Monday, 27 June 2011

What a To do and a To Dah

I had the most horrible cold in the world last week. Everything ached, I had no energy, my throat was sore and I covered everything in sneezes. I managed to keep going until Thursday and then I just gave in. Not that there's much of a chance of being properly indulgently ill anymore. I did manage to do a lot of ignoring of the usual stuff though and watched the dirt build in little piles around the place.

I also managed to lift my feeble hands to keep going on with my Japanese Flower scarf. This morning I made the last flower. Yay.

No ends sewn in or flattening/stretchy thingy done as yet. Don't think I'll be needing an aran weight scarf anytime too soon though. Definately not today when it's been in the 30's.

I'll need a skirt made out of this though, so better get a wiggle on before we're back to rain and wind. I picked it up as I rummaged around J.Lewis' yarn sale bins. Rowan Calmer for a jumper for Eldest, material for me.

Somehow I've got this idea that I'll be able to work magic. She likes this jumper which is far too grown-up and in completely different wool. I'm having a try at knitting it with less yarn, but bigger needles. I thought if I re-worked the back so it matches the front and make it a bit shorter it might work. I can't do the maths so fingers crossed I don't run out by the last sleeve like I did with the last sale yarn.

One other thing that I should be knitting up first is poor Elsie. She's been waiting patiently for her ears, legs, tail and eyes for an age now and I did mention something about trying to finish stuff I've started didn't I.

The other happening around here is about the hedgehog rescue centre I seem to have set up. On Thursday I crawled home from work and thought it was Timothy (the baby hedgie from earlier in the week) looking all floppy on our front lawn. I tucked him up in a box and called for advice. I found out he needed a hot water bottle as hypothermia kills them quickly if they're out in the day and how to feed him. I was also told to check Everywhere for fly eggs as they eat hedgies alive. We kept changing the bottle and spoon feeding until in the evening we saw Timothy wandering about. So it turned out that this one was a new hedgie and the third I've ended up looking after in a couple of weeks.

We made a nursing hospital in the old guinea pig run and tucked him up for the night with a warm bottle. Mr Bun was so thrilled when he made it through the night and had moved about a bit and eaten. It was so sad when we checked later on and found he'd died as we thought we'd made him stronger. As Rolf would say "poor lil' fella" .

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Floral Symmetry

Just after I got all excited about finding just the right fabric for making up a new bag I found these flowers. A lady in our village sells plants, fruit and flowers with an honesty jar for payment. On the way home with the Buns from school I picked up bunch after bunch - cornflowers, yellow things, sweet williams, sweet peas and daisy type things.

In the usual way of doing a million trillion things at once I only had time to plonk them all in a jar. Masses of little bugs flew all about the kitchen - yuk.


Now the flowers are scattered around the place in jam jars and vases scenting and cheering up the rooms.

When I finally got to sew up my bag today I realised how much this fabric is like my collection of summer blooms.

I only had enough to cover the front, make a strap and use a small piece for the back. The rest has been patched with some old red spot from Cath.


I only bought a metre of this red spot and so far it's covered a pouffe, lined tons of stuff and I even managed to find enough to make the bathroom blind. Such good thrifty fabric.

I'm thrilled with my new bag. Off to road test it now with a spot of after school shopping.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Now Where was I ?

Yesterday seemed to be a celebration of eating and playing. Father's Day was a good excuse to just be as a family, snuggle up and have a good time.
Afternoon tea in our new/old Meakin teacups with the Bun's not so cheesy heart shaped cheese scones made with love for daddy.
Now it's that fabulous day Monday. I no longer work on a Monday so I get to tweak just that little bit longer out of my weekends. Little Bun felt plain rubbish today so she joined me too to enjoy a stolen Monday at home.

We came back from the school run to find Mr Postie had delivered a happy parcel from Jane

See, in Mr Bun's gorilla mug, those candy coloured hooks, well Jane really kindly sent them to me as I'd asked where she got them from. What a lovely start to a day.

When I got in the kitchen I saw my love had picked the sweetest smelling rose for me. See my freshly painted windowsill. I painted and painted all the cupboards on Saturday until the kitchen was finished. Thing is I did it back to front and I forgot the walls and ceiling because I got excited by the blue paint I found in the garage. Then I found these too short curtains. Something must be done with them.

While I did the usual morning hang washing, feed the hens and put the rabbity/guinea pigs out I spied a little spiky ball.

The ladies were really unimpressed as I forgot to feed them, but fed our new visitor. They shrieked which set off Alfie Blue who ran around barking at all the hedges. So it's not all as peaceful as it looks.

Little Bun thought it made for the best kind of ill day and has named hedgie Timothy.

For the rest of the day I was strict with myself. I get too sidetracked by starting new things and leaving baskets filled with cut up half sewn, half made stuff. I've been trying to finish up some of the stuff I've started and today I finally sewed up Little Bun's school bag which I started well over a month ago.

I had instructions for the shape, type of handles, colour and that it had to have an M on it, the rest was up to me.

I patched together an M from some of her old dresses and tops. It looked a bit dull on it's own so I added a wee mouse to crawl up the M. It's a real hit, bag charms have already been added.

Now I can be rewarded with starting something else I reckon. I made this bag for me a year or two ago and use it quite a lot. I really want a red one, but haven't had the inspiration for fabrics so far.

Then when I unloaded the washing machine I stared at my fabric stash and saw the bottom florally vintage fabric peeking out. It's one I absolutely love and so I'd hidden it away waiting for something good to happen to it.

I'm definately going to mix it with the red spots, but I'm not too sure if I'll use my new blue at the top. Hopefully there'll be more sewing time around tea and then on to working through some more of the last sixteen flowers on my Japanese Flower wrap tonight. Wonder what other plans and ideas will bubble away.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Action was Needed

I thought I'd find the time to pop back in here in the week. Tell you a bit of this and that, but other stuff happened. Two busy teaching days sandwiched between lots of happy family stuff.

It was wonderful reading your well wishes on my last post. Mr Bun said "what lovely people". You are you know. I really appreciate each and every comment I get. I get frustrated about the balance between writing a post, enjoying getting comments and then finding time to stop by and say hello too. Around the demands of teaching part-time, which then filters into my days off too when I'm trying to run my own business and just wanting to be a mummy and a daydreamer, alongside having a husband who just doesn't DO DIY, I fail miserably to be a good blogger. This is a constant part of the deal of blogging this back and forth. It all works because of the support and the friendliness and if I feel I'm not keeping my end up I feel guilty. I'll have to keep on feeling bad though because the reality is I can't do it all, so my apologies.

Snippets of the week include school shoes which needing buying. Little Bun's feet were all scrunched up in her shoes so there was no way she could limp along to the end of July. Such badly behaved feet aren't they to grow before the end of term. Then there have been friends for tea and catching up with mine for a quick natter.

I quickly ran up a sample mini-purse after work on Tuesday just because. I'm really pleased with it and have used it for my lipstick and powder all week. I'll use interfacing to stiffen them up a bit when I make more as vintage fabrics are quite floppy, expecially soft feedsacks like this one.

After seeing that hideous photo of me (which I showed you in my last post) all I could think about was getting my hair bobbed again. I ran to the hairdressers with indecent haste on Wednesday desperate to get me back again. 

Thank goodness she knew exactly what I was after and snipped and snipped until my hair stopped looking like a huge wig. I did long hair once, but I think I'm going to give up on that one now. Growing hair is so slow and dull, it's really not for me.

Today I'd planned to do a thing or two with these delicious fabrics I bought on Monday. The one at the bottom (in case you wondered) is a cotton Lecien print which feels wonderful to touch and the others are repro 1930's prints. Instead the painting bug hit me. I re-painted all the bathroom and kitchen tiles and then started on the kitchen cupboards. Now the house stinks and the furries keep sneezing. 

Baking beckons tommorow. Cheese scones and other goodies for Father's Day presents need to be made. Hopefully I'll find time to have a play with the new additions to my stash too.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Royal Treats

Before I tell you all the news of the weekend, I really really must tell you about something we've had to keep a secret for a while now.

My incredibly talented, driven and compassionate husband has added another award to his collection. In 2003 he set up his business Blue Cat Initiative  as a Social Enterprise to provide training and education to vulnerable learners. At the time he was Head of Media Studies in a college and an Educational Consultant for government programmes. He had the choice to either climb the ranks or follow his heart. After hearing Tony Benn talk in London he came home fired up and knowing it was time to act on his plans and ideas. As a committed Socialist and lecturer he knew there were far too many barriers to learning faced by so many which stopped them living the lives they deserved. He has worked tirelessly over the years creating projects, seeking funding for them, having a business lunch with Princess Anne and politicans who have the power to make change and has seen the small and large successes of those who have benefited from the projects accumulate.

This morning his invitation to the Palace to receive the Queens Award for Blue Cat came through the door.

He was notified over a month ago, but was told to tell no one until June 5th. Just before this he was also awarded funding to ensure Streetlife Soccer, a sport and education project he designed for homeless people, would be able to run for another five years. The successes on this project have been phenomenal.

I very rarely talk about my marvellous man as this is my space and he doesn't really want to inhabit it. He's such a star with the wickedest humour that makes me laugh like a drain and I still go weak at the knees when I look at him. We're a great team and as always he was there to help and support me this weekend for the Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market. See enough of him now, lets talk about me me me.

If you pop on over to the Pick 'n' Mix blog you'll see the stunning work that was brought to market on Saturday. If you do visit then it would be great if you left a comment as I'd love to hear what you think.

Throughout the day I hit the streets with gorgeous Zoe to spread the word. She was decked out in an ever changing array of hats and fascinators which are designed and made by her mum. I was lent a yellow fascinator to wear. I don't have a photo which is  probably a good thing.


Mr Bun and Alfie Blue manned the welcome desk wonderfully. Alfie had four girlie Pugs come to visit and say hello which was a bit overwhelming for him. Mr Bun also ran a great creche with makers and our own children lined up beside him playing hang man.

Now I'm only showing you this because some of you asked to see the dress. I'm in shock by how matronly and mumsy I look. Note to self need to lose weight and growing my hair maybe isn't such a good idea. 

We had a wonderful day, full of laughter and hard work. I brought a couple of gnomes home with me from Sasha. I could buy all of her work as it's sensational. New to the homestead are Geoffrey and Mimi.

Little Bun bought a purple sheep brooch from Penny. She was quivering with delight when she found them. 

Sara , who is behind Wildwood, brought me a pack of these delightful Donkey cards which was so kind of her. I had only just seen her on the Friday as I ended up rescuing a hedgehog who was dragging its leg across the road. It was near her cottage so I called in for numbers of rescue places. Instead of my planned sewing I ended up racing around the countryside with another friend Lizzie in search of a vet we'd been told about. Hedgie all delivered and doing well.

I'd only popped out to collect my new business cards before I found my new spiky friend.

Well what a whirlygig of stuff to tell you. Apologies for it being such a long one, but I couldn't wait to tell you in lots of smaller posts.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Pick 'n' Mix

After the rollercoaster ride of juggling the demands of my teaching job with home life and a visit to Mr Rod Stewart, I can finally concentrate on the main thing in my mind. My list of to do's for those last minute things for Pick 'n' Mix seems to be getting a bit shorter. That worries me a bit as then I end up thinking I've forgotten something, but it all seems to be ticketyboo and shipshape.

Most importantly I have a dress all hanging and waiting for me to wrap myself into it. In the week I was just passing Ruth's shop Glory Days. I only popped in to say hello and then gave in to full blown temptation. While we sat there chatting over her sewing machine, my eyes kept wandering to a dress I'd thought about for a good while.

All of a sudden there it was, wrapped in tissue paper, in a bag and off I went as happy as Larry. It's made by Kind Hearts who make fabulous clothes. It doesn't really look so exciting on the hanger. On it gives the illusion I'm a lot slimmer and has a lovely girlie frill that hides up knees I'm not so keen on. I always like a good excuse for a dress I've waited a whole year for.

At the midweek Car Boot I got all excited to see tons of tents up for sale. I didn't have enough paper stuff with me, so I hope they'll be back so I can buy one. I used to do the more glamorous version of camping all over the UK and Europe many a moon ago. By that I mean lipstick at all times and an airbed, no roughing it. Anyways I want to show the Bun's how there's nothing like sleeping under the stars. When I saw this flask in town later on I decided it was a fairly good start to our camping kit. Start small and work up.

I did have enough pennies at the boot for these lovelies.

And this. Can you believe the seller called it tat? Mr Bun roared with laughter when he saw the kitten. He thinks I'm turning our home into an old folks home, but that's ok as he thinks it's funny.

Somehow tommorow I've got to turn this pile of fabric into purses, make some more hangers, collect cards from the printers and loads more stuff than I think the day is long.

Oh and wash and iron all these cloths I found at the car boot too to pretty up the cafe tables at Pick 'n' Mix. It'll get done won't it?

See you the other side with pics of the market and tales of our goings on.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Spendy Ways

Thank you so much for your good wishes for yesterday's market. It was a wonderful day for a market that I love being part of. Heydon is small village with only one road in and out, Little Vintage Lover take over the wooden WW1 hut and set stalls up in and around it with music being played by DJ 78. Such a magical day, but I'm sorry I have no photos as I was busy selling, chatting - oh and buying a few things too.

I was so happy to find this gorgeous Meakin casserole dish. I thought it had an extra £10 on it and thought it good value at that, but no I'd upped the price so I grabbed it quick. That's the beauty of selling at these markets, you get first dibs.
It was love at first sight for this wee kitten. I knew the Bun's would love her. When I got back to my stall a friend thought it a compliment that I looked like the kitten.

Mr Bun got an early Fathers Day present. I sort of wanted it for me too, but a gifts a good excuse for spending my profits.

On my second trip around the stalls later on, I couldn't believe I'd missed these beautiful frosted, flowery pressed glass plates. They're just beyond beautiful to me. Beautiful blue buttons couldn't be resisted either and neither could this cloth that I grabbed when we were packing up.

Today I went on a quick cake and catch up jolly with a friend and had to have a quick look in the Sally Army shop. Another £1.50 lighter and I have a new blanket and a sweet wee basket to cheer up a rainy Monday.

A busy week ahead now as I need to plan this weeks teaching, Rod Stewart's concert on Wednesday night with my mum and mad auntie plus so so much to do and make for Pick 'n' Mix. I've added all our final makers to the blog today so it would be lovely if you stopped by to have a look see. Full steam ahead for me.

Wishing you all a lovely and productive week.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

I'm late, I'm late ...

Why oh why is it always last minute with me? Tommorow is Little Vintage Lover Fair in Heydon and as usual I'm stitching up to the last.

Today I've finished up two cushions, a pile of brooches and edged some vintage towelling I've turned into hand towels. I'm really pleased with all I've done so all good there, no panic honest.

I love my Roundabout Cushions and need to get hooking in circles again pretty soon to work through the other orders I have for them. I think a basket of wool will be coming with me as I am on a makey roll at the moment.

The cushions that make me happiest at the moment are my Candysplash Patchy Cushions. I think it's the childhood memories these 1960's and 70's fabrics bring back. Mind you I remember dark purple wallpaper covered in brown owls in my bedroom too, so it wasn't all zingy and jolly back then.

In the middle of all this last minute busy I ran out of Bobo Bun labels. Then I thought I could make my own. I think I like these just as much. 

Somehow we packed the four of us, the dog, furniture and boxes and boxes of my stuff into the car later on. We dropped the three cuties off and Mr Bun and I went to Holt to put up the signs and banner for next weeks Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market. We even managed to drop most of my stuff off in Heydon. 

I'm looking forward to tommorow as it's always a lovely day in Heydon. Lots of small nitty gritties to sort out for Pick 'n' Mix and then suddenly it'll be the day itself, I can't wait. It always feels the same as organising the lovliest party just the way you always dreamed of.

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