Monday, 30 May 2011

This week I've mostly been ...

Another week has whizzed by and finally I can sit down to ramble away about a bit of this and a bit of that.

Well going all the way back to Wednesday - the car booty was good fun. I bumped into a few friends for a catch up which was good, but treasure was thin on the ground. The best find was this 1950's sugar or honey pot. I love the long ladley spoon.

After the car boot I realised that even though I'm growing my hair it badly needed a sorting out. Once your children tell you as kindly as they can how rubbish your hair's looking you know it's time to get it sorted. I booked in for a cut with a man who used to style our hair in the 80's when a bunch of very tall friends and I used to model. We had a fabulous nostalgic catch up and a good laugh to boot.

By Friday I was getting itchy for half-term and lie ins. I taught crochet in the morning and then spent the pennies straight away on lunch with a much loved friend. 

Yesterday was my mum's birthday and we wanted to make her feel fabulous for the day. Bunting was strewn everywhere, handmade gifts were wrapped and after a morning baking cakes, pastries and a cooked lunch ready in the oven we started the party. I can't believe we managed a huge lunch and then a full on birthday tea too, might be why we're all groaning today.

My folks came bearing a gift too, some more of their delicious sloe gin which I might have a snifter of while I'm cooking the tea. 

I've been madly knitting away in the evenings, making up goodies to sell this weekend at Little Vintage Lover Fair.

First on the list are covered hangers as inspired by Jane Brockett. I'll also make a few hooky and fabric covered ones too.

I've been loving the colours and the soft yarn I'm using. Usually I work with cotton, but I sorted through my stash for the exact colours I had in mind and could only find merino and cashmere mixes. 

While the Bun's skipped on the lawn today I found a quiet minute to sew up a couple of Happy Hangers. I made the small bobble flowers for my first ones, but might add cherries and butterflies to the other ones.

Now I can hear the fizz fizz fizzing of a pink gin calling me so I'd best be off. Happy Holidays if you're on half-term.


  1. Happy hols to you if you can still read this after you tipple :)

    Cate x

  2. really lovely!!

    bye, La Chola from Argentina.

  3. Mmmmmm fizz, fizz, fizzing - I lurve pink gin!

    I love your knitted hangers too - it's so lovely to get time (sometimes) to sit and just be.

    Happy half term,

    Nina xxx

  4. All very beautiful, love love your Jane brocket inspired coathanger covers, beautiful! As for the honey pot...divine! Enjoy your half term with your bunny bun's xox I always smile when I see you calling your girls the bun's as I had a bunny when I was little and called it bun bun and to this day my dad calls me bun bun :0)

  5. Wow, you've been busy!
    I really like the covered hangers in those beautiful colours.
    The sugar pot is very special, the glass in combination with a lid and a spoon...never saw that before, nice!

    have a nice evening!

  6. Great hangers- pretty and practical too - love the colours. Xx

  7. Go easy on that gin, "enjoy":)
    The cake looks tooooooo good mmmm & i love the hangers, so pretty!
    Have a sweet evening
    Karen x

  8. Those hangers are so pretty and what a yummy summery cake. :)
    Enjoy the pink gin, sounds good!!
    Vivienne x

  9. Hello petal,
    Lovely post as always!
    This week I've been mostly liking pop tarts! x

  10. Hiya, just catching up on blogs after being away and wish I hadn't now as after reading yours I now NEED to make a strawberry cake! Love all your makes and creativing with your little girl, her embroidering is fab! I really need to track down that Mollie Makes mag.

  11. *sigh* those pink plates, ahhhhh.

    I knew it would be a good idea to learn to knit. Tutorial for those hangers ? Please? (siad in a lovely tone you can't resist!) Those flowers are coo-el!

    Love a schnifter of sloe gin. We make a brewery load every autumn for Christam presents, we have a massive sloe berry hedgrow in the field in front of our house, how lucky are we?!


  12. lovely post!! gorgeous cake!! xx

  13. Lovely photos and love the knitted coat hangers


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