a treat to hear from you over at mine now and again but never ever feel obliged. I think all those who enjoy your blog would agree. I hope people who comment on my blog feel similarly as I haven't had enough time to catch up on the "bladmin" as I call it!

    Your blog should always be pleasure for you not pressure.

    So don't reply to this, go and make something fabulous and tell us all about it later this week.


  19. You've got some great comments here..I agree we just love that you have time to post about lovely stuff and we get to see it :) I love your hair, much more you (Louise Brooks)
    growing hair is boring and then when it gets long you just chop it all off again anyway...well I do :)
    Look out for postie
    Jane x x x x x

  20. Im new to this blogging lark but stumbled across yours and love your taste in "crafty stuff".Will be watching your blog

  21. So busy! What a wonderful blog you have. Ive enjoyed everything ive seen so far! What a fabulous little wonderland. I think il be lost here for a while! I must stick the kettle on ^_^



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